We here at P.R.I. are devoted to giving you access to the best in BattleTech programs and files dedicated to bringing enhanced enjoyment to the game. If you know of something I don't have, or want something I don't have, contact me and I will see if I know of anyone who can do that. Now without further interruption, the goods are below. Have fun. Medron Pryde

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Desktop Themes
Here are a collection of Win9x BattleTech themes, given to me by Jackto. Thanks much dude for the forwards.

With graphics taken from the awesome MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries game, this theme is the best BattleTech related theme I have ever seen. The sounds are near perfect (I have only edited some of the sounds on my own personal version) and the graphics are up to the same standard. For the first time since I began using Win9x I now use a desktop them in its intended role.
Mercenaries - modded - The above desktop theme was modded by Duncan at Duncan's MechWarrior 2 Station
Mercenaries - modded 2 - Uploaded March-19-2001
I also modded the above desktop theme with sounds gleaned from Duncan's mod, the sound files I have included below for your enjoyment, and the nice little Mad Cat animation found in the MCG Map Editor. I really like this one...hehehe.

Shut Down and Startup Screens
Some very good screens, I have not figured out how to make them all work in Win Me. From what I can see they all look really good though. Decent quality (looks the original version with a good vid card) and in character comments on the screens. If anyone knows how to make these buggars work correctly in Win Me, please help me....;-)

Ghost Bear
These graphics were taken from the MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy game, but don't appear as polished as those in Mercenaries theme. The extra icons and splash screens that come with it are nice but not fantastic. The icons for instance have not been finished with transparency and leave a white border around them and your fanatic Inner Sphere fan like me finds the Ghost Bear symbol on the splash screens a bit um...blah. Now give me the Marik Eagle or the Davion sword on sunburst and I'd like it better...;-)

MechWarrior 2
Inspired by MechWarrior 2, this theme uses Ghost Bear, Jade Falcon, and Wolf logos for it's icons and also has some very nice backgrounds. It also has what would be very nice startup and shutdown screens if it weren't for the big balloon letters messing them up proclaiming shutdown and startup procedures. Also, whoever made the theme did not correctly configure it and the nice icons simply don't show. It needs some work but with that work it would easily take second rank in my list of desktop themes.

MechWarrior 2
Inspired by MechWarrior 2, this theme is substandard by nearly every definition I would use. The background is nice but not inventive, the icons are not all that hot, but it does include many extra icons which you may or may not like. Also, the startup and shutdown screens appear to have been taken on a low-end PC without any enhanced graphics using the original, not titanium, version of the game so they are rather...bland. Though I do give the author extreme brownie points for actually having in character comments ON those screens. Finally, this theme doesn't include a mechwarrior.theme file to actually make it a theme rather then simply a collection of odd cursers, icons, animations, and background screens.

Icons - Uploaded 05-29-03
Here is an archive of icons given me by Nolan Wells. It has Clammer and Inner Smear factions in it, as well as icons for the best factions every created. The Periphery. :-) I hope you like this stuff.

Not sure what else to call it as it is the first one I have found. Suffice it to say it has many pictures gleaned from MCA before it went bye-bye and very driving audio. I'm way impressed. Thank you Webmaster Coolman for finding it for me.
NEW WC sent me a note on how to make it work under W2K - "The settings must be changed to "fit to screen". However, when you click on it in the screensaver list, in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, images start appearing from the Screen Saver. You have to close 'BATTLE~1.SCR' to get it to stop, by using Task Manager."

Below is the first of the BattleTech Skins I have found for Socket.

MechWarrior - Preview
Very well done skin here. Balanced design AND it even has the Marauder in it! WOOHOO!

Various sounds captured from BattleTech games, I intend this to be an archive for those individuals looking for the sounds for use in their own themes or programs. I myself use some of these wav files in my own desktop theme.

Drill Instructor
The most humerous collection of sounds, this one includes quotations from the drill instructor we all love to hate. Who can forget his "I do bad things when I'm angry" speech? Or when he "complimented" your ability to follow orders by comparing you to his dog?

MechWarrior 2 Computer
Mainly a collection of quotes from the nicely-voiced computer in MW2, I am using some of these quotes in my desktop theme. Very nice.

MechWarrior 2 Sounds
Mainly a collection of sounds from the MW2 game, it does have some quotes from the computer as well.

Mech Names
The names of 'Mechs as spoken by the computer in MW2.

Here are several BattleTech skins I've found (and some I've made) for Winamp.

Dire Wolf - Preview
I made this from one of the pictures found on the lamented Mech Constructors Association using QuickSkin, a well designed freeware Winamp skin maker. Thanks Webmaster Coolman for telling me what 'Mech this was. This is the first skin I ever made and it actually was a test of QuickSkin to see how it worked. I think it turned out pretty good but then that's me....;-)
Warhammer - Preview Warhammer V2 - Preview
My second skin, I'm not sure where this picture came from. This is my second skin skin and is a picture of my favorite 'Mech. Version 2 has two eq pics. One is the standard one that comes with the first version, but it defaults to the no eq look shown above.
Corsair - Preview
Another skin made from one of the pictures found on the lamented Mech Constructors Association. I am finally letting my love of aerospace shine through in this offering, so hopefully it will be well received. Note that it does not automatically show the sliders. I have included them in the skin however, so if you want to see them you can go into the zip file and exchange eqmain.bmp and eqmain2.bmp.
Thor - Preview
The best native BattleTech skin I have yet found, this skin seems weak at first sight, but definately grows on you. My only question is why they skined the crummy Thor when they could have shown us a real 'Mech like the Atlas...;-)
Star League - Preview
Another good skin, this one is only limited in my opinion by it's lack of colors. I know this is how it was designed, but can't help but feel it still limits it. All in all though, this is a very good skin. I've seen much worse.
Clans - Preview
This is actually a pretty good skin made by Legend Slayer. Unfortunately it only covers the first window and completely misses the EQ, Playlist, and MiniBrowser parts. It proudly shows a Madcat and what I think is a Thor omnimech.
Atlas - Preview
This skin, like the MadCat skin I have above, only covers the top panel, but it ain't bad. A little work on the rest of the skin would prolly make this one a superior skin. What there is of it looks good.
MechCommander - Preview
A picture of one of my favorite games and a very good picture, I would have rated this one above Legend Slayers skin and the Atlas but it doesn't have any neat buttons, dropping the immersion a bit. It also only covers the top panel.
Vulture - Preview
This skin puzzles me. I'm a self-admitted Clan Banger but I usually at least like the looks of the 'Mechs. But this picture just doesn't catch my eye. Also, the skin itself seems...unfinished. Parts of it aren't skinned, while others are. That's why this gets ranked towards the buttom.
Mechwarrior 3 - Preview
Ok, this one's just plain odd. Now I didn't really like MechWarrior 3, but they had a cool logo. That doesn't mean I want to see it three times in a row on the same skin though. Unless it was the Black Widow's skin...then I might not mind....;-)

These are three skins that say Robotech, but we know what 'Mechs they really are right? ;-)

Phoenix Hawk LAM - Preview
Well, this one says Robotech, but heck. I know what the Phoenix Hawk LAM looks like. Hehehe. This is actually one of my favorite skins of all. It also happens to be Jetfire (or Skyfire) from the Transformers universe and whatever they call it in the Robotech universe. VERY sweet skin.
Wasp LAM - Preview
Another Robotech crossover, I'm actually not sure if this is the Wasp or Stinger LAM. They look too much alike in aerospace mode for me to differentiate them. But if I didn't like Jetfire and the Phoenix Hawk LAM so much, this would be tieing the one above for 'Mech loving goodness.
Several 'Mechs - Preview
Yet another Robotech crossover, I really don't like the color scheme on this one that well. It shows the Phoenix Hawk, an Archer, and either an Ostol or Ostroc. It also shows some others that are too small for me to differentiate. In its own right it's a good skin, but I like so many others better.

Below is the first of the BattleTech Skins I have found for Yahoo Messanger.

MechWarrior 3 - Preview
This is designed using images from the MechWarrior 3 game and from what I can see from browsing the pictures (I don't have the program) it looks pretty good.

Since Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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