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September 2021

1 - Charles - Confederation of Dixie - Mississippi prides itself as a safe place to live, to work, to visit, and to game. There is no “gambling” in Gaming State you understand, and all of their employees are trained and ready to help all visitors game to their hearts content at the best casinos on Earth and beyond. Part and parcel of that training is how to gracefully cut their guests off once they have reached their gaming limit. Each guest’s limit is calculated by the best gaming cybers upon arrival, to make certain that no guest pays more than they can afford based on their current financial status. It would never do to cause a guest to regret coming because they “lost” too much money in Mississippi. Revenues improve when a guest has fun and comes back again and again over the course of a lifetime, a fact that has greatly expanded as lifetimes have lengthened into the centuries.

2 - Charles - Confederation of Dixie - Mississippi has a professional military as most nations measure it. Most of their equipment is primarily geared towards providing fast and responsive security for their various gaming districts on Earth and beyond. The majority of the senior enlisted and officers are well-paid volunteers who spend decades in service. The casinos encourage these career soldiers to leave after their second or third decade to avoid stagnation in the ranks, though the best of them often return after a decade or two in the civilian sector. This keeps the military small while providing them with a large pool of well-trained leaders capable of being rotated back into service at a moment’s notice. This proved invaluable when The War came upon us all, and they rapidly expanded to meet the new alien threat.

3 - Charles - Confederation of Dixie - While Mississippi’s active military is largely volunteer, many of the lower enlisted ranks were convicted of minor offenses and allowed to choose military service over exile. The military trains them up to a minimum standard, often beating sense into the more spoiled examples, and then tries to find them menial jobs on Earth where they are least likely to hurt anybody, including themselves. They are not considered an active part of the military, and are primarily sent on ancillary missions. Most end up serving in disaster relief, especially when storms break through the hurricane barriers and make landfall. Most make their inevitable return to civilian life after their terms run out, but some decide to stay on longer. And some of Mississippi’s best officers started their military career on that path before mustanging their way into the command or flag ranks over time.

4 - Charles - Confederation of Dixie - Mississippi’s navy has always been an extremely light affair, primarily built around large numbers of corvettes and frigates. Their mission was to secure the approaches to their casinos on Earth and beyond, and to keep peace and order in the regions they controlled. Their mission was never to fight other warships. That changed during The War when Mississippi was called on to provide security for larger fleet bases and fleet trains. They refitted their corvettes and frigates with new electronic warfare and deflection systems, and sufficient smaller gravitic cannons to make them a threat against even the largest of warships when deployed in squadron strength. They became the primary security force for the fleet buildup at Sunnydale, and helped to secure hundreds of liberated colonies in the Hyades after the main fleets moved on. They have not forgotten this.

5 - Charles - Confederation of Dixie - While the majority of Mississippi’s navy is composed of security corvettes and frigates, they do have a proper war fleet. Most of their flag rank officers command their squadrons from destroyers, and each major gaming hub in the stars is defended by entire destroyer squadrons. Mississippi’s Homeworld Fleet even sports a pair of old cruisers, though their primary use is running cadre training or flying the flag for major public events. They and their escort destroyers took part in the Battle of Fort Wichita, where they helped force the Shang to retreat. That battle honor places them in a select few number of warships still in active service that survived battle with our alien foes. Mississippi makes certain to promote that at every one of their public appearances. Their war fleet may not often see combat, but it is extremely proud of the combat it has seen.

6 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The People’s Republic of Pineland was viciously attacked by terrorist elements operating out of the Islamic Emirate of Attica in 2001. Thousands died in the attack, and Pineland came out of the wreckage looking for blood. They demanded Attica give up the terrorists who attacked them and the Islamic Congress told Pineland to pound sand. So Pineland pounded the Islamic Congress into the sand with a broad-spectrum aerial and ground assault that shattered their control of Attica. It was the beginning of the first twenty years of Pineland’s Global War on Terror that brought allies and foes together and changed the world as we knew it.

7 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - When the People’s Republic of Pineland attacked Attica, they called on their allies to help them. Help came from such diverse places as Cortina, Mojave, Atropia, and Gorgas, just to name a few. They helped destroy the Islamic Emirate of Attica and their terrorist allies entirely. The allies then spent the next decade rebuilding Attica into a modern democratic nation where women could walk down the street alone without getting stoned to death, and minorities were not thrown off buildings. They trained a new national police and armed forces, and brought in a new era of governmental representation. All of those reforms culminated in the first democratic election for president in the nation’s history, despite the Islamic Congress of Attica’s attempts to disrupt it with terror attacks. It was the beginning a new age for Attica and the world.

8 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The President of Pineland soon decided it was time to get back to unfinished business with Kalaria. It had invaded neighboring Minaria years before, and Pineland had led a multinational force to liberate the small country. Now Kalaria’s brutal dictator was killing dissidents all over his nation, and Pineland was flush with success in Attica. Getting rid of another brutal tyrant was an easy sell to the citizens of Pineland, and they supported the invasion and toppling of the Kalarian government. They followed the same model as in Attica, building a new police and army, conducting elections, and planting a new representative government into the region. It truly was a new age for mankind. There were many cracks under the surface though, and not everyone supported these initiatives.

9 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - A new administration in Pineland saw the victories in Attica and Kalaria as mandates to bring the entire region into the modern age. They looked at the neighboring Ellisia’s despotic regime as a proof of concept for a new and better way to reform backwards nations. They supported local resistance movements with weapons, intelligence, and air support, and watched as they toppled the government, captured the fleeing dictator, and beat him to death on camera. It was heralded as a great victory for Pineland and the modern world. Unfortunately for Ellisia, tribal divisions caused the rebels to fragment as they fought over who would rule the nation after their great victory. Chaos and firefights ensued all over the country, culminating in the storming of a Pinelandian consulate and the death of the ambassador and his protectors. It was a dark day for Pineland.

10 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - Despite the loss of life in Ellisia, the new administration in Pineland soldiered on to make the world a better place by dealing with other autocrats. The dictator in Kemalia was killing his own people, much like the Kalarian dictator before him, and Pineland was ready to knock him off next. Having watched three nations fall in short order, he was not a fool and called for help from the Krasnovian Federation. The Krasnovians were happy to help him out against his rebels, and bellied up to the table to commence a staring contest with Pineland over whether or not they really wanted to back their words up with actions. The Pineland administration did not wish war with Krasnovia and blinked rather than pull the trigger. They quickly decided it was time to pursue other goals.

11 - Medron - Never Forget - Twenty years ago, I was at work when I learned a plane hit the World Trade Center. I got home in time to see the second plane hit live. I heard about the Pentagon and Pennsylvania in real time. I watched the towers fall in real time. I watched celebrating crowds in the Middle East cheering at the destruction and loss of life. And when I went to talk to my friends about it at the site where I was an admin, I found my admin status revoked and our primary forum shut down for the day because the other admins didn’t want the Americans talking about this on their website. Through all the bad that day, my fellow Americans pressed on. The courage some showed in jumping or running up the stairs. Those who said “Let’s Roll” and fought for a plane. My fellow Americans impressed me that day. As long as I live, I will Never Forget.

12 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - With neither Ellisia nor Kemalia working out entirely as intended, the Pineland administration decided it was time to take their wins in Attica and Kalaria and bring the troops home. They quickly announced their intentions, and withdrew most of the Pinelandian troops in a grand gesture to show their citizens that the world was safe again. They also pursued closer relations with the Islamic Republic of Ariana, a realm that had long been on Pineland’s black list. They offered informal acceptance of the Ariana government, and unlocked billions of Dons worth of frozen Ariana financial assets. Ariana accepted the funds with a smile, and used them to fund terrorist organizations. The Islamic Brotherhood of Jihad quickly arose to commit terrorist attacks all over the region and conquered vast swaths of Kalaria and Kemalia in a brutal campaign of ethnic and religious persecution.

13 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - A new administration gained election in Pineland due to domestic and foreign issues, and quickly moved to address them. They increased border security measures on the always-unfriendly Atlantican border, and sent the military out once more to deal with the Islamic Brotherhood of Jihad. They dropped the mothers of all bombs on Brotherhood forces throughout their self-proclaimed Islamic States. Attica, Kalaria, and Kemalia saw Brotherhood forces smashed again and again with the most aggressive firepower advantage seen in decades. And when Krasnovian-backed mercenaries moved to contest them in Kemalia, Pineland’s military unleashed a similar mixed fire campaign of air and artillery assets that left them broken and bleeding and retreating back across the border in extreme disorder. The world took notice of Pineland’s change in policies.

14 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - After showing everybody in the world that they were prepared to bomb anyone into the stone age, the new administration in Pineland spent the rest of their time seeking closer diplomatic relations with traditional foes and pulling their military back home once more. Many considered them erratic for this. They threatened North Cortina with utter destruction, and then talked to them. They retreated from Donovian threats entirely, while placing trade sanctions on Ariana and Acadia. They even negotiated a withdrawal from Attica that created a joint government between the Attican administration and the remaining Islamic Congress of Attica. The administration said some battles were worth fighting, others were not, and that they would do everything they could to bring the troops home while maintaining enough of a watch on bad actors to keep them down.

15 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The People’s Democratic Republic of Acadia released a biological weapon upon the world that killed millions and brought the worldwide economy to a crashing halt. Acadian agents inside Pineland used the health crisis to destabilize the administration and support the opposing candidates in the upcoming election. Bought and paid-for politicians fought them with every political weapon they had, and compromised generals interfered with administration policies and orders. Some even called their Acadian counterparts to undermine the administration’s positions. Election laws and procedures were changed to remove anti-fraud measures for the health crisis. Allegations of widespread fraud and foreign collusion rocked Pineland after the election, resulting in further domestic unrest in the nation. A new administration was sworn in though, to the great approval of Acadia and their agents in Pineland.

16 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The new administration had different ideas on how to conduct foreign policies. They brought in the far more professional class of diplomats who had overseen the Ellisian overthrow and the Kalarian withdrawal in the past. They rescinded the Ariana sanctions and helped that economy recover. They pursued more friendly relations with neighboring Atlantica by opening the border to free travel again. They helped Krasnovia build a new oil pipeline, and allowed Acadia full access to Pineland markets again. They changed domestic and foreign policies across the board, and allies and foes alike celebrated the return of a less bombastic Pineland. The world had changed again, and they were certain it was for the better.

17 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The previous administration had made an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Attica and the Islamic Congress of Attica to remove Pineland forces if the two cooperated towards forming a coalition government. The new administration changed the withdrawal deadline from winter to the middle of fighting season, ignored the preconditions the Islamic Congress had to live by, and did not declare a general evacuation of Pineland citizens and allies to get them out of the country. They then evacuated all military personnel from their primary military base, in the middle of the night, without telling their Attican allies, over a month before the new deadline. They also pulled out all of the Pineland technicians maintaining the Attican air force, stopped paying the Attican army and police, and removed all other support from them. The chaos that caused could not be underestimated.

18 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The Islamic Congress of Attica quickly began conquering Attican territory and releasing terrorists from prison after Pineland troops withdrew. This was a violation of the withdrawal terms, but the new administration took no notice. The defending Atticans lacked air support and pay, so one garrison after another surrendered or retreated rather than face the advancing terrorists. The Islamic Congress offered to allow Pineland to continue holding the capital until the new deadline, but the Pineland administration declined the offer. The administration instead called up the Attican government and told them to lie about how well they were holding the line against the terrorists. They then took the opportunity to go on vacation, set their away messages to next week, and enjoyed the weekend away from the public. The Islamic Congress did not miss the opportunity to roll in and take over.

19 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The Attican Insurrection was one of the quickest national takeovers of the current century, transmitted live across the networks all over the world. The Pineland administration came back from vacation to say that they were shocked, shocked to find out that the Attican military was so incompetent or unwilling to handle a few terrorists. The complete collapse was a total surprise, but what could they do? The previous administration had locked them into a withdrawal that they had no choice but honor. It was so sad that the Attican government had fled rather than fight for their country. If they wouldn’t fight in their own civil war, there was no reason for Pineland to continue pouring their blood and treasure into the morass. So they were doing the right thing for Pineland in washing their hands of the issue and walking away.

20 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - When Pineland’s military left Attica, they left billions in dons worth of military equipment behind for the Attican defenders to use. The Islamic Congress of Attica captured all of those weapons, making them the best-armed terrorist organization on the planet overnight. And they were in control of a nation filled with foreign aid workers, contractors, and other citizens of Pineland or their allies. Not to mention the Atticans who had worked with Pineland for twenty years. The Islamic Congress immediately began going door-to-door, looking for foreigners or those who worked with them. Stories of beatings and executions filtered out through contacts on the outside even before they conquered the capital. Centralia and other nations were quick to condemn Pineland’s administration for leaving their people in such a dangerous situation.

21 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The surviving Attican government and thousands of their elite forces retreated from the capital and rendezvoused in the northern parts of Attica where the old resistance had held out against the Islamic Congress twenty years ago. The Pineland administration refused to answer questions about the resistance as the Islamic Congress surrounded the last free airport. They sought closer relations with the new government, and sent no public aid to the resistance. Even medical support. Every announcement they made ignored the remains of the old government and granted legitimacy to the new one. Many remembered all the times the Pineland government had armed anti-government forces in Montanya or Parumphia in decades past, always seeking to gain closer relations with what they hoped would be a new government. It was not a new tactic, though had rarely worked as well as they hoped.

22 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - Pineland evacuated their embassy ahead of the advancing Islamic Congress troops and moved to the last free airport in Attica. With the situation rapidly accelerating further out of control, Pineland citizens and allied governments alike demanded action from the Pineland administration. They finally bowed to those demands and sent troops back into the country to secure the airport and support an evacuation of Pineland citizens and allies. When pressed on the matter, the president promised to evacuate all Pineland citizens before withdrawing the military again. He also promised Pineland’s allies that the troops would remain long enough for them to evacuate their own citizens and allies as well. And he promised the Islamic Congress that the troops would leave by the end of the month, whether all citizens and allies were evacuated or not. All of those promises could not be kept.

23 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The Pineland administration gave the Islamic Congress biometric information on Pineland citizens and allies. When questioned on that, they said it was so the Islamic Congress would know who they needed to help evacuate in the final days of Pineland’s administration of the airport. The Islamic Congress then setup barricades around the airport and stopped Atticans who helped Pineland from getting there. They confiscated papers and beat some. They arrested others. And some they killed. This was in time with their going door to door in search of people they knew had helped Pineland. Beating some. Arresting others. And killing some. In the middle of this rising terror, Pineland’s allies sent out special forces teams to pull their people back to the airport and safety. It was a dangerous time for all, but most dangerous for those Atticans who had sided with Pineland and her allies.

24 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - As Attica continued to spiral further out of control, Pineland citizens began flying to Attica on their own to help fellow citizens and their Attican allies to escape. Many of them were veterans of the Attican conflict, old men who still had contact with those they had worked with over the years. Others sought to get the Attican Christians out before the Islamic Congress killed them for the sin of converting to another religion. These mixed groups of veterans and civilians saved tens of thousands of Pineland and Attican civilians in the days before the Pineland administration stepped in. They demanded that other nations stop accepting civilian refugee flights, stopped giving planes filled with refugees clearance to launch, and began threatening to cancel the licenses of pilots that worked with these organizations if they continued to do so.

25 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - Pineland troops continued to secure the last free airport as Pineland citizens and Attican allies tried to get through the Islamic Congress checkpoints and the airport gates. But daily bomb threats closed the gates and slowed the evacuation. Then one day a suicide bomber killed a dozen Pineland Marines and nearly two hundred refugees around the gate. The Pineland responded quickly with a missile attack and announced to the world that they had killed a car filled with people who had planned the attack. They gave no names though, making many wonder who the poor bastard really was. Later evidence showed the man to be an aid worker in Attica, and the other dead included nearly a dozen children. The Pineland administration refused to answer questions about that, but continued to pronounce that they would continue to deal with anyone who attacked Pineland.

26 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - Pineland evacuated many of the Atticans and Pineland citizens who made it through the checkpoints to the airport in those final days. They did not evacuate those stopped from getting through the gates. And many who did were still denied flights. The last military planes evacuated Attica days ahead of the deadline, leaving behind thousands of citizens and allies in an Attica under Islamic Congress control. They reported that some Pineland citizens had elected not to leave, and that all they had to do was contact Pineland if they changed their minds. Citizen-led rescue efforts of Pineland citizens and allies continued, but the Pineland administration interfered at every opportunity. They stated that since they had no forces on the ground, they didn’t know who was on the flights, and therefore could not help potentially dangerous elements get out of Attica.

27 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - On the twentieth anniversary of the attack on Pineland, the Islamic Congress of Attica officially swore in the new government of the new Islamic Emirate of Attica, headed by internationally known terrorists who had been fighting Pineland and their allies for decades. Some who were actively holding Pineland hostages. And much to the dismay of the Pineland administration, they included no women or other sexual minorities in that government. Attica quickly closed their women’s affairs department, ordered women workers to stay home, and closed girls’ schools. The Pineland administration noted that it was a missed opportunity for Attica to show their support for equal representation. Despite this, the Krasnovian Federation, the People’s Democratic Republic of Acadia, and the Pineland administration quickly recognized the new government of the Islamic Emirate of Attica.

28 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - Those of you who have performed United States military training exercises will probably recognize Pineland and the other nations noted in my recent updates as official fake enemies of the United States of America training programs. I mixed and matched and grabbed names from here and there. Some are used fairly straight, while others were heavily modified to fit the “full world” approach I was taking. As the standard legalese goes, all persons or entities talked about are fictional. Any relation to real life events and people are entirely coincidental. And if you buy that, I have some beachfront property in Arizona I want to sell you. Seriously. I can get you a good deal here.

29 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - The first training theater in Pineland’s War on Terror program is a simulated Attica operational zone fifty miles across spanning the Islamic Republic and Islamic Emirate battlefront. The dominant environmental obstacle to free movement is the Republic and Emirate armies and air forces doing battle for territory. Other obstacles will include Islamic Congress of Attica and Islamic Brotherhood of Jihad forces hunting those suspected of being Pineland citizens or allies, or conducting random reign of terror missions. This training theater will host multiple simultaneous training missions for maximum realism.

30 - Medron - Pineland’s War on Terror - In the first Attican exercise, you will be a non-governmental private operations team sent to support the Islamic Republic of Attica resistance against Islamic Emirate assault forces. It is your mission to support the local resistance using off-the-shelf hardware and slow down or stop the Emirate invasion force. You are authorized to support the Islamic Republic forces to your utmost ability, but your primary mission is to return home. If captured, you will be disavowed by Pineland, and almost certainly executed on the spot. This will be a full immersion exercise with simunitions.

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