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December 2021

1 - Charles - The New England Federation - For every world the Shang bombarded into new dark or ice ages, the New England Federation answered with a dozen secret fabrication plants. Some resided on the outskirts of populated systems, while others operated in truly dark systems where no human lived. Even Post War accounting cannot calculate exactly how many freighters, destroyers, smaller escorts, or fighters they built. The Shang found and destroyed too many of those secret bases for a full accounting to ever be completed. We do not even know how many secret factories existed, since many launched from systems seeking to save as many of their people as possible while Shang bombardment fleets smashed their planets into rubble or worse. The Shang thought they could beat the Federation by hammering it until it broke. They were wrong, and they paid for it.

2 - Charles - The New England Federation - Historical dramas focus on the dozens of battleships and fleet carriers of the grand fleet that assembled at Sunnydale to invade the Hyades Cluster. Sometimes they focus on the hundreds of cruisers representing every nation of the Western Alliance. But they rarely focus on the destroyers or starfighters that fought throughout colonized space with no support from any higher authority. They were the result of the true industrial genie the New England Federation unlocked when they scattered their secret fabrication units throughout our corner of the galaxy. It is amazing what a single fabrication unit can do when it has the resources of a system to break down and no one knows it is there. Countless destroyer and fighter squadrons that lived in no order of battle anyone possessed could materialize out of the dark to harass or destroy enemy fleets, and then disappear without a trace.

3 - Charles - The New England Federation - Historical dramas say that the Western Alliance assembled at Sunnydale and then breached the Hyades Cluster. They say we fought the Chinese and their Shang allies to exhaustion and forced their complete surrender. They are right, but they are incomplete. Rarely do they address what the New England Federation truly did to make the Shang stand down. In a war between civilizations, there are times when no fleet or army can bring an end to the fighting. There is no end to it until the will of one or another is broken. The Great Families of New England had the will to do whatever it took to end the threat to their way of life. It will be up to future generations to decide if what they did was right or wrong, but those of us who lived through it experienced only relief that it ended a two decade-old war and brought peace to our corner of the galaxy.

4 - Charles - The New England Federation - For those who do not know history, the New England Federation launched three AI-controlled fabrication units with self-replication abilities into the void. Their orders were to make their way to the Shang homeworlds, eating everything they could along the way to build new warships and fighters, and destroy everything they found at the end of their journey. We know they arrived, as the Shang engaged, defeated, and broadcast their victory against one in a pitched battle. They never officially admitted that the second force broke through and brought nuclear winters to many of their core systems. And they never admitted that the third breached their homeworld defenses before being destroyed. One should never be surprised at the lengths the Great Families will would go to fight against those who threatened their way of life. The Shang were, and they paid the price.

5 - Medron - Wolf Net Radio Podcast - I played an amazing set of games yesterday. 18 players showed up to play 4 games each of Alpha Strike in a 350-style tournament held to celebrate the birthdays of two of Andrew and Aaron Krull. That’s 36 games in 8 hours. It was a fun time, and once again we had at least half-a-dozen first-timers at the event. Everybody had a fun time, and we all went home with some cool swag.

It was fun. I loved it.

And I would like to think everybody at Wolf Net Radio Podcast for putting the event on.

6 - Medron - Wolf Net Radio Podcast - I have played in three Wolf Net Radio Podcast 350 Alpha Strike tournaments in the last year.

I will note that I have not been to ANY tournaments in a long time before this. I have found that tournaments are often filled with the most toxic must-win players I have ever met, and I simply dislike being in an environment that encourages players like that. I will elaborate on the exact nature of the tactics they pulled on me, but will say that I felt decidedly unwelcome and was happy to not return to those environments.

Wolf Net does not welcome such tactics. Their first rule is “Don’t be a dick” in fact. Shaking hands and congratulating each other is expected. Rules abuse is closely monitored, and the 350 rules are constantly shifted to reduce even the appearance of such as issues crop up.

In short, the Wolf Net Radio Podcast 350 rules were created by fans who wanted to create a fun and enjoyable tournament atmosphere for players to come into the game. They succeeded in my humble opinion. Because of this, I am happy to join them in playing, and I have had a great deal of fun doing so. I greatly look forward to joining them in the future.

7 - Medron - My WNRP 350 Army - I’ve had three main 350 armies since we first started testing the WNRP 350 rules set. I was one of those who got to check it out fairly early in the process, and many of the rules are there because I came up with smiling ideas to abuse them and got squinty-eyed looks in response.

My first army was built around light BattleMechs and heavy tanks in the Taurian Lancer style. I liked it, and it did well in early testing, but what we call the later 2.0 armies blew it away. So I went to my second army with a pair of Warhammer IICs, a Warhammer, a Marauder, a Fire Javelin, and my lovely J. Edgars for speed. Add in some Marauder BattleArmor, Blizzard transports, and a pair of heavy infantry platoons and it was a beast of a force I took to my first two tournaments.

My third army is a fairly minor tweak to my second list, and was basically designed to make my BattleMech side more effective. I replaced one of the Warhammer IICs and the Marauder with an Uziel, a Shadow Hawk IIC, and an Infiltrator MK2 BattleArmor for this latest tournament. The new list proved effective in all battles, including the final battle that I lost against the tournament winner. I’m still looking at some improvements, but I love the way the list runs. It is both fun and effective, and it looks good.

The pictures here show my list arrayed with the twin map-scale IWM Leopards that can carry the whole unit onto the field of battle with some minor surgery to the Mech bays to get them to carry the vehicles and infantry. All painted in the Taurian Guard colors that I have used on many of my miniatures for decades.

8 - Medron - WNRP 350 Domination - My first battle of the day was Domination between my high-speed hovercraft with supporting BattleMechs against a force of high speed VTOLs with BattleMech support.

We opened with me taking my two points, them taking their two points, and a battle for the center point. I won the skirmish, claiming three points.

We then shuffled around, with me moving to take the far right point while engaging the Locust on the left. The Locust lived, and my far right J. Edgar was sniped by a VTOL as their lone Savannah Master claimed my close right point. I was down to two points.

We both went all out for the win in the next round. I sent one Blizzard and Marauder back to retake my close right point and jumped my Uziel into an easy taking of the far right point. A VTOL managed to make it to my undefended close left point, but could not land to take it. I meanwhile sent all remaining forces to contest the far left point while defending the center point, attempting to sweep all the points. The enemy forces managed to destroy my center Plainsman and my far left Blizzard and Marauder, leaving me with three points and him with two as time was called.

It was a fast and sweeping battle, fought by units flying all over the field to engage in entirely different zones from turn to turn. It was a close battle and I only managed to eek out a win while losing more forces than my enemy. The enemy VTOLs were particularly problematic for me as they could move even faster than my hovercraft, were harder to hit, and carried more firepower. But I had five hovercraft, and quantity brings a quality all its own.

It was a good and entertaining fight.

9 - Medron - WNRP 350 Capture the Flag - My second battle of the day was Capture the Flag against an opponent that vastly outgunned me but could not hope to match the speed of my five fielded hovercraft, pair of BattleArmor squads, and my fast BattleMechs. My trusty J. Edgars picked up the two outer flags on turn one without opposition.

Turn two saw them returning the flags for points while my BattleMechs and Plainsman moved to take the center flag. My Blizzards and Marauder BattleArmors swept behind the enemy line and I focused all firepower on the enemy Atlas until I took it down. I lost one of my BattleArmor squads and my Shadow Hawk IIC in that fight, but my Plainsman quickly picked up the flag.

My J. Edgars moved back out to take the right flag on turn three, supported by my Uziel, Blizzards, and surviving BattleArmor. The enemy focused fire on the J. Edgars, killing the crew on one, and crippling the other, so my Uziel picked up the flag. The enemy Spider meanwhile picked up the left flag without any opposition from me.

On the final turn of the game, I brought both of my second set of flags back while my hovercraft and BattleArmor played rearguard. The enemy hovercraft harassed me but could not stop my Uziel from carrying the flag, and their Spider returned the last flag for their only point of the match. As with the previous battle, my losses far surpassed those I inflicted, but I scored four points and brought the match to an end.

This is the power of hovercraft and fast BattleMechs in Capture the Flag. Though my endurance and ability to survive weapons fire is greatly reduced when someone brings heavy firepower against me. It was a fast but deadly match, and my losses were heavy. I doubt I could have survived a push to take a fifth flag, but luckily I only needed four to win.

10 - Medron - WNRP 350 King of the Hill - The third battle of the day was King of the Hill, and I elected to bring all of my BattleMechs and a Marauder BattleArmor unit to the ball. It was time to stand up with all my big guns and make the enemy cry.

The crying started on turn one when the enemy moved VTOLs and BattleArmor in for a swift turn one capture of the hill. My advancing BattleMechs and BattleArmor destroyed one VTOL and both enemy BattleArmor in a pitched firefight that cost me my BattleArmor. His last remaining VTOL managed to earn the enemy one point though.

My BattleMechs advanced into the hill on turn two, while my Uziel jumped behind the enemy Mad Cat to shoot it in the back. The surviving enemy VTOL and fast heavy physical BattleMech attacked me in the hill while the enemy Kodiak and Mad Cat harassed me from medium range. There was a lot of missing weapons fire and no losses on either side, though I had the most tonnage in the hill and got the point.

Turn three saw the enemy Kodiak charge into the hill and face down my Warhammer IIC. Weapons fire converged from all angles and both BattleMechs died on the hill, along with the sole surviving VTOL. Once again, I had tonnage and got the point.

The enemy Mad Cat moved into the hill on turn four and his two BattleMechs faced down my four for an epic final battle of supremacy. I focused fire on the Mad Cat, while they spread their fire across my Javelin and Shadow Hawk IIC. The Mad Cat died, as did my two lighter BattleMechs, but the Warhammer and Uziel had the tonnage advantage over his last remaining BattleMech. I got a third point.

The game ended on turn five with his last BattleMech getting in close to engage my Uziel. I don’t think either BattleMech died, even with my Warhammer firing on the enemy, but I did get the point and brought the game to an end in my favor. It was the only game of the night where I destroyed more of the enemy force than what I lost.

Turn one is where I won the game in this case. He got a point, but I slaughtered his BattleArmor and VTOLs. They were never a major force again after that, and in a BattleMech on BattleMech duel, my forces had the definite advantage.

11 - Medron - WNRP 350 Stand Up Fight - In the final game of the day, I sent my main Battle Lance into a stand up fight, and my opponent used one of the tactics I love to use. Battle Armor carried by fast units to get behind the battle lines and harass the enemy. Me.

The first round saw us engaging in ranged fire that killed my Uziel and critically wounded the enemy Mad Cat. I finished it off in the second round, but the enemy moved a Dasher and its BattleArmor behind my lines. My Marauder BattleArmor killed the Dasher in a volley of short range firepower, but I lost my Javelin and the BattleArmor.

I managed to kill the BattleArmor and the enemy tank in the rounds that followed, but lost my Warhammer and Shadow Hawk IIC in the fighting. That left my Warhammer IIC facing the Man of War and his BattleArmor alone. I killed the BattleArmor and wounded the Man of War, but my Warhammer IIC was no match for both capable opponents.

That is how I lost the last battle of the day to the winner of the whole tournament. It was a good game, and he played it well. We both had our bouts with cold dice, but I knew it would be an uphill battle the moment I saw his force. It was a good force, with a tactic I’ve not seen used before. Oversized BattleArmor units to increase both armor and firepower, combined with skill level 2 abilities so they could take cover and still have excellent attack numbers. It was a good strategy that my Battle Lance had no effective counter to.

12 - Medron - WNRP 350 Tournament - I have to hand it to WNRP for putting on a good tournament. The basic rules set makes games generally equal and fast. 80-minute games with time to setup between them allows us to easily get 4 games in an 8-hour period with time to eat and relax. Note that since we had 18 players in 1v1 matches, that made 9 games at once, or 36 unique games in that 8-hour time period. Do not underestimate just how impressive an achievement that is.

The army building rules are good, with many provisions aimed at rules lawyers. Even people like me who like to use the maths to tweak out every point and parcel are held to a hard limit, especially when certain tactics are shown to be TOO effective. WNRP are not afraid to plug holes in the rules. This keeps things fun for people who show up with the unit they put together because they liked the looks of the minis. I heartily approve of this idea, as I like seeing new players.

The terrain sets Andrew put together can easily support the 18 people we had playing, while each battlefield looks visually different and unique. I will note that the pictures of my battles show four entirely different fields of battle, with terrain types that feature different special rules for each. Bringing in the setup rules where the players take turns placing the terrain however they want, it helps to make each battle feel like a new experience.

We also had a good home at the old Fantasy Flight Games center. They are close to food, have food there, and have plenty of tables we could spread around on. Other than the one game of Warhammer that setup in the middle of the zone Andrew reserved for us, we had an entire side of the gaming area we could run back and forth over. The organizers could easily point us to the exact table and map the tournament software selected for us, which allowed us to quickly move to our next fight and place our armies without confusion. It made for a fun, fast, and organized event that I was happy to attend.

13 - Medron - Pearl Harbor - We remembered Pearl Harbor last week. Not as many remembered it this year as previous years if the lack of coverage on the news channels is any indication, but those of us who study history certainly remember it.

It was the day a first world nation and military power with the best planes and the best ships decided to start a war with another first world nation. They were confident the other nation would not have the drive and stubbornness to fight them back. They were wrong. They were so very wrong.

Their wrongness resulted in many of their biggest cities being firebombed into oblivion, and when they fought on through that, the nuclear bombardment of two of their cities. The devastation was horrendous. Cities destroyed. Families wiped out. Millions of people dead.

That is the risk any nation takes when they swagger up and hit the big red button of war.

14 - Charles - The New England Federation - The history of what exactly the New England Federation did during The War has been carefully suppressed. They certainly do not teach it in their schools. AIs are bad after all, and their official position is that they do not avail themselves of the services of Rogue AIs. And only a Rogue AI would enjoy the kind of destruction they were sent to visit upon the Shang. The Federation government has also never admitted to sending the AI drones out in the first place. They have roundly rejected the suggestion in fact. In this case, they are actually telling the truth. The Federation government did not send Rogue AIs to devastate the Shang homeworlds. The Great Families did. And the more you understand the difference between those two, the more understanding of how the Federation works you will get.

15 - Charles - The New England Federation - The Great Families of New England have spent centuries keeping their people fit and happy, and kicking out those who sow discord in order to protect their quiet and comfortable way of life. They carefully mold all who seek to have a government position in the New England Federation, and then they carefully craft the elections so their chosen candidates win and eventually do what they are told. Which is of course to provide for the people of New England everything they need to be quiet and happy citizens of the richest, most advanced, and most generous nation in all the worlds. Happy citizens do not place rich heads under guillotines after all. Nor do they tar and feather government agents, or hang Presidents in effigy. And any member of the government class who seeks to reform this comfortable relationship is quickly educated on the facts of life.

16 - Charles - The New England Federation - It is important to understand that the Great Families of New England are the true rulers of the New England Federation. They buy and mold the politicians. They craft the elections. And they make certain the government provides all the bread and circuses required to keep their citizens fit and happy. This is not due to any great goodness in their hearts. It is because healthy and content people are easier to rule. So they have arranged to make certain the Federation citizens are the healthiest and happiest people on Earth and beyond. Even their colony worlds have some of the highest standards of living in known space, and the most distant of their colonies benefit from some of the most advanced and complete colonial expeditionary programs in existence. The Great Families want to be left alone to live as they want to live, and they created a nation to protect their way of life.

17 - Charles - The New England Federation - It is important to note that that most New England Federation citizens do not feel like they are ruled. They get new, more advanced phones every year, live in comfortable homes with green yards and white picket fences, and can travel anywhere they want in the very best cars. Yes, the more disruptive are encouraged to find their fortune elsewhere, but that is good for those left behind. Life in the Federation is peaceful, safe, and secure. Law enforcement officers bring law breakers to justice, and even the richest of law breakers are sufficiently punished for breaking the peace to mollify those who question whether there truly is equal representation under the law. The Federation citizen is healthier and wealthier than the dreams of man from any earlier age, and Federation citizenship is a gold card people from all over the worlds seek to obtain.

18 - Charles - The New England Federation - The Great Families of New England wished to build a place where they could live their lives as they wished, without any brash revolutionaries calling to “tax the rich” or any of the other similarly trite slogans. Part of that effort was a fundamental transformation of the kind of people who lived there. They had to be both peaceful and kind, unwilling to make waves, and happy to live in a supportive, all-encompassing community. They had to be willing to help anyone, but unwilling to call for any fundamental political change. They had to trust the government, and distrust those rugged individuals that sought fame and fortune in other lands. The Great Families spent literal centuries, starting even before they officially formed the Federation, building this ideal society from the inside out. It is, as the saying goes, A Better America, for Better Americans.

19 - Charles - The New England Federation - The New England Federation advertises itself as A Better America for Better Americans, and part of that is guaranteeing their citizens safety and security anywhere on Earth and beyond. Whether they come from Earth or one of the colony worlds, are a member of the Great Families, or a lower class gardener, all they need to do is show their citizenship when difficult situations arise. It is not a blank check to get whatever they want, but waving that gold card gains them safe passage to any Federation consulate. The Federation assures this good treatment by being perfectly willing to send in the Marines whenever a citizen is detained by anyone. Government or private, it does not matter, the Marines will come. And if the citizen is harmed, the Marines will deal with the issue in proper Marine fashion. Breaking things and taking names if the Federation is feeling generous.

20 - Medron - Cancer - My mom has been fighting cancer for the last year. First a blood cancer and then her skin cancer came back and spread throughout her body. The blood cancer is gone, so she’s been on new cancer drugs to fight the skin cancer for the last two months. Her pain levels have dropped enough in the last few weeks that she weaned herself off Morphine and then Tylenol with no ill effects. This week we found out that the new cancer drugs have it in full retreat across the board. There are still specs of it there, but the vast majority of the cancer has been wiped out. In addition to that, mom walked out to the car this week for the first time in over two months. And she successfully walked up and down stairs under the close supervision of a physical therapist as well. He had to help her stand up a month ago. She is doing better every week. This is very good news.

21 - Medron - Substack - I’ve recently started a substack account in a way to spread the signal a bit. It allows a more long-form distribution of ideas, and I’m using it now to post some of my collections of Jack of Harts history. I will also post some art and jazz there, and it will generally act as another place you can see Jack of Harts on the Internet. I’ve also started a personal substack for non-Jack of Harts content. Movie reviews once I get back to them and stuff like that. Haven't really gone to the movies since before the pandemic and my mom’s battle with cancer began you understand, but I have some movies clambering for my attention that I should start watching and talking about once more. You can find them at jackofharts dot substack dot com and pryderock dot substack dot com. You can subscribe to get my updates sent directly to your e-mail boxes. Hope to see you out there on the networks.

22 - Medron - MeWe and Parler - I’ve been a member of both MeWe and Parler since well before Google, Apple, and Amazon cooperated to drive Parler from the Internet. No, I’ve never been part of Gab, and though I do have a Twitter handle, I can’t communicate in so few characters so don’t use it. I’m looking for other ways to spread the signal as other social media platforms become less reliable. Parler is significantly quieter than it was before the great takedown, but I’m giving it a chance to recover to old activity levels. MeWe continues as it always did. Lively, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes a bit crass. I post at mewe dot com/i/medronpryde and at parler dot com/user/Medron and invite any of you to follow me there if you wish. I like friending people and actually being able to see their posts, doncha know?

23 - Medron - Social Media Networks - We all know that the social media networks have changed the world as we know it. I grew up before they existed, and remember how much they changed everything. We could call anybody we knew the numbers of back then, but finding a number meant thumbing through phone books. Then MySpace came onto the Internet and for the first time any one person could easily find and talk to anyone on the other side of the world. Find old friends. Facebook surpassed it years later, and other social networks have risen in the last decade. MeWe. YouTube. Gab. Instagram. Parler. Twitter. Any one of us can get our message to anyone throughout the world. That is a fundamental change in the nature of human life in the last twenty years. My question of you is, what networks do you frequent and how good do you think they are? I would eagerly like to know.

24 - Medron - Merry Christmas Eve - With the International Date Line and time zones being as they are, it’s Christmas somewhere in the world now, so people are celebrating Christmas right now. Also, there those who celebrate the Advent all December, so technically people have been celebrating the Christmas season all month. So I’ll get on the band wagon and say Merry Christmas! Santa is on the way to all the good little boys and girls. And he’s already marked the bad ones for coal and probably tips for the upcoming New Years celebration. He knows which people are more fun to party with, doncha know. ;)

25 - Medron - Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas, Everyone! Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. God born into human form. The ultimate gift. Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem to fill out the census and all the inns being full. So he’s born in a stable in a humble manger. Shepherds and Wise Men hear the news and read the signs and come to witness the coming king. All the Christmas stories and plays wrapped up in one little birth. Though the Wise Men technically didn’t show up until two years later, if you read the Bible. Which caused some rather interesting responses from the king of Israel at the time. We still celebrate that birth, that gift, today, and remember what it means to us. Seyla.

26 - Medron - Merry Christmas After Party - We have not yet begun to celebrate Christmas. Well, actually we have. There’s been the Advent starting at the beginning of December. Then Christmas Day. But there are twelve (TWELVE!) days of Christmas, doncha know? Christmas isn’t a single day, it is a SEASON of celebration and gift giving. We have family and office parties, often scattered all over the season before and after the 25th of December. So now that we are into the Twelve Days of Christmas, it is time to dodge the birds, the leaping lords, and all the other crazy things people can dream up. Good luck. :)

27 - Medron - Spiderman - I saw the new Spiderman movie this weekend, and the very short version is that it is a good movie. It is a great movie in fact. I loved it. The super short non-spoiler review is that Spiderman asks for help from Doctor Strange, then proceeds to mess up the help by changing parameters in the middle of Strange’s spell, which causes it to go all crazy and pull villains in from other universes who know Spiderman. All of whom are played by the same actors who played them in the earlier movies. This causes hijinks both funny and dangerous, and sets the stage for what I think may be the best Spiderman film of my lifetime. Yes, it is that good, and I think you should watch it as soon as possible.

Longer review available at

I absolutely loved this movie. I’ve never watched the two Garfield movies, so I don’t know how the characters were handled there, but the ones I know where perfect. They came in with the same actors and the same styles all these years later. And they weren’t just cameos. They were seen throughout the movie, and were a vital part of the story. Their presence, their actions, and Spiderman’s actions prove to be the catalysts to changing everything we know about Spiderman in the future. This movie is the end of a trilogy, and acts as a reset of the franchise, which will allow them to move forward in whatever way they want in the future.

And the final character reveals are a complete surprise, and are handled perfectly. They allow for some truly touching, amusing, and awesome scenes. They make this movie truly the movie the fans wanted and asked for, and more we did not think to ask for. We see deeper into Spiderman’s character and motivations than any previous movie. He wants to help, and is willing to do anything to do that, and that makes everything both more amazing and more costly. But he embodies the idea of great power and responsibility, because that is what Spiderman is. And in many ways, the high school boy who puts on the suit shows that he is more responsible than the adults he works with. And more willing to pay for that responsibility.

The movie ends with him walking into a new home, subverting the title, where nobody knows his name. It is a fresh start that could bring him into classic Spiderman territory in new movies assuming Sony decides to take that route. I’m excited for Spiderman’s future and look forward to seeing more of him in the future. And maybe, just maybe, we will see more of other Spidermans as well as Marvel and Sony both begin to embrace the Multiverse in a new way. Some we have seen before, or maybe some we not seen in live action yet. The future is limitless, and I hope to see them make good on it.

This movie certainly promises much. It delivers on everything it sought to do, and is a must watch in my opinion. Even for people who do not like superhero movies. It is simply a good movie, and I am glad I watched it.

I give it two web-shooters all the way up.

28 - Medron - Free Guy - I saw Free Guy this weekend. Yes, that’s two new-to-me movies in one weekend. Not counting all the Hallmark movies. Oh… so… many… Hallmark… movies. *shudders* Free Guy is not a Hallmark movie. For one, there is more language than I expected. Now it is Ryan Reynolds movie, so I should have. That is on me. But that language does not detract much from the fundamentally nice story. Guy is a Good Guy, and in a game where most people play Bad Guys, a Good Guy is a breath of fresh air and fundamentally changes how people see the game itself. It really is a fun movie and I greatly enjoyed it.

Longer review available at

Warning. Light spoilers ahead. No primary plot reveals. Read on if you are good with that.

I loved the movie. My mom did not love it, though she did not hate it. She prefers Hallmark movies. So… many… Hallmark… movies. *shudders* Free Guy is not a Hallmark movie. But I repeat myself. ;)

Free Guy builds a world where “sunglass people” are the heroes who do random violence, car chases, and roll tanks down the freeway. Obviously, the worst kept secret of the movie is that this is a game, and most of the people we see are AIs inside the game. Including Guy, who breaks out of the game script when he sees the girl of his dreams. One of the “sunglass people” who he tries to track down.

He fails, but the next day he decides to try again. Unfortunately, there is a “sunglass person” robbing his bank when he sees her again, so he has to “put the sunglass person to sleep.” So… very… sleepy. He takes the man’s sunglasses and sees a whole new virtual world laid out over his own. A world of power ups and missions and crazy stuff like that. He fails to track her down again, but keeps trying as the days go by and eventually succeeds. She thinks he’s a newbie player, since all “sunglass people” are players, and tells him to gain some levels if he wants to run with her.

The problem is that he doesn’t like to hurt people, and most of the missions in the game are about hurting people. She thinks that’s adorable and tells him he can gain experience through helping people. So Guy jumps into action being a Good Guy, taking Bad Guy’s sunglasses, and begins racking up experience faster than anybody else. He becomes an Internet phenomenon, people begin cosplaying as “Blue Shirt Guy,” and everybody wonders who he is. People all over the world see a Good Guy stopping Bad Guys from randomly killing NPCs and begin to question the very nature of the game and the NPCs.

And that is when the crazy starts. No more spoilers from me, but this is a fun movie from beginning to end, and I absolutely enjoyed it. Once again, a bit too much language for my sensibilities, especially for a movie that was marketed as being a bit more of a family-friendly movie. But this is Ryan Reynolds, so I should have taken that into account. That is on me. Other than that, it was a fun and heartfelt movie that I absolutely loved watching.

I give it two sunglasses way up, and people who know me, know how much I love my sunglasses. :)

29 - Medron - The Nuremberg Code - The Nuremberg Code. “The protagonists of the practice of human experimentation justify their views on the basis that such experiments yield results for the good of society that are unprocurable by other methods or means of study. All agree, however, that certain basic principles must be observed in order to satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts: 1) The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

30 - Charles - Luna - Thousands of years of human civilizations have looked up in the sky to see Luna in grey scale. It was a barren and airless landscape. Lifeless and desolate. It held no atmosphere or radiation fields to protect anything on the surface. Our first colonies were little better than space ships anchored to the surface, or tunnels bored into the ground. But everything changed after the Peloran made Contact. Their gravtech allowed Eagle City to turn the Sea of Tranquility into a true sea that we could see from Earth. I watched it happen with my own eyes. Night by night. Month by month. Year by year. I watched it grow in the sky above me, spreading out until it filled the entire Sea of Tranquility with water. Never underestimate how fundamentally that changed our worlds forever.

31 - Medron - Happy New Years Eve - We all know that Sydney celebrates New Years really early, or maybe right on time if you live on that side of the International Date Line. But it feels early. Still, I’m happy to wish you all a Happy New Years Eve, and I hope to see you all doing well next year. No need to make any resolutions. Just be the same, fine, @&&#0%%& I remember and we’ll all be fine. :)

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