We here at P.R.I. are devoted to giving you access to the best in BattleTech programs and files dedicated to bringing enhanced enjoyment to the game. If you know of something I don't have, or want something I don't have, contact me and I will see if I know of anyone who can do that. Now without further interruption, the goods are below. Have fun. Medron Pryde

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BattleTech - TI-82
BattleTech - TI-82 - Elemental
BattleTech - TI-86
BattleTech: Episode IV, A New Dope Webpage
BattleTech: Mercenaries
BattleTech: Total Control Webpage
MegaMek Webpage
MechReign Webpage
Mech War 1.12
Mech War 2.0 Webpage
Mech War 3D Webpage
Mech War 3025 Wepage
Neveron Webpage
Succession Wars Webpage

Battletech - TI-82 - Updated 12-18-2001
"it's like a text based RPG Battle system, the board game without the board, however, it groups all ballistics into "Cannons" all Missiile into "Missile racks" and all energies into "Lasers" You get the 16 original clan mechs..." according to Mike Rauscher who also fixed some bugs in the program and gave me a new version. Thank you Webmaster Coolman for the original link.

Elemental - TI-82 - Uploaded 01-27-2002
Programmed by Mike Rauscher "It's a first person shooter where you are an Elemental, and you get captured by Inner sphere forces (No particular house or faction specified, just for the fun of it...) and have to escape, gunning down soldiers on the way, but they screwed with your armor, so you don't have a laser and your SMG is a ship-use shotgun, your missile backpack is somwhere in the maze."

System requirements as per Mike Rauscher: I don't understand half of it so I hope you TI users do...:-)
TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-83+ Silver Edition
Pics 2,3,4,5, and 6
about 5000 bytes
Matrix "E"

BTech86 - TI-86
This is a BETA of a BattleTech game designed to run on the TI-86 calculator. Never say an expensive calculator is only good for calculas...;-) There do appear to be some bugs with it and I have not been able to run down a newer version of the game that the author said he was working on. But if you have a TI-86 and want to have some fun, you may want to take a look at it.

Battletech: Episode IV, A New Dope - Webpage down
I joke not. That is the name of this program. I really hope it is a working title...;-) But on point, this is supposed to be a computerized version of the board game. Period. It will completely follow the rules according to the author. Being designed for DOS and Linux, it will have a large capability of machines it can run. Though with Win9x's lifetime severly limited I'm not sure if this design element is a good thing in new software.

I have spoken to the author of this program and it is still on his list of things to do. It is however on a list with many other things. I hope to see it in the future.

Battletech: Mercenaries
A compilation of two games actually, this is actually a very fun set. Written by Jason Ozubko, Mercenaries Classic was originally designed to play in the Dos environment. It still works, but back when I played it on my old 98 machine I did notice a few issues with how 98 handled the Dos environment. The new Alpha 1.0 Simulator was designed for the 9x operating systems and works much smoother. In a nut shell, these games are designed to play and look like the old Crescent Hawks games and the MechCommander. Though unlike the second game, they have the real 'Mech configs in them. Overall, a very fun set of games.

Battletech: Total Control - Webpage
Less ambitious then MechWar 3D, this game is being designed with 2D sprites to be placed on 3D terrain. It is BattleTech, with all the rules intact and will be designed with hotseat and internet multiplay capabilities. There will be no AI for playing against the computer but who really wants that I ask? This looks like it will be a very promising game.

Webpage - Updated 8-31-2004
Sourceforge Webpage - Added 8-31-2004
Also less ambitious then MechWar 3D, this game is being designed with 2D sprites on very beautiful looking terrain. Jacob Wall wrote the following short blurb about it. "MegaMek now contains most Level 2 weapons and equipment, fully supports infantry, ground vehicles, and battlearmor. Buildings have been basically implemented but are not totally done yet. Precision ammo has been added though a disagreement of how it should be handled has left it usable only in Level 2 units for the moment. Artillery not implemented yet, but coming soon."

Remember that old game designed for the Amiga where you piloted 'Mechs and blew everything up? Well...here it is.

MechReign - Webpage
A remake of the DarkReign engine to use Battletech Mechs, this game is not yet finished by the programmer, but it seems promising.
NEW The DarkReign BETA has been abandoned due to lack of interest.

MechWar 1.12 min OS unknown
A program designed to allow you to play BattleTech on your computer, this is a very old program that was never finished. There are bugs, but it may be worth your time to check it out.
MechWar semi-official homepage

MechWar 2.0 - Webpage Down
This is the new version of the old MechWar 1.12 program. I have heard that this version has been abandoned.

MechWar 3D
A program presently in developement, MechWar 3D is designed to be a fully functional version of BattleTech on the computer. LosMechs WILL be seen in this program and I hope it will be a good game.

MechWar 3025 - Webpage
A full-fledged game of BattleTech that includes Level 2 rules and units. From the features page it appears to have AI for one-player playing and will soon have network play capability. It is not related in anyway to the MechWar programs written by Klaus or any of the others, though he did use MechWar 1.12 as an inspiration.

Neveron - Webpage
A web-based game currently in developement, you can build your own empire and fight other empires with your infantry, vehicles, and 'Mechs. It is a level 1 game only, as the wars have knocked us BACK into the dark ages again....;-)

Succession Wars - Webpage
I don't know much about this program, but from what I can see it appears to be a remake (or near remake) of the old Succession Wars game in the BattleTech universe. For those of you who don't know what Succession Wars is, think Risk or Axis and Allies and place it in the BattleTech universe. They have recently setup two e-mail lists, so it appears as though this project is still online.

Since Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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