We here at P.R.I. are devoted to giving you access to the best in BattleTech programs and files dedicated to bringing enhanced enjoyment to the game. If you know of something I don't have, or want something I don't have, contact me and I will see if I know of anyone who can do that. Now without further interruption, the goods are below. Have fun. Medron Pryde

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BattleTech Mod Productions - website
Command and Conquer Generals - The Capellan Solution - website
Half Life BattleTech Mod - Beyond the Front - website
Homeworld BattleTech Mod - Space Wars - website
MechWars for Total Annihilation - website
StarCraft BattleTech Missions
Total Annihilation Units
Tribes BattleTech Mod - website

- website
This website has links to all of the major BTech mods presently being attempted. The MechWars Total Annihilation mod and the Space Wars Homeworld mod are looking particularly good.

Command and Conquer Generals - The Capellan Solution - website
An impressive mod of the well-liked Command and Conquer Generals game, this mod tells the story of the Liao invasion of the St. Ives Compact. Choose who to fight for, the marauding Limpies, the brave St. Ives warriors, or the Star League "peacekeepers".

Half Life BattleTech Mod - Beyond The Front
- website
A Half Life mod that allows you to play as a BattleTech foot soldier. Looks good to me.

Homeworld BattleTech Mod - Space Wars - website
Now this is one nice mod. Take a look at the ships page to see how many ships are done compared to not done. This bad boy is coming along very nicely if you ask me.

MechWars for Total Annihilation - website
Hello nurse, this looks sweet. Who wants some? If you have Total Annihilation and like BTech, you've probably dreamed of having 'Mechs in your game. Here is your chance. It will hopefully come out soon so we can tick butt and take names.

And for a preview of their design, take a look at the MadCat above. Hello nurse.

The Second Battle of Twycross
The Great Gash
7 December 3057
Detailing the battle where The Black Widow Natasha Kerensky died at the hands of Joanna (what's her last name again? hehehe) during the height of the Refusal War between Clans Wolf and Pidgeon...err...make that Jade Falcon...;-) This mission was designed by Mishima before MCG and it's mission editor came out for StarCraft. It uses a tile set from BroodWar, so you must have that expansion. Because of this, I have never played the mission and don't know how good it is.

Botched Raid
Deep Periphery
20 October, 3062
A Star League Task Force of Davion units in the Deep Periphery are raiding a Jade Falcon supply depot when a surface-to-space Orbital Cannon opens up, destroying several dropships, trapping several in high orbit, and sending others crashing to the surface. The missions open directly after the crashes with scattered Davion units trying to survive.

Note that it requires the BroodWar Expansion
Also note that as this is the first set of missions I have ever made in SC, it is in testing. Any feedback you have would be graciously received.
Botched Raid, First Battle
Botched Raid, Second Battle

Below are several Total Annihilation Units I have recently found on the Total Annhihilation Unit Creation Center. Thank you Uraikha for pointing me over to this website. Please note that each of the minipacks below have many more units then what I show here. If you wish to preview the total packs go to the above mentioned website.

You need the Unit Data minipack to use all of these. You also need the last patch for the game downloadable from the above-mentioned website or from the Total Annhihilation Webpage.

This looks very similar to the Inner Sphere Firestarter. The only problem is that it is given to the nasty Core forces.
These two 'Mechs look very much like the Maelstrom, a Marauder series BattleMech, and the Clan Behemoth. At least I think that looks like a Behemoth. But I don't know the Clammer Yammers as good as some others...;-)
I'm not even sure if this is a 'Mech but its catching in my memory somewhere that it looks familiar. Maybe someone else will know.
This sure don't act like the Shilone we all know and love (it lands on water) but sure looks like it....;-)
Ok....this little bugger reminds me of the nasty little Falcon. Of course, thats because of those interesting little "ears"...hehehe.
Like the other one, I can't place it but it is tagging a memory. Not sure if it is simply because it looks similar to the Marauder or if something else closer came out though.
This little bugger looks just like everyone's favorite Warhammer. I've been told though that it acts nothing like it in the game....:(
This guy looks like the center torso of a Cougar placed inside the body of a Vulture. Kinda odd but cute at the same time.
This was NOT found on that site. It is a preview for the game MechWars for Total Annihilation so I hope you enjoy and take a look at it.

MechWarrior Tribes Mod - Webpage
Did you ever want to play Tribes as a grunt from the BattleTech universe? Well, now you can. I don't have Tribes so don't know how good it is, but it sure LOOKS neat...hehehe

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