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HeavyMetal Pro New Weaponry:  June 07, 2000

I've arrived at what I plan to add (and what I don't) to HeavyMetal Pro, for specialized equipment and weapons from the less-used, shall we say, books. A (+) in front means it will be added; a (-) means it won't:

MechWarrior Companion (MW)
(+) Dual Cockpit, with increased BV based on improved skills and to-hits.

Unbound (UB)
(-) Direct Neural Interface. This is a skills-only rule, with no equipment or 'Mech modifications. If you want to use it, simply modify the BV due to the -2 gunnery, -3 piloting skills.

(-) Virtual Reality Piloting Pod (VRPP). Same as above, except different skills.

(+) Buzzsaw. If I didn't, Camille would kill me!

(+) Thunderbolt (OS). Funny weapon, but why not? I may leave it up to the user to place it properly in the LT or RT, though, rather than put all kinds of checks in for such a specialty weapon.

(?) Sword. Same weight as BMR, but -1 easier to hit, affects punch locations rather than full, damage 1 point less. Not sure about this one; a lot of work for a weapon almost the same. Agreed?

(?) Self Destruct. I'm almost certain there's optional self-destruct rules in MaxTech, with no ton or crit, but couldn't find it in my brief search tonight. No problem including it as a standard "weapon", though, if it's different than MaxTech.

(?) Silver Bullet Gauss. Hit with 3x5 pts instead of 15, has exploding ammo. Not sure it's worth putting in separately, but I could.

(-) Coolant System. Same as MaxTech Coolant Pods except damage if hit, so just use the ones already in there.

(-) Jump Pack. Replaced by similar MaxTech BattleMech Jump Pack.

(+) Blue Shield project. (Is the word /project/ included in the name?) Sure, why not.

Tactical Handbook (THB)
(+) LAM's. Only problem is how, if at all, to modify the BV.

(+) Caseless Autocannon. All standard weapons will use BV as calculated by HeavyMetal, which I believe is what TDB used.

(+) Hyper Velocity Autocannon.

(+) LB-2X, 5X, 20X, as they have different specs than standard ones.

(+) 'Mech Mortars.

(+) Ultra AC/2, 10, 20, as they have longer ranges than standard

(+) LR DFMs and SR DFMs (and my son yells "hooray!")

(+) ELRMs.

(?) Heat Seeking System. No tons, not crits, no CV or cost.  Basically, just an optional targeting system. I could add it as such, but doesn't seem worth the trouble, as nothing changes.

(-) Streak SRM-4, -6, as they are the same as standard units.

(+) Thunderbolt Launchers, as they are lighter than MaxTech versions.

(+) Claw

(+) Mace

(+) Angel ECM, which is lighter than MaxTech version.

(+) Bloodhound Active Probe, heavier and smaller than MaxTech version.

(?) Command Console. Heavier and 2 crits compared to MaxTech version. Kind of a pain to put in, so I'd rather leave out, unless the masses demand otherwise.

(-) Coolant System, again replaced by MaxTech coolant pods.

(-) Mechanical Jump Boosters, as above.

(+) Watchdog System

(-) Blazer Armor. A very bulky version of the MaxTech version.  I'd rather just stick to the MaxTech version.

(-) Glazed Armor. As above.

(+) Laser AMS, with different specs than MaxTech, but easy to do, so why not.

MechForce UK
(+) Armored Cowl (5 points extra head armor)
(+) RAC /2, /5, /10, /20, waaaay powerful weapons with Battle Values to match.
(+) Plasma Rifle, which delivers damage plus heat.

Field Manual: Capellan Confederation
(+) Stealth Armor. Because it's there, that's why.

Field Manual: FedSuns
(+) RAC/2, /5, which are different than MechForce UK versions.

(+) Level 2 Inner Sphere Targeting CPU.

Field Manual: Lyran Alliance
(+) Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx (censored by FASA)
(+) Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx (ditto)

Hope this pleases the majority of you. It's sure causing a
definite lack of sleep!


Richard Raisley

Since Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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