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May 2021

1 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Naval Station Norfolk suffered from the same budget cuts as all other major American bases during the Second Great Depression. Many servicemen left to go home after they stopped getting paid, spare parts orders were cancelled, and much of their equipment simply began to break down. The remaining maintenance staff of the largest military naval port in the world literally cannibalized some machines to keep others working. That is why the forces under Norfolk’s command were greatly reduced when they declared they would not follow Federal orders to attack Lexington and Fort Lee. Washington D.C. could not let that stand of course. They had to make an example of Norfolk’s commanders, and so they sent their best special forces to reclaim the base. The long and bloody fight for Norfolk is another reason that Virginians call that whole period the Second Civil War.

2 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The fighting over Naval Station Norfolk drew in more and more Federal forces in their attempt to retake the largest military port in the world. Troops from Fort Lee and fighters from Langley moved in to support Norfolk’s defenders, and the Feds ordered the Naval forces based at Norfolk to attack their own base. Norfolk called on their ships to support them as well, and the fighting continued to spread. It raged in the air, on the ground, on the water, and under the water for days. The damage inflicted was substantial, and while the Feds occupied large parts of the base, they could not maintain control of it. And when that became clear, the Federal government unleashed its final solution for traitors. A ballistic missile submarine hiding off the East Coast followed Federal orders and fired a spread of nuclear missiles at Norfolk, Langley, Fort Lee, and Lexington.

3 - Medron - Cancer - My Mom has cancer again. This time it is in her blood, and there is no cure for it. Though there are treatments that will remove it, block it, and otherwise stop it hard in its tracks. But since this version comes from the bones, sooner or later it will come back. Or so I understand. Anyways, Mom had her first treatment this week. It was a draining experience and she was happy to get back home where she could relax and feel comfortable again. She is doing better now, though saying that she is looking forward to the next treatment might be a bit too far. She is alive, and once again the Mayo Clinic has an action plan to keep her alive into the foreseeable future. I love this place.

4 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Many people all over America still believe that nuclear missiles flying over America during the Second Great Depression is a myth. Many networks refused to air the footage, declaring it fake news and not worthy of broadcast. The Federal government declared any network that aired the footage to be acting on the behalf of foreign agents and ordered them shut down. But the Virginians never doubted it. They watched the missiles rise up out of the water. They watched the missiles come down. They watched the missiles impact with the ground. They were there when the recovery teams pulled the nuclear warheads out of the impact craters. They do not know why none of the warheads detonated. No public record has ever answered that question. But the missiles clarified the situation to everyone in and around Virginia. And Virginia has never forgotten it.

5 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The Virginia General Assembly existed over a century before there was even an America as we know it today. The British Crown established it as part of the original Virginia Colony, and it continued to meet throughout Colonial times, the early Republic era, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and on into the World Wars and Cold Wars of the following centuries. It shattered the day after American nuclear missiles flew into Virginia. Some Assemblymen supported the nuclear attack and bemoaned the fact that it failed to cleanse Virginia of the deplorable traitors standing amongst them. Most were appalled by the attack though, and the Assembly shattered under the force of their fiery denouncements. Assembly leadership declared an emergency session, evicted the protesting Assemblymen from the chambers, and ordered their arrest on charges of treason.

6 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Most of the Virginia General Assembly left Richmond after their eviction from the Assembly chambers. A few were arrested, but soldiers from Fort Lee helped many of the others make it out of the city and escorted them to nearby Petersburg. They actually managed to assemble a bare quorum of both legislative houses there, and quickly went to work. One of their first official announcements was the Impeachment of Virginia’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor for supporting the Federal actions. They followed that with a vote to declare former Vice President John Jefferson Freemon the interim governor until a new election was called. You may imagine that the rump Assembly in Richmond did not support these announcements.

7 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Most of Virginia’s counties followed the lead of the Virginia General Assembly meeting in Petersburg. They accepted the Impeachments and naming former Vice President John Jefferson Freemon the new interim Governor of Virginia. And they sent representatives to the General Assembly if their own were unable or unwilling to attend. The majority of Virginia’s law enforcement and military quickly swore to follow the General Assembly and the interim Governor, and it soon became clear to everyone inside and outside Virginia that the tables had turned in the Commonwealth. It would be too much to say that everything fell their way though. The rump Assembly in Richmond officially declared them all rebels and traitors and called for an all out war against anyone who supported the Petersburg Assembly in any way.

8 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Richmond Virginia and the eastern counties near Washington D.C. soon began practicing “Total War” with the rebellious counties of western, central, and southern Virginia. But they did not have enough military power answering them to retake those counties, and so they followed the tried and true tactics of the decades-long culture war. Any Virginian who did not sufficiently and publicly voice their support for the Richmond government soon found themselves cancelled. Social network accounts silenced and banned. Businesses and homes protested, invaded, and burned down. Children named, shamed, and harassed in school. Public protests chased cancelled Virginians through the streets with baseball bats and firearms, and any who defended themselves were quickly arrested for assault, attempted murder, or whatever other charges the government deemed appropriate.

9 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - It is important to note that there was no secession in Virginia. Lexington, Petersburg, and Norfolk never left Virginia. The General Assembly that met in Petersburg did not create a new government and a new State. They were the elected representatives of their districts, they did declare a quorum of the General Assembly in Petersburg, and they continued about their business of governing the Commonwealth of Virginia. The rump Assembly in Richmond declared them illegitimate and rebellious, and themselves the true Commonwealth of Virginia. Neither government backed down on that point. Both governments still called themselves the Commonwealth of Virginia, and did not recognize the legitimacy of the other. Petersburg labeled the other the District of Arlington, while Richmond called the other South Virginia, but only when family-friendly language was required.

10 - Medron - Cancer - My mom has cancer. I’ve said this before. I’ve also said that she is on a new treatment with a 99% success rate that is being tested right now. The company developing it won’t sell it to people on Medicare Part B, I assume due to issues with reimbursement levels. But they are giving it to my mom for free, I assume because she is a handy tax write off, and they want the data from her. This is a very rare form of cancer after all. The very good news is that the only major side effect my mom is going through is being really tired. And the treatment is already doing a great deal to reverse the cancer after only two weeks. It is a one year treatment plan, so we will be doing this for a while, but so far it looks promising. Thank God we are at the Mayo Clinic.

11 - Medron - Heart Surgery - My uncle had heart surgery last week. A valve in his heart needed replacing. I needed to go up to Fargo for another reason, so I looked for hotels that I could get good deals at in the area. I work for Marriott so get really good deals. Anyways, one hotel caught my eye while going through the list, and I picked it. Turns out it is across the road from the hospital my uncle was at. I love it when a plan comes together. We spent time there with him, giving his wife and daughter time away from the hospital. His operation went well, though long, and he is recovering now. The recovery has been long as well, with some steps back due to pain level, but he is doing better today than yesterday. He has a good team up there in Fargo taking care of him, in a brand new, state of the art hospital on the edge of town. They are doing good for him at Sanford, and I am thankful for that.

12 - Medron - Sold - I bought a house in Lake Country many years ago to be my retirement home. Then Obamacare put me so far in medical debt that I had to sell it to make ends meet. Then the people buying it stopped paying for it. I got the order to evict them days before the government lockdowns froze all evictions. Then after a few months they started allowing them again on evictions that predated the lockdowns, and I got the squatters out last fall. After they built up four thousand dollars in utilities that go straight to the property. I signed the papers on Friday, got a good check, and I’m out of the house entirely. I now have a significant sum of money to pay off the last bits of debt I've accumulated while robbing Peter to pay Obamacare. It's time for the next chapter in my life, and I feel fine.

13 - Medron - Cancer - My mom just had another cancer treatment today. She was shown a graph of her cancer today, depicting the growth of the bad things in her blood over the last few months. And all of their sudden deaths once the treatment started. It was a nice little cliff. Her blood rather clean right now when it comes to that particular enemy. Next week she starts a second drug that will go down into her bone marrow and kill the bad guys down there as well. Note that this is still not a cure. Once gotten, it is there and will almost certain return at some time. But the two drugs together will go out and kill basically all the bad little guys if they work as they are supposed to. I look forward to seeing the cancer firing squads at work. Teach them the error of their ways when it came to attacking my mom. ;)

14 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The situation in Virginia became both more stable and more chaotic after the General Assembly began meeting in Petersburg. The rump Assembly still meeting in Richmond declared them illegitimate. The Petersburg Assembly returned the favor. Most Virginia counties picked one or the other to follow. As did most military or law enforcement organizations. This was the more stable part. People moved from one to the other, sometimes by choice, and sometimes just ahead of mobs with baseball bats and knives. Some did not get out before the mobs found them. Law enforcement calls sometimes went unanswered, and sometimes officers from the OTHER Virginia answered the calls. Sometimes local officers or military rolled out to stop them, and sporadic fighting raged throughout the border counties. This was where the chaos came in.

15 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Once matters in Virginia stabilized, the Richmond Assembly ran most of northeastern Virginia from Arlington to Richmond, and the surrounding counties. Those were the counties most closely related to the Federal government in the District of Columbia. They spent a great deal of effort driving out, or simply killing, those who were not loyal to the “real” Virginia, and sent their forces into counties that had rebelled against them to confiscate valuable resources and/or people. They all belonged to the “real” Virginia after all. The other Virginia called them the District of Arlington, or The Rump, because they clearly weren’t Virginians anymore. Others called them East Virginia. That is the name that most places outside Virginia adopted as time went by, though none of the Virginias actually accept that name. Which can complicate matters concerning them.

16 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The Petersburg Assembly grew to control the majority of Virginia’s landmass, if nowhere near a majority of its population. It started in the Shenandoah Valley, stretching from Winchester to Lexington to Bristol and beyond. Most of the counties bordering the Blue Ridge Mountains also followed them, including the fairly major cities of Charlottesville and Lynchburg. And the counties surrounding Norfolk and Hampton also joined what some called the breakaway Virginia. They controlled the majority of the military and law enforcement in the end, though the much larger land area diluted their strength greatly. The other Virginia ran many successful raids for valuable materials and people because of this. How else did a legitimate government deal with rebels? Damn Rebels for the more salty. Or worse. Many outsiders called them South Virginia, to their utter and complete disdain. They were the only “real” Virginia after all.

17 - Medron - Tax Day - It’s Tax Day in the United States of America, so I thought I would create a poem saying how much we love it.

You love Tax Day, I love Tax Day, We all love…

Oh, who am I kidding? We all hate it. It reminds us of how much the government takes from us every year. And most of us don’t want to think about that more than we have to. But we should. We should all ask ourselves if what the government does is worth what they take from us, and Tax Day is a good day to do that…

18 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Everything that happened in Virginia, from the arrests to the attempted nuclear bombardment, showed everybody what they had to lose. Which is why it was so important that West Virginia quickly announced their support for the Petersburg Assembly’s government. North Caroline, Tennessee, and Kentucky followed shortly thereafter. Over a dozen States recognized them within the week, and more followed in the weeks after that. By the time Convention of States met, it was Governor Freemon they welcomed as the official representative of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Richmond government protested that inclusion, and it is one of the many historical objections raised that question the legality of the Convention of States. But the Convention was clear on who it wanted to hear from, and who they considered the legitimate Commonwealth government.

19 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The Confederation of Dixie’s formation was not quick or seamless. It was not planned, and had no central authority bringing it together. Representatives of States all over the American South East simply visited Lexington and talked to whoever showed up there. And one by one, they began to advocate for joining forces against Federal oppression. West Virginia was first to announce they were partnering with Virginia in such a venture, and others signed up on their own in the following months. Some waited years to join. Florida was actually the last of the original States to join, nearly ten years after the Second Great Depression ended. And they did not even adopt the Confederation of Dixie name until three years after that. It was a very slow and spastic growth to becoming one of the major American State alliances.

20 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The early Confederation lacked any kind of central Federal structure. The member States did not want to replace the former Federal government with a new version of the same thing, so they selected one of the State Governors to act as President of the Confederation. They chose Governor John Jefferson Freemon of Virginia, and the Virginia Defense Force became the closest thing they had to a Confederation army in the years that followed. Just as Lexington became the effective capital. He retired in time, and the Governor of Florida became the new Confederation President. Florida provided the core of the Confederation army, and a new temporary capital. By the time that Governor retired, each Member State of the Confederation was expected to provide a single regiment to fill out the Confederation Army, and a new town to govern from when their time came.

21 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The Confederation of Dixie’s choice of Governor Freemon to act as President started a tradition that became stronger than mere law. He chose his hometown of Lexington to act as his capital, and the next President moved the capital to his hometown. Every President since has picked a new capital, and it has almost always their own hometown. The two rules are that it cannot be a State capital, and it cannot have been a Confederation capital in the past. The Confederation has no intention of allowing a massive bureaucratic state to grow up around a permanent capital and poison it to all rationality and reason as happened to Washington D.C. in the past. There are obvious drawbacks to the practice, but the Confederation of Dixie has managed to prosper and grow despite them. And it has kept the small government it wants.

22 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The Confederation of Dixie did not form a permanent army to protect them during their formation. Each State supplied a force to act as part of a combined army that would represent each State for Confederation-wide deployment. It was just such a Confederation force that supported Australia when it came time to stand against Chinese expansion, and that helped deal with the final Rogue AI nest in Singapore. This practice has remained true for centuries. There is still no permanent Confederation army, but a rotating sequence of State units continue to work under the Confederation flag throughout their lands on Earth and their various colonies in the stars. This results in each Confederation force being uniquely different from all others, and foes rarely know what exactly to expect when facing one. This can be a weakness and a strength, and sometimes both at the same time.

23 - Medron - Major Infrastructure - Seriously guys, we have an issue here. Certain politicians are calling certain things major infrastructure since they want to spend money on them. But let’s be real here. Roads and bridges? That’s some pretty critical infrastructure. Water treatment and major waste removal? That’s critical infrastructure to maintain our civilization right there. Power grid and gas and oil pipelines? Pretty major infrastructure there as well. Telecommunications? Broadband Internet? Social networks? I’d even go out on a limb and call those major infrastructure. But infant care? Look, I know that can sometimes seem like a major waste removal project, but that’s what the sewers are for. And the clean water treatments. And don’t get me started on court packing being an infrastructure project. Let’s just be serious here, people. I know that can seem hard to do at times, but we really just not to be serious here, or people will never believe a word you say… Oh… wait… Yeah, I think we are already past that point…

24 - Medron - Cancer - My mom’s cancer treatment continues, and she has found a new lovely side effect. One of the drugs she started has caused a rash to develop on her arms and legs. It isn’t painful, but it does itch, and that can be most annoying. Now compared to what traditional chemo did the last time she had it, the side effects of these new targeted drugs are minor. And the Mayo Clinic is making certain mom has the best care available, including two multi-day stays in the hospital while ramping up new drugs to make certain her body tolerates them. These are very new treatments, and Mayo is one of the eight hospital/clinics that is testing them, and I thank God daily for the fact that Mayo Clinic is here. And that we are here because of that. Though the itchy rash is still a bit annoying… If something could be done about that, my mom would be most thankful… ;)

25 - Jack - A Working Man - I know it’s hard to see, but I used to work for the man. The man down the road. Yes. In my misspent youth, I had a regular job, working for a man who paid me real money. And I worked with other people. I know that’s hard to think about, but it is true. Now I am a clean freak, so I value a clean work environment. That means that I always cleaned up after the slobs who worked before me. I could feel the dirt on the counters when they left. Maybe it was just in my mind, but I could feel it, so I cleaned it. Except in a handful of cases, where certain coworkers who cleaned very well were involved. In one such case, I came into work when one of said coworkers was in the middle of cleaning the place up and preparing to leave. Now to set the stage, she was my kind of pretty. Not pretty like me, you understand, for I am a truly special kind of pretty. But the kind of pretty I find attractive. So here she is, cleaning the place up so that I, her not-so-humble coworker can walk into a clean work environment. So I thank her for that. And just to clarify, I did keep myself from saying “You clean up nice.” While grammatically correct, phrasing it like that may have left the wrong impression. Or even worse, the right one. Workplace flirting must always be done safely, doncha know. Especially when the man says it should not be done at all.

26 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - Norfolk was the largest and most capable naval base when the Second Great Depression began. The ships that ported there belonged to the United States Navy, and while many followed Norfolk in supporting Virginia, they did not join Virginia. They were American warships, and only a very few swore to join any of the States that were essentially rebelling against the American government. They represented a legal grey area until the Convention of States reorganized the Federal government. Most would swear loyalty to the new Federal government after that, including all of the remaining fleet carriers. Those represented a fading strength in the decades that followed, though as small budgets forced more and more of them into retirement. Even the best of the State alliances could not afford to maintain a full fleet carrier in those days, and so they slowly disappeared from the oceans as the decades went by. That paved the way for the far smaller but more versatile navies of the various State alliances.

27 - Charles - The Confederation of Dixie - The Confederation Navy went through many growing and shrinking pains during the Second Great Depression and beyond. The fleet carriers were far too expensive for any single State to maintain, but the smaller amphibious assault ships were another matter. The size of World War II fleet carriers, they could carry a Marine Expeditionary Unit, its landing craft, and a few fighters at the same time. They could push that number up to a pair of fighter squadrons if they unloaded enough heavy equipment, making them a major threat in nearly any operational theater. They had been used to support, or replace, fleet carriers for decades, in operations all over the world. The USS Bataan was still homeported to the reserve fleet in Norfolk when the failed nuclear strike against Virginia occurred. Her crew spent little time bringing her fully online and finding a Marine fighter squadron willing to fly off her. She and her destroyer escorts became the core of the Virginia, and Confederation, Navy for years to come.

28 - Medron - Cancer - So, Cancer can be a pain in the backside. No, Mom is not doing badly. Her bloodwork is still shining bright in fact, as the drugs do their targeted best to kill the cancer in both her blood and her bone marrow. But it is a tiring time for all. Mom has been getting really bad migraines after each treatment. They don’t last long, with a good long sleep being enough to make them go away, but she is more tired than usual and does tend to take a lot more naps right now. Of course that is the body seeking to heal itself. Still, the last three days have been long and hard. Another treatment, followed by several blood draws in the days since to make certain her blood is going crazy. As noted, everything is clean and working well. But these doctors are ready for anything. It is the nature of taking a drug that is still in trials. They know it works, but they also know that some people don’t react well. So far, Mom has been reacting well. I hope that continues.

29 - Medron - Breached - I have worked in computers almost what feels like my entire life. I tweak computers, I upgrade them, and I maintain them. Part of this is because I’ve been too poor to afford paying other people to do it. But in all my life, I’ve always worked on and fixed the computers in my house. I’ve self-taught myself on everything, and I’ve set up the best and most secure computer networks I can. They just got breached. One computer. Human error. The breach happened and the computer got turned off the moment it was discovered. The good news? No major data loss. I’m a paranoid packrat when it comes to data. And no financial loss either. Fraud protection is fast on the ball. And now I’m running a DOD-style hash and slash and nuke routine all over both hard drives before I reinstall the OS from scratch. Yippee ki-yay.

30 - Medron - Memorial Weekend - A politician that shall remain nameless here wished that we “enjoy the long weekend” with a big smile. First off, not all of us work in fields that do take time off for this weekend. Secondly, I’m not one to “enjoy” a weekend where we remember all who died in service. This is a grim weekend, where we remember those who made our present world possible. Who died in defense of it. Now some of us do get to have fun this weekend, to get together with family, and enjoy our time together. But many go into fields of crosses and flags to be together with family. Never forget those who lay in those fields.

31 - Medron - In Flanders fields - In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row,

  That mark our place; and in the sky
  The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

  Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
      In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw

  The torch; be yours to hold it high.
  If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

      In Flanders fields.

In Flanders fields - by John McCrae

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