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HeavyMetal Features

HeavyMetal, the program of choice for fast, easy and accurate design of validated BattleMech designs, in accordance with FASA's official BattleTech rules.

Designed for use under Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher. Works great under Windows95 and Windows98.

Extensive context-sensitive help system makes learning and using HeavyMetal both enjoyable and simple. Comprehensive help is just a keystroke away.

All Level 2 weapons and equipment are covered, from the original 3025 equipment through the latest field manuals, as well as some equipment from specific source books. Most Level 3 weapons are also included. Equipment is available according to Rules Levels (1, 2 and 3), per official BattleTech rules. Era or year may also be specified for each design and used in selection.

HeavyMetal provides for the design and input of custom weapons and equipment, and their addition to designs and printouts (marked as Custom).

Armor may be calculated and allocated automatically or manually. Cost in C-Bills and Battle Value, as well as tons and crits left, are automatically and continually calculated and displayed.

Equipment is distributed by dragging and dropping from the Distribution Screen, where you can change weapons from one location to another and specify each crit exactly. You can even mark weapons as rear-firing and locate autocannon 20s to span two legal locations.

HeavyMetal produces high-quality modern-design Record Sheets for game play with many special features: optional printing of Logo on sheet, optionally print in Color, heat scale includes Inferno rolls when applicable, MechWarrior and Skills may optionally be printed, displays number of armor and internal points both numerically and graphically, Movement grid may be printed at bottom, prints Battle Value and cost. Corrected Battle Value is also printed when skills are entered. Colors of all portions of record sheet printouts are changeable by the user.

Prints a Tech Info sheet, similar to FASA's Technical Readout books, but with the weight, crits, cost and combat value of each item, totals and validation information.

Battle Value calculations can be printed to verify designs and help understand this rather complex calculation.

A separate turn grid can be printed for use with up to five 'Mechs.

User can specify, design and customize Logos for use on Record Sheets. A selection of standard house and clan logos is included with the program.

Available BattleMechs may be sorted by 'Mech Code, Name, Tons, Cost, Battle Value, etc. View can be limited to just one Technology Base (Clan or Inner Sphere), or both.

HeavyMetal allows for multiple directories (folders) for organizing your 'Mechs the way you want. File utilities are included for copying 'Mech data files from or to floppy disk or hard drive, right from within the program.

'Mech Selection screen assists in selecting 'Mechs for games by specifying total Battle Value, minimum and maximum 'Mech tonnage, specify number of 'Mechs or let HeavyMetal recommend a number, limit selections by types (Quad, OmniMechs), Tech Base or even by individual Clans or Inner Sphere Houses, or only 'Mechs for which you have miniatures. You can also specify some 'Mechs manually, and let HeavyMetal suggest others to go with them.

Allows entering usage of 'Mech for Inner Sphere Houses and Clans (by user, not on published data files due to dynamic nature of this information), even specify what ones you have miniatures of or are in your custom inventory.

Allows adding of 'Mechs selected from Selection Screen or manually to a 'Mech Roster, which can be viewed, sorted, modified, printed, even exported to a file for importing into a word processor.

Provides printouts of selected 'Mechs or all 'Mechs saved, 'Mechs selected from Selection Screen, and 'Mech Roster.

A Damage Graph is calculated and displayed showing maximum, average and heat-limited damage, for gunnery skills from 0 to 7 and ranges up to 30 hexes. Even minimum ranges physical attack weapons are considered.

Info boxes are included for History and Usage, Notable 'Mechs and MechWarriors, etc. as in FASA Technical Readouts. This information is not provided with the data files, due to the dynamic nature of the info, but may be entered by the user and printed out as desired.

Since Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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