Dylan's BattleTech Pilot Generator
Version: 1.1
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I would hope most everything is self explanatory, but I'll explain a few quirks.
The text box for "Number of Warriors" can be filled with either a single number (ie: 155) or, with comma separated subdivided units (ie: 15,15,10,12 would get me two trinaries, a binary, and a company). The program further subdivides based on unit type as well. Into stars, lances, or level Is as the program deems appropriate. Which leads to the next quirk, for battle armor you do not put in your warriors by numbers of points/squads in a star/lance, you put in the total number for the whole star/lance. Which means for two binaries of clan elementals you would put 50,50 in the warriors box in order to get two stars of warriors in each binary. Make sure you put in the proper number of warriors for the unit type & divisions you're using or you'll just confuse yourself. I haven't implemented tank crews this way, or added "infantry" at all, because there are variable numbers of soldiers in each of those. Enjoy!

Number of Warriors:
Faction: Inner Sphere
Word of Blake
Type: Mech
Wet Naval
Battle Armor