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HeavyMetal Pro Screenshots

The Main Design Screens:

Main Tab - Elite

Main Tab - Regular

Armor Tab - Regular

Info and Picture Tab - Regular

Usage Tab - Regular

Distribution Screen

Weapon Selection Screen

The Print Outs

TRO Print Out, Page 1 and 2 NEW!

TRO Print Out, Page 3 NEW!

Advanced Record Sheet NEW!

BattleForce 2 Print Out NEW!

The 'Mech Opening Screens:

Advanced Open Screen

Select 'Mechs Screen

The Technology Customization Screens

Custom Weapons Screen

Mixed Tech Setup Screen

Manufacturer Model Screen

The Program Settings Screens

Preferences Screen

Customize Toolbar Screen

Page Setup Screen

HTML Options Screen

Print Options Screen NEW!

The Extra Features

MechWarrior Roster Screen

'Mech Roster Screen

Select Logo Screen

Battle Value Report Screen

Tip Of The Day Screen

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