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November 2020

1 - Medron - The Family Affair -

2 - Medron - The Election - Tomorrow we will vote. Some of us have voted already. I went to the local government center and voted early. Filled out the bubbles. Put the paper in a scanner that checked it for crazy. Was vote 130 to be counted that morning IIRC. Maybe 131. Somewhere in that range. I was there early in the morning, so a lot of people were voting early.

Tomorrow the last of us will vote, and then we will see what comes next for our country. A new or returning President. New and returning Representatives and Senators will go to Washington D.C.. State, County, and City positions will convene across the nation. The government will change in the next few months. Those of us who have voted and will vote will it is hoped determine what kind of change that is.

3 - Medron - Election Day - Today is Election Day. Many of us have already voted, but if historical patterns hold true, most of us will vote today. Though a great many things about 2020 have not followed historical patterns. It is possible that months of Democrat and media campaigns have convinced many not to vote today.

But for those of you who will go out to vote, I ask only that you do this. Look at the last year. The last four years. The last eight or twelve or fifty years. Look at those running. Look at those running the various local, State, and Federal Government reactions to the current crazy. Look at those who support them.

If you agree with what they have done, then vote accordingly. If you disagree, then vote accordingly. Because the government we swear in next year will govern accordingly.

I assure you of that.

4 - Medron - Election Night - We’ve all voted. Woohoo!

In this most abnormal of years, the normal happened. California and the rest of the Left Coast voted for the Democrats. As did New England. Texas, Florida, and The South voted Republican as they have most of my life. But there is much chaos in some of the States.

As I write this, Trump has trended five to ten percent better than the polls and media told us he would, and he is winning five uncalled States by hundreds of thousands of votes. The election boards appear to have gone home and to bed after reporting the majority, or vast majority, of the ballots. The CNN anchors are looking depressed and worried about now. Everyone else seems confused or overjoyed.

This looks like two terms to me.

5 - Medron - Election Night Part Deux - It’s amazing how twenty-four hours can change everything.

The media and polls told us for months that Trump could never win. That he would lose by five, ten, or fifteen percent. The Democrats would take the Senate and add ten or twenty seats to their House majority. State governments were in danger. Trump had poison-pilled politics so badly that the Republicans would be thrown out on their ears up and down the tickets. And then it would be time to deal with the ugly, racist, ignorant, chumps who voted for them.

Election day finally came, and State after State pushed their absentee, mail-in, and early voting totals out to show a massive blue wave across the United States. Then the voters came to the polls and their votes quickly surpassed the Biden totals across the nation. Massive Biden leads evaporated in favor of ten thousand, hundred thousand, or more leads for Trump as the evening went on and one poll after another closed. Trump was running five, ten, or fifteen points better than the polls said he would. It was a red wave so powerful that many election boards across the nation simply stopped counting.

The lead was so great that Trump even gave a defiant victory speech and promised to continue the fight in the courts to keep the Democrats from stealing the election he had won. Trump was hundreds of thousands of votes ahead in a dozen or two States, including five States that the media was not calling for him. He was feeling real certain that all he had to do was stick the landing and he would have four more years.

Then odd things began to happen. At 4AM central, Wisconsin announced that they had found 100k votes for Biden, evaporating most of Trumps lead. Similar things reportedly happened in Michigan and Pennsylvania, but I did not see them in real time. I was at work, awake, when the Wisconsin poll drop occurred. I remember seeing my facebook timeline fill up with posts about it. People complaining and protesting. Saying it needed to be investigated. That it was voter fraud. Then all election posts disappeared from my facebook feed. It took hours before I saw any election posts on facebook. And all day I’ve seen people talking about how their facebook feed is acting up. My 1980s distrust of all things government and the powerful had me smelling shenanigans afoot right away.

There have been smaller pushes of ten or twenty thousand votes for Biden every few hours in the uncalled States all day since. Poll watchers have been kept so far away they can’t verify what is being counted. Republican poll watchers haven’t been allowed in, or been kicked out to cheers and applause. Viewing galleries for the counting rooms are being blocked by cardboard or large sheets of paper. Some poll watchers claim to see trucks showing up with votes to be counted. Others that late arriving votes are being mixed into the votes that arrived before the polls closed.

The totals are closing by thousands of votes at a time if the media is to be believed. Wisconsin is now saying they are 20k ahead for Biden. The media reports that Michigan is ahead for Biden now, but the Michigan State office website appears to say that Trump is still 200k ahead. Pennsylvania has dropped from three quarters of a million votes in Trump’s favor to only 200k.

Now I’ve seen this all my life. An election is conducted. The polls close. We find out the results, and if the Republican is a few hundred or a few thousand votes ahead, new votes for the Democrat will show up that night. Within days, enough will show up to flip the election over to the Democrats. I’ve seen this all my life, and it really enforces my natural tendency to not trust the government. But this is generally only a few hundred or a few thousand points. I’ve never seen 100k vote drops in the middle of the night before.

I’m starting to think that Biden was correct when he said “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” It is what it looks like to my eyes. It looks like they are manufacturing votes to change the result of the election after Election Day.

Now Trump is not a nice guy. He is a fighter, and he is already taking things to court. Challenging Democrat cases that sought to change election laws, voter verifications, and deadlines before the election. Trying to stop new votes from coming in after the election and entering the pool of votes that arrived during poll hours. He’s got numerous court cases right now, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

This election is certainly not going to be over any time soon if these trends are to be believed. It looks like we will have some more weeks of election joy to come.


6 - Medron - One More Election Day - One more day, another day, another des… well… another something. Though I’m really hoping this is not our destiny as that song goes. Come to think of it, that song wasn’t the cheeriest of songs. So let’s go on to something better.

This election has done something no other election has. The tens of thousands of supporters who showed up in bad or cold weather did something new. The boat and car and truck parades going on for miles did something new. The campaign created a wave front of votes that pushed back against the Democrat House majority when every poll suggested the Republicans would lose ten or twenty seats. It generated enough enthusiasm to stop a Democrat takeover of the Senate. And it resulted in the largest number of votes for a Presidential candidate in American history.

The Democrats locked entire States down, fined people for going to church, arrested business owners who dared to work, and tried to shame people for going outside. They said we wanted to kill grandma if we dared to want to go shopping, even as they sent sick people to the nursing homes to KILL grandma. They used COVID-19 to fundamentally change the nature of our election system in key States, all to make it safer for people to vote. Or so they said. The simple fact is that it is easier to commit fraud with mail-in ballots than it is with in-person balloting. That is what they thought would win them this election.

But the energetic crowds went to the polls in unprecedented numbers and broke every projection of every mainstream pollster, media, or political pundit. And that forced the Democrats to up their game. Instead of the modest fraud of a few trunkloads of votes delivered to a few key locations, they had to go wholesale to pull the election back to their favored candidate after the Election Night turnout.

They had to stop the counting in key precincts so they could generate one hundred thousand vote batches to bring the vote anywhere close to… close. They had to backdate postage stamps on we don’t even know how many votes. They had to deny trained, certified, and registered poll watchers from entering their counting places. They had to expel poll watchers, to the cheers of vote counters, so they could run up hundreds of thousands of votes without being watched. They had to put other poll watchers behind barricades dozens to a hundreds of feet away from the counting stations so nobody could see what was happening. They had to put cardboard and paper sheets in front of observation galleries. They had to move the scanners farther when ordered to allow the poll watchers closer. They had to ignore court orders specifically commanding them to allow poll watchers real and reasonable access to the votes, as they continued to count the votes after closing their areas to any poll watchers at all. Their friends in the media had to censor politicians who talked about this, or cut away from them in news conferences to call them liars for speaking the simple truth that anyone can see.

Our Republic depends on at least the veneer of a free and fair election process. People have to believe that our votes matter, and that every vote can help decide who represents us. People have to believe that our voices matter, and that those who represent us will listen to our voices. That is the foundation of our Republic. That is what has made us work, more or less, for over two centuries. The fact that, in theory even if not always in practice, We The People decide what our nation will do. And that our representatives in the government will follow our decisions.

This year our votes mattered. Every single one of them mattered. Because we forced them to activate what Biden called “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” to have any hope of overriding our voices. And that forced them to do it so openly and so egregiously that no one who wants free and fair elections can look at what is going on right now and say that this is normal. It’s out in the open. No more jokes about the dead rising up and voting are needed. Because the joke is right in front of us for all to see.

We’ve revealed those behind the curtain who want to fundamentally transform the United States of America. Everyone can see them now.

Our votes did this. Be proud of that, my fellow Americans.

Now we just have to make certain the vote sticks, and that those who represent us do as we told them to do. That could be rather ticklish, because in some cases they have shown a rather large dislike towards doing that. As well as a general dislike of us…

7 - Medron - One More Error… Or Not? - I’ll make this quick, but another interesting issue cropped up today that is relevant to my interests and experience. One county in Michigan was getting odd results that didn’t match the expectations. They were heavily Republican district, but had far more Biden votes than expected. After some discussions, they went digging and found that their voting software was somehow giving Trump votes to Biden. They had to hand count every ballot in their county and found 6,000 votes for Trump that were not in the original count. Here’s the kicker. They are one of nearly 50 counties in Michigan that use that software according to the company website. And that software is used in 30 States, including the current battleground States that are in contention, if what I’ve read is accurate. Is this a single issue, maybe due to configuration at this one county, or does EVERY polity that uses the software need to do an audit of their votes?

8 - Medron - Election Results? - We have had a number of failed early calls when it comes to elections over the years. Dewey Defeats Truman is probably the most famous of them in relatively recent history. Though as the years go by, fewer people alive remember that. We are accustomed to knowing who won an election on either election night or the morning after. Most places quickly count the votes, accurately enough to get an idea of who won. Though when the numbers are close, or the charges of fraud or errors are substantial, it behooves us as a nation not to take announcements at face value. The Dewey Defeats Truman line came from faulty polling. They ran a poll, it said Dewey would win, and they trusted it. They didn’t do another poll to verify or to see if trends were changing. They didn’t listen to the people on election day. They assumed what they wanted to know was accurate, and posted their prediction. They were wrong, because the tide of the voting public had changed while they were not looking. Or did not wish to see…

9 - Medron - The Family Affair -

10 - Medron - The Martian Affair -

11 - Medron - Forge of War -

12 - Medron - The Audacious Affair -

13 - Medron - Angel Flight -

14 - Medron - Angel Strike -

15 - Medron - Angel War -

16 - Medron - The Family Affair -

17 - Medron - The Thunderbird Affair -

18 - Medron - Wolfenheim Rising -

19 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent -

20 - Medron - The Gemini Affair -

21 - Medron - The Martian Affair -

22 - Medron - The Audacious Affair -

23 - Medron - The Family Affair -

24 - Medron - The Martian Affair -

25 - Medron - Forge of War -

26 - Medron - Happy Thanksgiving - This year I am thankful for my family and my friends. I am thankful that you buy my stories. I am thankful for my job at a hotel where we cater to Mayo Clinic patients. Through all of this crazy we are all witnessing, I have gone to work as normal. I have seen family and friends as normal. Those of you who know me, know that I am a clean freak already, and have always maintained a strong personal space bubble of my own.

So my life has changed little, other than being thankful that other people finally have a reason to give me the same personal space I give them.

Well, wearing masks did change me a lot. I found I could not breathe while wearing them. I have a friend with asthma, and I could not keep up with him. He said I needed to get that checked out, so I did. Turns out I have had undiagnosed mild asthma my entire life. So now I’m on a maintenance inhaler, twice a day, and I can breathe better than normal. Numerous little issues I didn’t know where related to that have gone away, and I’m operating better than ever. So, I’m actually thankful to find out that I have asthma.

And finally, I’m thankful that I was born in and live in America. I would not have the opportunities I have now if it were not for that. I would not be selling stories as I am, I would not have a comfortable job as I do, and I would not have access to the various treatments that keep me functioning better than I would.

So I am thankful. And I hope you are too.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

27 - Medron - The Audacious Affair -

28 - Angel Flight -

29 - Angel War -

30 - The Family Affair -

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