We here at P.R.I. are devoted to giving you access to the best in BattleTech programs and files dedicated to bringing enhanced enjoyment to the game. If you know of something I don't have, or want something I don't have, contact me and I will see if I know of anyone who can do that. Now without further interruption, the goods are below. Have fun. Medron Pryde

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BattleCalc Webpage
BattleForce Cards
BattleTech Abilities Lists
Bedwyr's Tables and Jazz
Combat Support Field Manual
Dice Roller
Dragoon's Rating Calculator
HeavyMetal's Fun Stuff
Inner Sphere Map
Inner Sphere Planetary Locator
Irony Games Webpage
Jansma's Misc. Programs
LAM Rules
Mech List
Mercenary Budget Sheets
Mercenary Contract Generator
Palm Pilot Programs
Pryde Rock Stellar Cartographic Corps
Random Pilot Skills
Random Unit Selector
Solaris 7 Charts
Gameplay Tables and Charts
Wintertree Software TableMaster
Wintertree Software Dice
Wintertree Software FX Master Sound Mixer

BattleCalc 3055 - Webpage
This is a very nice program that allows you to find out the target to hit numbers to an enemy 'mech using the computers. The only drawback to the program is that you cannot save 'Mech configs. You have to redo them each time you use the program.

Strike Force Pilot Cards

This is a collection of Pilot Cards, designed to work with the Strike Force, a set of fan rules that bring some light RPG elements into QuickStrike. You can also use them as is without any special rules and just have fun giving your MechWarriors an actual face to recognize. :)

The first batch of pictures are from official BattleTech Universe products. I plan on using some non-BattleTech art in the future, but my first priority is BattleTech pictures.

Dark Age Pilots Pack - PNG files - Uploaded 03-10-2010 Dark Age Pilots Pack - PDF - Uploaded 03-10-2010
CCG Pilots Pack - PNG files - Uploaded 03-15-2010 CCG Pilots Pack - PDF - Uploaded 03-15-2010

BattleForce Cards

This is a collection of custom BattleForce record sheets I designed. These files take the official BattleForce record sheets, do some major rearranging and make them look like the standard baseball or CCG card. They are designed to be printed at the standard 2.5 inch by 3.45 inch size of the standard trading or collectable card and can be slipped into any card protector designed for them. Do not let the printer resize them. Print at actual size for best fit into card sleeves.

They can be used to play standard BattleForce, but are designed for use with the QuickStrike rules and are what I use them with. In my experience, they are highly visual and are great for introducing new players into playing in the BattleTech universe. :) The Blank files have Photoshop and PNG files in them so you can make your own cards and the stat files have just PNG files to save on space.

Templates - I use these to make new cards. They are based off the official BattleForce record sheets.
Blank Pages - I input cards into these sheets to print them out.
Card Backs - I print these out on the backs so my cards look cool.

AeroSpace Fighter
War Frigate - Human Sphere sub-100kton WarShips
WarShip - Full Page Record Sheet
Space Station

Stats - These are files made by nckestrel of the Master Unit List team and first published on the CBT forums. They provide stats for most of the canon units that you can use on any of the blank cards I provide here. They are in pdf form.
Vehicles v1.999
Infantry v1.996
BattleArmor v1.999
ProtoMechs v1.998
BattleMechs v1.999
Fighters v1.996
The TRO files are provided in blank and stats versions. The blank version just have the unit images so you can print them out and enter the stats using HMPencil. This allows you to write down custom variants easily. These files only have the units that originated in the TRO, so 3039 and 3050 do not have the units that were first seen in earlier TROs. This is to save space mainly. :) The stat files have the full stats of each unit, usually just the main variant shown in that TRO. It takes time to make each one, and my time is not infinite. Some of them have ER damage. As the current rules don't allow ground units to use ER weapons at ER, you can ignore that value if you want. Finally, some of them are noted as HS designs. Those are Human Sphere designs and are not canon. Enjoy them if you want. Ignore them if you don't. You have been warned. ;)
Blank Files
Stats Files

TRO 2750
TRO 2750
TRO 2750 PDF - Updated 11-12-2010 TRO 2750 PDF - Updated 01-19-2011 - Complete TRO
Vehicles - Uploaded 08-19-2010 - Also in TROs 3050R, and 3050U
BattleMechs - Uploaded 12-25-2009 - Also in TROs 3039, 3050R, and 3050U
AeroSpace - Uploaded 9-2-2010
DropShips - Uploaded 9-8-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 9-14-2010
Vehicles - Updated 03-08-2011 - All TRO Configurations
BattleMechs - Updated 03-08-2011
AeroSpace - Uploaded 01-19-2011
DropShips - Uploaded 11-12-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 12-6-2010

TRO 3025 TRO 3025
TRO 3025
TRO 3025 PDF - Updated 10-15-2010 TRO 3025 PDF - Updated 02-21-2011 - Complete Original and Revised TROs
Vehicles - Uploaded 08-19-2010 - Also in TRO 3039
BattleMechs - Uploaded 12-25-2009 - Also in TROs 3039 and the 3050s
AeroSpace - Updated 10-12-2010
DropShips - Uploaded 9-8-2010
Vehicles - Uploaded 01-21-2011 - All TRO configurations
BattleMechs - Updated 5-12-2010
AeroSpace - Updated 01-21-2011
DropShips - Updated 11-1-2010

TRO 3026 TRO 3026
TRO 3026
TRO 3026 PDF - Updated 10-19-2010 TRO 3026 PDF - Updated 02-09-2011 - Complete Original and Revised TROs
Vehicles - Uploaded 08-19-2010 - Also in TRO 3039.
Exoskeletons - Uploaded 08-25-2010
AeroSpace - Uploaded 9-2-2010
DropShips - Uploaded 9-8-2010
JumpShips - Uploaded 9-14-2010
Vehicles - Uploaded 02-08-2011
Exoskeletons - Uploaded 02-02-2011
AeroSpace - Uploaded 02-02-2011
DropShips - Uploaded 11-17-2010
JumpShips - Uploaded 11-25-2010

TRO 3039
TRO 3039
TRO 3039 PDF - Uploaded 10-28-2010 TRO 3039 PDF - Uploaded 02-17-2011 - Complete TRO
Vehicles - Uploaded 08-19-2010
BattleMechs - Uploaded 12-25-2009 - First in Centuries section
AeroSpace - Updated 9-2-2010
BattleMechs - Updated 02-10-2011 - First in Centuries section
AeroSpace - Updated 02-10-2011

TRO 3050 TRO 3050
TRO 3050
TRO 3050 PDF - Uploaded 10-14-2010 TRO 3050 PDF - Uploaded 03-08-2011 - Original, Revised, and Upgraded TROs - no Clans
BattleMechs - Updated 10-15-2010 - Newly Introduced 'Mechs only BattleMechs - Inner Sphere - Updated 5-12-2010 - All units, not all configurations, high tech versions of 3025 'Mechs.
BattleMechs - Clan - Updated 5-19-2010 - Assorted units, not complete.

TRO 3055 TRO 3055 Upgrade
TRO 3055
TRO 3055 PDF - Uploaded 10-15-2010 TRO 3055 PDF - Updated 03-18-2011 - All IS Mechs except S7
BattleMechs - Uploaded 12-30-2009
AeroSpace - Uploaded 9-2-2010
Battlemechs - 3055U - Updated 10-15-2010 - Clan Phoenix and Solaris VII sections
BattleMechs - Inner Sphere - Updated 5-19-2010 - All units, not all configurations.
BattleMechs - Clan - Updated 5-19-2010 - Assorted units, not complete
BattleMechs - 3055U - Uploaded 3-19-2010 - Assorted units, not complete

TRO 3057 TRO 3057
TRO 3057
TRO 3057 PDF - Uploaded 10-19-2010 TRO 3057 PDF - Updated 12-16-2010 - DropShips, JumpShips, WarShips, and Small Craft
Losts Ships - Uploaded 01-06-2011 - Lost WarShips, Human Sphere Stats
Derived Lost Ships - Uploaded 01-06-2011 - Derived Lost WarShips, Human Sphere
AeroSpace - Uploaded 9-2-2010
Small Craft - Uploaded 9-8-2010
DropShips - Uploaded 9-8-2010
JumpShips - Uploaded 9-14-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 9-14-2010
Revised WarShips - Uploaded 9-14-2010
Space Stations - Uploaded 9-14-2010
Small Craft - Uploaded 11-12-2010
DropShips - Uploaded 11-12-2010
JumpShips - Uploaded 11-26-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 12-16-2010
Space Stations - Uploaded 12-1-2010
Revised WarShips - Human Sphere - Uploaded 01-06-2011
Derived WarShips - Human Sphere - Uploaded 01-06-2011

TRO 3058 TRO 3058
TRO 3058
TRO 3058 PDF - Uploaded 10-20-2010 TRO 3058 PDF - Uploaded 03-29-2011 - IS Vehicles and Mechs
Vehicles - Uploaded 08-19-2010
BattleArmor - Uploaded 08-25-2010
BattleMechs - Uploaded 12-31-2009
Vehicles - Uploaded 03-29-2011
BattleMechs - IS - Updated 6-11-2010 - All units, not all configurations.
BattleMechs - Clan - Updated 6-11-2010 - Assorted units, not complete.

TRO 3060 TRO 3060
TRO 3060
TRO 3060 PDF - Uploaded 10-22-2010 TRO 3060 PDF - Updated 04-01-2011 - IS Mechs and Vehicles
Vehicles - Uploaded 08-19-2010
ProtoMechs - Uploaded 9-15-2010
BattleMechs - Uploaded 1-1-2010
Vehicles - IS - Updated 04-04-2011
BattleMechs - IS - Updated 6-24-2010 - All units, not all configurations

TRO Project Phoenix
TRO Project Phoenix
TRO Project Phoenix PDF - Uploaded 10-22-2010 TRO Project Phoenix PDF - Uploaded 7-5-2010 - IS Mechs only right now
BattleMechs - Updated 7-5-2010 BattleMechs - IS - Updated 7-5-2010 - All TRO configurations.

TRO 3067
TRO 3067
TRO 3067 PDF - Uploaded 10-26-2010 TRO 3067 PDF - Updated 01-12-2011 - IS Vehicles and Mechs, All DropShips and WarShips
Vehicles - Uploaded 08-19-2010
BattleMechs - Uploaded 1-4-2010
AeroSpace - Uploaded 9-2-2010
DropShips - Uploaded 9-8-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 9-15-2010
Vehicles - IS - Uploaded 04-06-2011
Battlemechs - IS - Updated 7-16-2010 - All units, not all configurations
DropShips - Uploaded 11-19-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 01-12-2011

TRO Vehicle Annex
TRO Vehicle Annex
TRO VA PDF - Uploaded 10-27-2010
Wet Naval Craft - Uploaded 09-28-2010
Ground Craft - Uploaded 09-28-2010
Exoskeletons - Uploaded 08-25-2010
IndustrialMechs - Updated 10-27-2010
Aircraft - Uploaded 09-28-2010
Satellites - Uploaded 09-28-2010

TRO 3075
TRO 3075
TRO 3075 PDF - Uploaded 10-27-2010 TRO 3075 PDF - Updated 11-23-2010 - IS Mechs, DropShips, and JumpShips
TRO 3075 WarShips PDF - Uploaded 01-14-2011 - WarShips - Human Sphere stats
Vehicles - Updated 10-27-2010
BattleArmor - Uploaded 08-25-2010
ProtoMechs - Uploaded 9-15-2010
BattleMechs - Uploaded 1-5-2010
AeroSpace - Uploaded 9-2-2010
DropShips - Uploaded 9-8-2010
JumpShips - Uploaded 9-14-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 9-15-2010
BattleMechs - IS - Updated 8-18-2010 - All units, not all configurations.
DropShips - Uploaded 11-23-2010
JumpShips - Uploaded 11-23-2010
WarShips - Uploaded 01-14-2011

Source Books
DropShips and JumpShips
DropShips and JumpShips
Source Books PDF - Uploaded 10-19-2010 - Space Stations only Source Books PDF - Updated 12-1-2010 - Space Stations only
DropShips and JumpShips Space Stations - Uploaded 9-14-2010 DropShips and JumpShips Space Stations - Updated 12-1-2010

TRO Japanese Mechs
TRO Japanese Mechs
TRO Japan PDF - Uploaded 10-22-2010 TRO Japan PDF - Uploaded 7-19-2010 - All Units
BattleMechs - Uploaded 1-6-2010 BattleMechs - Uploaded 7-19-2010 - All units

BattleTech Fluff Abilities Lists
I have put together lists of 'Mech, Vehicle, and Aerospace special abilities based on fluff that, due to demand, I am placing on PRI. Unfortunately, I have somehow lost them all and only through a fair amount of luck was able to retrieve the 'Mech list. I will attempt to rebuild the Vehicle and Aerospace lists in the future.

BattleMech Abilities

Bedwyr's Tables and Jazz
Bedwyr has made some of the best player-made tables for the BattleTech games I've ever seen and I very proudly place them up here in their own area for you guys to use. If you play any of the BattleTech games, these will be invaluable to you as you won't have to flip open the book every time you turn around. Thanks very much Bedwyr for the files.

AeroTech 2 Tables
AeroTech 2 Tables - Uploaded 01-24-2007 - color with TW-style logo
AeroTech 2 Tables - Uploaded 01-24-2007 - greyscale with TW-style logo
AeroTech 2 Tables - Uploaded 07-24-2006

BattleForce 2 Tables
BattleForce 2 Tables - Uploaded 01-24-2007 - color with TW-style logo
BattleForce 2 Tables - Uploaded 01-25-2007 - grey with TW-style logo
BattleForce 2 Tables - Uploaded 07-24-2006

BattleTech BMRr Tables
BattleTech BMRr Tables - Uploaded 01-24-2007 - color with TW-style logo
BattleTech BMRr Tables - Uploaded 01-24-2007 - greyscale with TW-style logo

Regimental Balancer - Excel - Uploaded 01-10-2006
A nice utility actually. You enter in the BV (as well as names if you wish) of the units in your combat organization, anything up to a regiment or similar Clan force. Add in the piloting and gunnery and this sheet will calculate the total adjusted BV of your entire force. This is a potentially VERY nice piece of work that Bedwyr plans on expanding at some time. I would love to see something like this that you can use to print out on paper for reference. :-)

Combat Support Field Manual - Uploaded 04-21-2004
Here is an awesome reference for people who wish to use support elements in their BattleTech campaigns. Complete with information relevant to each major faction, and descriptions of everything from shipping containers to medical support, this is by far one of the best collections of information I have ever seen. It is Boilerman's brainchild and work here which was PDFed by Discord. It rocks.

BattleTech Dice TI-86 Required
Designed for use with the TI-86 calculator, this automatically rolls 1D6, 2D6, missile hit tables, or damage locations. This is a very nice little utility. Now if only someone would something like it for the Palm OS...hehehe. Thanks for the link Webmaster Coolman.

Dragoon's Rating Calculator - Webpage
Program File - Uploaded 03-22-2004
This program calculates the Dragoon's Rating of a Battletech mercenary unit. The calculator is in a simple to use wizard format to guide you through the calculation. This uses the rules found in FASA's Field Manual: Mercenaries sourcebook, which is almost identical to the previous versions of the rules.
Update 06-02-2003 - The old webpage was down. I did a search on the web and found the new one and have changed the link on my page.
Update 03-22-2004 - The new webpage appears to have problems linking to the downloads page. I was able to play around a bit with the address bar, get to it, and obtain the program file. I now provide it here.

HeavyMetal's Fun Stuff - Webpage
This page has dice rollers, BV balancers, Line of Sight Calculators, and a page that creates BV for custom weapons. There are some other things there as well that you may find funny and interesting. All of this comes from the mind of the dude who makes and sells the HeavyMetal line of BattleTech software. He SOOO rocks.

HeroMachine - Webpage
HeroMachine - file
This nice little program helps you create a character to look like however you want them to look. Very nice for visualization. It is currently free but the author is making a new and much more powerful version of the program that will be pay only because he is paying for lots of bandwidth. In an effort to help his bandwidth go down a bit, I'm suggesting that you download the file here. He has said I can host the file here so don't worry about that. To run the program, simply unzip it into a directory and open up HeroMachine.html. It uses flash and works entirely inside of your browser. This is a very good program and I recommend it highly.

Inner Sphere Map - Craig J. Lipinski - Win 95 or NT 4.0 Min - Uploaded 5-19-2003
This is an interesting program. I like it as it allows for the use of unencrypted files unlike the Inner Sphere Planetary Locator so we can make our own map files to be viewed in it. Unfortunately, it only uses the 3052 factions, so you have to tell it that systems are one of those types of factions. The included file works, but only the factions on it are coded into the engine. Also, you can right-click and drag to find out how many lightyears is between systems. However, the calculation is wrong. Actual distance is approximately 2.7 times that given in the program.

Pryde Rock Stellar Cartography Datafiles - Medron Pryde - Uploaded 5-19-2003
Built by me using Mike Flynn's Inner Sphere Cartography Society datafiles as a start, these files have corrected several small errors in the ISCS files. I've also been updating it with new systems that are being put into the universe. These files are optimized for use in Rick Raisley's HeavyMetal Map (in early beta testing for over a year) software that has been in testing for a while, but they do work in the Inner Sphere Map program too as each program currently uses the same file structure for loading maps.

Inner Sphere Planetary Locator
Inner Sphere Planetary Locator
min OS unknown
Here is a nice little program that gives you the location of every planet in the Inner Sphere and the affiliations of them in each of the major time periods. Now it isn't perfect, as the Periphery worlds are wacked out as far as position goes, and the ownership of Chaos March worlds in 3058 not correct, but this program does generate jump paths for moving planet to planet, a very nice capability for campaigns.
Designed by Masterful Creations.

Base VB files
These must be installed before you can install the ISPL program. My experience is that if you install TDB first, you will not need to install these files before bringing up ISPL. Note: These are the same files required for the Vehicle Factory progs.

If you get a "missing threed32.ocx" error then you use a newer version of Visual Basic on your computer that does not support some of the older controls in previous versions of VB. Unzip this file into your windows system directory, click START, RUN and then type "REGSVR32.EXE /C THREED32.OCX" into the dialog box. That should make the program work correctly. It worked for me. For further directions from IBM, click here.

Irony Games - Webpage
What do you want? Random dice rolls? World maps? City maps? Tavern layouts? They may not be the most graphically impressive maps out there, but it's better then designing the utilities to make them yourself. Very sweet and definitely worth a look.

Four Jansma Progs min OS unknown
Base To Hit Calculator
Heat Tracker
MechWarrior 2nd Creator
Unit Engineer
Unit Engineer 3.5.5 Update
Four programs made by Nic Jansma that you can use to play Battletech or MechWarrior 2nd Edition. The first three need no explanation, but the fourth does. You can randomly generate any unit from a small raiding party on up to a large planetary garrison in the time period of 3025 through 3055 for both Inner Sphere and Clan affiliations split up by each individual faction. A very nice prog.

LAM Rules 1.04 - Medron Pryde - Uploaded 03-17-2016
Many people who play with Land-Air BattleMechs have been looking for updated rules for years now but they have been slow in coming. The last official rules were published in FASA's Tactical Handbook, though a limited quickstart set of rules were printed in Catalyst's Record Sheets 3085. There is also a set of rules in the Beta release of Interstellar Operations that generated several metric tons of electronic discussions. It is unknown how much of that will make it into the final printing due to their lack of popularity in the fanbase. Now the people who make up the HeavyMetal forums were working on LAM rules years ago. I recently dusted off every set of rules we had worked on, mostly based on FASA's Tactical Handbook since that was the last official rules at the time. I started discussion of the rules again on Heavymetal and we worked over some of the new Catalyst-era issues. The rules now include elements taken from Record Sheets 3085 and the Interstellar Operations Beta release, though are still based primarily on the Tactical Handbook rules. The main idea was to make LAMs easy to run, fun to play, and fun to play against. These are not the munchkin rules that some may have been traumatized by. ;) It is my hope that you enjoy them. Much hard work and angst went into them. Hehehe.

Mech List - by Perkins
An excel file that lists all Mechs, Fighters, Vehicles, ProtoMechs, JumpShips, Dropships, and Warships in TR2750, TR3025, TR3025(R), TR3026, TR3050, TR3050(R), TR3055, TR3055(R),TR3057, TR3060, and TR3067. It is a rather long file...:-)

Mercenary Budget and Creation Worksheets

Mercenary Budget Sheet - by Erewhon - Excel - Uploaded 01-30-2007
This is a cool sheet. Erewhon sent this to me a LONG time ago and I just got around to pushing it up and really taking a really close look at it. I like it. I really like it. I want to use this, that is how much I like it. It has every unit ever published (I think) in it so all you have to do is type in (or copy from the relevant page) the name of the 'Mech or other unit and it will put in the costs. If you want to add units, just insert a line and add in the relevant information. Very cool. This uses the Mercenary FM Revised rules. I really like this sheet. Simple to us, and easy to expand. Very bloody nice. :-)

Mercenary Budget and Creation Sheet - by Khan Joseph Mallan - Excel - Updated 07-24-2006
A very interesting sheet, this includes the rules for creating a unit from scratch by using the Commander's skills and history. Then it goes into handling basic wages and support and everything else. Glancing through the sheets and trying out the options makes me think this is a very nice sheet and brings me to like it. I would suggest that you take a look at it and see if you like it too. :-)

Mercenary Budget Sheet - Version 2 - by Billy Compton - Uploaded 08-09-2005
Mercenary Budget Sheet - by Billy Compton - Uploaded 08-04-2005
These are Thompson's spreadsheet upgraded to work with the rules in the Revised Mercenary Field Manual. A fair bit of work was entailed in doing them and they look good IMHO. Version 2 is significantly improved over the first version, but I'm keeping both up so you can choose which you want to use. Thanks for sending the sheets to me dude.

Mercenary Budget Sheet - by Chris Thompson
Better, but much more complicated, sheet that helps you to perform unit management. It even has the relevant stats of every unit I know of in BTech and BSpace/AT2 already entered in so all you have to do is type in the unit class and it pulls up the maintenance information for it. I'm very impressed with this thing at a first glance. Very impressed.

Mercenary Budget Sheets - Version 3 - by Boilerman
Mercenary Budget Sheets - Version 2 - by Boilerman
A handy little set of sheets that perform the rather lengthy set of calculations that normally take hours to do by hand, so you can play your merc unit with ease. Comparatively speaking of course. I think this set is da bomb....:-)

Mercenary Contract Generator - Webpage
Program File - Uploaded 03-22-2004
This can create a contract for a mercenary unit with the rules found in the Mercenary Handbook 3056. One thing that would be nice to see for this is the ability to print contracts. But overall, it is a decent program. I was impressed that someone did this.
Update 06-02-2003 - The old webpage was down. I did a search on the web and found the new one and have changed the link on my page.
Update 03-22-2004 - The new webpage appears to have problems linking to the downloads page. I was able to play around a bit with the address bar, get to it, and obtain the version 3.2 program file. I was unable to obtain versions 1, 2, or 4, but I now provide 3.2 here.

Below are programs designed to run on Palm Pilots to support BattleTech play.

BattleTech LOS - Version 1.2.0
This program calculates line of sight for BattleTech games. The output looks much like the elevation level worksheet in the Tactical Handbook. - Thank you Zilaz X'Savior for this program.
PocketC - This program must be installed or the LOS program will not work.

This program determines hit locations and critical hits randomly.

Pryde Rock Stellar Cartographic Corps
This is where I collect the various maps designed to accurately show the universe of BattleTech.

3064 Inner Sphere - Taken from Classic BattleTech.

3132 Inner Sphere - Taken from the Technology of Destruction MechWarrior Hardcover book.

3132-3064 Inner Sphere Comparison - The TOD and CBT maps combined by me for comparison purposes.

Random Pilot Skill Generator
This is a cool php utility that will generate random skills for your warriors. It works in the browser or you can download it if you wish to. This was written and sent to me for inclusion in the P.R.I. database by ralgith a.k.a. Dylan Myers. We both hope you enjoy this program.

Random Unit Selector - Requires the VB6 dlls that come with HMP

RUS 1 - The original version
RUS 2 - The new version - Uploaded 1-25-2007
A nice program for making quick and easy tables. You can make a table for choosing the weather, random encounters for MechWarrior, or random 'Mechs for BattleTech. Or frankly, anything else you want. This is freeware and was made by RCW enterprises, the maker of HMP. Version 2 is far more powerful and if you've never used it I'd suggest trying it out.

RUS Expanded Tables
A set of tables I am making to more fully show the BattleTech universe of 'Mechs and all that jazz, now in a handy travel size. For instance, rarer or abandoned 'Mechs stay on the lists as they increase in tech, they just become very rare by tech A. This table includes the five major houses, Comstar and Word of Blake, the Free Rasalhague Republic, St. Ives, Mercenaries, and the different Periphery factions from 3025 to 3063, the final date being decided by the Field Manual. All the tables are separated into directories to make them easier to navigate.

RUS Random Dates - Ralgith - Uploaded 1-25-2007
A set of files for generating random dates if you want to do that for a campaign or anything else. Cool.

BMR Tables by Hawkins
These files are updated because the other files I have for BMR are incorrect. Thanks for the help dude.
RUS BMR Lance-Star-Pilot Tables Uploaded 4-21-2004 - BMR company, lance and star creation files, as well as the random pilot tables.
RUS BMR Terrain Tables Uploaded 4-27-2004
RUS BMR Vehicle Tables Uploaded 4-27-2004

RUS Level 3 Hit Tables Uploaded 4-6-2003
From MaxTech, these are the Level 3 hit tables for 'Mechs and vehicles.

RUS Field Manual Tables Uploaded 4-6-2003
This includes just about every official random 'Mech, ASF, or vehicle table from just about every faction from every Field Manual and I'm thinking AT2 as well. This is a truly massive list. The original archive I was given included my enhanced "historically correct" files so I delled them from the archive. Don't want to pass them off as official after all. Just correct...:-).

RUS BMR Tables Uploaded 4-6-2003
This is a rather involved set of files. They include the BMR random 'Mech lists, as well as the company, lance and star creation files from that book. They also include the random pilot tables from BMR.

RUS Aerospace 2 Hit Tables Uploaded 4-6-2003
Different from most tables I host, these are the hit tables from AT2. These are the actual tables to the best of my knowledge with no changes.

RUS Aerospace 2 Tables - by Discord Uploaded 3-3-2002
The tables from AT2 and the Outworld's Alliance tables from the Periphery FM, these are the actual tables the generate random fighters with no changes.

RUS BattleArmor Tables
A set of tables made by Dave Hill that randomly select BattleArmor for each of the various factions. They do include some of the BA designs made using BADR. Just so you know...;-)

Solaris 7 Charts - by Perkins Uploaded 3-17-2003
A nice little excel spreadsheet that figures out the damage, delay, heat, and all that jazz for all known weapons for the Solaris 7 rules of combat. Very nice if I say so myself.

Gameplay Charts and Sheets

Tables by Nathan
BattleTech Reference Sheet 1 - Updated 11-19-2004
BattleTech Reference Sheet 2 - Updated 11-19-2004
Two modified versions of the tables in the back of the BattleTech rules books that you can print off and take to a game. They are easier to use and have some short explanations as well. Very nice additions. Thank you Nathan for sending them to me.

BattleTech Weapons and Equipment Sheet - Uploaded 11-19-2004
Another table courtesy of Nathan, this shows the stats for almost all of the level 1 and level 2 weapons and equipment. I noticed that it does not include any armor, but seems complete otherwise. Thanks dude.

Wintertree Software TableMaster - Webpage currently nonfunctional
TableMaster - file
Wintertree Software made many very good programs for RPG enthusiasts. Perhaps the best of these is Table Master, a program that you can use to randomly determine results from any kind of table. I have designed files for it that allow you to generate Clan and Inner Sphere pilots, and Inner Sphere 'Mechs for each of the factions in the Battletech Master Rules and Mechwarrior 2nd Ed. 'Mech tables. Random encounter tables or anything else can be made with this software. Since the Wintertree Software link is down and I have been unable to find it anywhere on the web, I have uploaded a working copy of the program. This is NOT the shareware version and is provided with the knowledge and permission of the original author.

TableMaster tables
I made three tables here for use with TableMaster. One is a simple warrior table that randomly generates a pilot for either IS or Clan affiliations. I also set up two tables (one for lances and one for companies) that follow the rules in Battletech Master Rules for random generation. They have tables for all Inner Sphere factions in the BMR and in the old MechWarrior 2nd Edition. I also entered a Taurian Concordat listing into the table which was for an old RPG I was in. They are the only listings not FASA published. No Clan listings included.

Wintertree Software Demo Tables - Uploaded 1-7-2010
These are the official Wintertree Software demo tables that came with the shareware version of the program. The author of this program sent me these files after he found my site. If you use this amazing program, I hope you will find these interesting and enjoyable.

Tables by Platemail - Platemail.org - Uploaded 11-13-2004
A table that randomly generates way stations for the Exile roleplaying system.

Table by Hesperia - Hespiria Waystation - Uploaded 11-13-2004
A set of tables to do everything from creating phobias, generating adventures, and towns, to names and weapons. Nice stuff there.

Tables by Waterdeep Boys - Waterdeep Boys Club - Uploaded 11-13-2004
Tables that make jewelry, NPCs, personalities, spell books, and more.

Tables by Phil Masters - Phil Master's Site - Uploaded 11-13-2004
Tables for finding places to sleep in a desert, contemplate the meaning of life, or to try your hand at using cards to foretell the future. Nice and amusing little set of tables.

TableMaster Fantasy Pack 1 - Official Wintertree Software Pack Uploaded 3-17-2003
This is an official Wintertree Software pack that they charged for in the past. The original author has given me permission to host them here. Thank you Discord for finding these packs for me.

TableMaster Fantasy Pack 2 Official Wintertree Software Pack Uploaded 3-17-2003
This is an official Wintertree Software pack that they charged for in the past. The original author has given me permission to host them here. Thank you Discord for finding these packs for me.

TableMaster Science Fiction Pack 1 Official Wintertree Software Pack Uploaded 3-17-2003
This is an official Wintertree Software pack that they charged for in the past. The original author has given me permission to host them here. Thank you Discord for finding these packs for me.

TableMaster System Generator 1.3 - by Revanche NEW 3-3-2002
Built using the system rules in Explorer Corps as a basis but with his own revisions, Revanche sent these tables to me so I could post them. Unfortunately, at this time I do not have a working copy of TableMaster so I have not yet tested them.

Natural Death - by Revanche Uploaded 1-23-2003>
Designed by Revanche, this is a nice little idea based on AD&D that randomly rolls the natural age of death of your character. It looks like a very good little thang, and I like it. A short age can be said to be because of a disease, while extended life of over 100 years because your character has healthy habits....*wink wink, nod nod*

TableMaster tables
An old online friend T-Bolt made these tables here for use with TableMaster. The tables in this listing are simply lists of mechs, vehicls, fighters, and spaceships that are randomly selected. These are not as indepth as the ones I made, or as the program Mishima is writing, but they do offer more units (like the Clan 'Mechs and the fighters and spaceships) then either of what we have included.

WinterTree Software Dice - Uploaded 5-29-03
Another piece of software written by Wintertree Software, this is similar to Rick's RUS. It takes tables and randomly selects the entry for display. I prefer RUS, but if you've never gotten out to buy any of his programs, this could work for you. Thanks to James Miller for finding this program and giving it to me. I'm trying to pick up all of the old Wintertree Software and jazz so it doesn't disappear forever as the company went out of business some time ago.

Wintertree Software FX Master Sound Mixer - Uploaded 6-25-2003
Another piece of software written by Wintertree Software given me by James Miller. He wrote the following note about it. "The FXMaster is the sound program from Wintertree. It's was designed to surf through your wav files, and then set them up in the 5 section menu, so you could play them as sound effects during your game. (Remember: This was designed for Win 3.1! It's old, but works well...) Don't try to install it. Just delete the installer, and use the FX program itself."

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