We here at P.R.I. are devoted to giving you access to the best in BattleTech programs and files dedicated to bringing enhanced enjoyment to the game. If you know of something I don't have, or want something I don't have, contact me and I will see if I know of anyone who can do that. Now without further interruption, the goods are below. Have fun. Medron Pryde

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BattleArmor Design Rules - Final Released Version - Reuploaded 08-25-2003
More advanced then BattleArmor Forge which has not been updated in some time, this is the last version of BADR released before it was taken off the web. I have it right here.

BattleArmor Forge: Beta Version 0.1
VB files - required to run.
A new program built around the BattleArmor Design Rules (BADR) designed by our good friend MacAttack, this program is easy to use and well designed as far as I can tell in my quick little check. It's nice to have a BattleArmor Designer...now I just hope that Wizkids decides to go with this idea...I mean the rules seem to be catching on throughout the BTech community already, and having a program that uses them will only help that. It seems to me that any designer that comes out in the future will be, unfavorably, compared to this one. So who knows....;-)
Camp Superfun, now missing a webpage, built this program.
The Technical Readout, website now down, home of the BattleArmor Design Rules (BADR).

BattleArmor WorkSheet - Capt. Kampson - Uploaded 05-19-2003
A simple MS Excel worksheet that you can print out and write up your BattleArmor designs on. It doesn't design them for you, but it gives you a template similar to the worksheet in the book that you can write them out on. You need Excel to open it.

BattleSpace Designer: DOS
This is a well designed DOS program that uses a mouse and seems to work perfectly on my Windows Millenium powered PC. Not bad. Not bad at all. Unfortunately, while it seems to correctly design ships, there are many limitations. But if you want to design anything heavier then a fighter and don't have access to Excel, I'd say this would be your best bet. Like the Excel spreadsheets, it has not been updated to the new (and buggy) AT2 construction rules.

BattleSpace Design Spreadsheet version 2.11: Microsoft Excel
Requiring Microsoft Excel, this is simply a spreadsheet. It is however the only design aid I have yet to see for Warships, Jumpships, Space Stations, and Dropships. I use it myself and really like it. Just remember that this is not up to date with the new (and buggy) AT2 rules for warship construction.

BattleTech Utilities: DOS
An older DOS program that allows you to design vehicles, 'Mechs, and aerospace fighters. Like the program above, I can not run it. Comments are welcome.

Lance Generator - Uploaded 10-08-2003
A program designed to randomly generate a lance. It takes data from a single file that looks like it can be easly modified to include whatever data you wish, but is less the fully featured.

Mechforce: Excel Spreadsheet - Uploaded 10-08-2003
This is a spreadsheet that uses the old Mercenary Handbook rules of upkeep to allow you to design an entire unit from infantry to aerospace. Haven't more then looked at it but it looks nice. Written by Paul J Holleworth.

Mechwarrior 2nd Character Generator 1.3 - Uploaded 08-21-2003
It works on Windows XP and should work on the older programs. Given to me by Grey's Shadow, it is designed to created MechWarrior 2nd characters and has information from the MechWarrior Companion in it. Grey's Shadow likes it better then the MechWarrior Sheet Maker, also found on this page, but I can not get it to print. It has a none standard printing routine that crashes out on my XP systems everytime I try to print. It seems to be a nice prog. I just doesn't work for me.

MechWarrior 2nd Sheet Maker
Designed to allow you to create a character easily and quickly for MechWarrior 2nd Edition. I have used it and it is a very nice program. It is preloaded with only the skills in the original MW2nd book, but the datafiles are easily editable in notepad so it is simple to add new information, like that found in the Companion, or anything you would like to make up, like the skill for making Pink Elephants. :-)

MechWarrior 3rd Character Generator - webpage - Updated 01-26-2004
MechWarrior 3rd Character Generator - file - Updated 02-02-2004
This is a beta program that so far only has a small number of factions in it. But this is the first person that has even TRIED to tackle MW3rd so this is a big step up from before. I hope it works out. Thanks to Nolan Wells for pointing me to this site.

MechWarrior 3rd Sheets

MechWarrior 3rd Skill Advancement Calculator - Excel - Matt Tomczak - Uploaded 02-14-2007
This is a really cool sheet that is awesome for calculating how many experience points it will take to increase the level of a MW3rd skill. Very nice spreadsheet and I can't recommend it enough. :-)

MechWarrior 3rd Companion-style Word Document - Word - Medron Pryde - Uploaded 02-12-2007
I worked with Jim Lytle's Mechwarrior 3rd document that Jason Stadnyk modified some years ago. In short, I took all the places where you type stuff in and changed it to courier font so typing doesn't shift stuff around, and I took new screen captures of official documents to get higher resolution images of the hit diagram for instance. This is the sheet I now use for all of my characters. Note that I added a character creation sheet at the bottom, so you can run through the creation process using that sheet, and then transfer the information up to the main sheets for use. This will also allow you to keep a permanent record of what all lifepaths your character took if you use that method of generation. Note that this file is a lot larger than the previous two, nearing a megabyte in size compared to sub 40k size of the originals. To me the increase in size was acceptable. I hope you all enjoy.

MechWarrior 3rd/CBT Companion Master Skills Table Version 1.3 - PDF - Calis/Discord - Updated 08-01-2005
A nice Master Skills Table originally made by Calis and updated by Discord. All you need to do is mark off the skills your character has instead of writing them in. Goes a fair ways towards making creation quicker IMHO.

MechWarrior 3rd/CBT Companion Master Traits Table Version 1.3 - PDF - Calis/Discord - Updated 08-01-2005
A nice Master Traits Table originally made by Calis and updated by Discord. All you need to do is mark off the traits your character has instead of writing them in. Goes a fair ways towards making creation quicker IMHO.

BattleTech Companion Word Document - Word - Jason Stadnyk - Uploaded 05-19-2003
Jim Lytle's Mechwarrior 3rd document modified to match the new BattleTech Companion format by Jason Stadnyk. Thank you very much for the file dude.

MechWarrior 3rd Word Document - Word - Jim Lytle
Another sweet Character playing and creation sheet taken from the MW3rd book, this one can be opened and edited in Word so you can actually save your charcters on your hard drive and then print them out in all their neatly typed glory. Note that the MechWarrior logo on top of the sheet is not colorized, but that is a small price to pay for the ease of use. Thank you Jim Lytle for giving it to me.

MechWarrior 3rd Record Sheet PDF
Very sweet Character playing and creation sheets taken from the MW3rd book that you can open in any PDF reader and print out for when you want to make a character. Note that the nice MechWarrior logo on top of each sheet has been colorized nicely.

The Munchomatic Protomech Designer - Webpage currently down
Designed for DOS and Linux, this is a graphically substandard program. This is offset of course by the fact that people with older systems or people who can't stand windows can use it.

Protomech Construction Utility
Protomech Construction Utility 1.2:
Min OS Unknown
This is a utility designed to allow you to make ProtoMechs. If you use it, make sure to click the box that enables the main gun or you will never be able to use it or see all of the weapons included. I never did find that out until the program's author told me about it.

A number of ProtoMech designs made by JoePsycho and sent to me. Thanks for the support dude.

TRO 3060
TRO 3060
Uploaded 05-09-2005

RS Upgrades
RS Upgrades
Uploaded 05-09-2005

Combat Equipment
Combat Equipment
Uploaded 05-09-2005

Support Vehicle Worksheet - Excel - Josh "Maverick" Helton
Version 0.9i - Uploaded 01-25-2007
Version 0.9g - Uploaded 02-28-2006
Version 0.9d - Uploaded 01-09-2006
Version 0.9a - Uploaded 08-01-2005
An Excel spreadsheet designed to allow you to design support vehicles, this is a very Cool Thing if you ask me. It is an Excel spreadsheet. Nolan "Discord" Wells has informed me that "OpenOffice 1.1.4 suite (a freeware MS Office clone) will, in fact, run this spreadsheet just fine." They are currently up to version 2 so I assume that will work as well. This is a very useful utility IMHO and thanks to Maverick for sending it to me.

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