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April 2020

1 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The Second Great Depression was not kind to the military reservations surrounding the White Sands Missile Range. The drop in federal funding left them surviving off local resources alone. Many soldiers chose to go home, often taking whatever supplies or weapons they could carry with them. Some were already affiliated with the local gangs and drug cartels, and sold various military supplies to them. By the time open street fighting hit the nearby Borderplex cities, Fort Bliss had shrunken to something not much larger than a skeleton security force trying to secure what weapons and supplies it still had. While also searching for the traitors in their own ranks still selling supplies and weapons to the enemy. Holloman Air Force Base had similar issues and only retained enough people to fly a handful of aircraft at a time, most of which were unarmed drones. They did what they could to help the Borderplex fight the gangs and drug cartels, but their reach was severely limited.

2 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - Fort Bliss and Holloman Air Force Base lacked the personnel or the equipment to continue operating at previous levels after the Second Great Depression set in. With no more federal support arriving, and the cities around them suffering their own chaos, their leadership sought a way to remain relevant. The Fort Bliss commander was a capable and thorough administrator, though lacked the finer points of social etiquette. The Holloman commander was a hard charging fighter pilot with more charismatic attitude than organizational aptitude. The one thing each of them shared was a loyalty for America sufficient to keep them from setting aside their oaths to the country, even if their government had fallen. That was enough for them to work together. And they eventually chose to combine their operations, along with White Sands Missile Range, into a new, single consolidated base with a single chain of command. The Army kept things under organizational control. The Air Force became the face of command. And so Joint Base White Sands was born.

3 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - At a time when many military bases fell apart or joined the State they resided in to survive, Joint Base White Sands continued flying the American flag atop their flagpoles. Their operational reach was greatly diminished compared to pre-Second Great Depression levels, but they eventually deployed small teams into the Borderplex to coordinate with local police and sheriffs in an effort to drive out the gangs and drug cartels. And they maintained enough of a watch on matters on the southern side of the old Mexican border to keep tabs on their foreign enemies. By the time the Texas State Guard was ready to roll into Mexico and deal with those enemies for good, Joint Base White Sands provided them with the best aerial intelligence in the remaining Free World. And the remains of their Army units rolled with the Texans as well, though they made it clear that they remained in the American chain of command. Even if they did not precisely follow the insane orders still coming from Washington. They did not subordinate themselves to Texan command, but were happy to coordinate with them. The Texans, supremely confident that would change in due time, accepted both the clarification and the help with equal cheer. Not everyone was blessed enough to be born a Texan after all.

4 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The fighting in the Borderplex involved local police and sheriffs, Texas Rangers, action teams from nearby Joint Base White Sands, and what remained of the local Mexican police and army. With both the American and Mexican federal governments effectively gone, they banded together to fight the gangs and drug cartels trying to take over their streets. The international border between them was a hindrance to coordination that they chose to ignore, and they traveled together throughout the region in their efforts to work together. And yes. Dixie and her little misfit gang of Texas Tech students and teachers did show up to help as well, though the portrayals in her shows were not entirely accurate to real life. It was many long months of violence and death in the streets before they managed to suppress the worst of the gangs and drive the drug cartels out. But when it was done, the Borderplex stood tall, secure, and poised to move forward into a new future with their Texan allies.

5 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - In the founding years of the American military when the British were the oppressive enemy, the army was based around militia units recruiting young men from the surrounding territory. Many soldiers in the years and decades that followed would spend their entire service careers rarely more than a few day’s march from the home they grew up in, resulting in heavily divided loyalties between their State and America as a whole. And when their State seceded from America during the Civil War, they generally stayed true to their home. After that conflict ended, the American military began a long tradition of maintaining strong federal units that rotated individual troopers throughout their bases every few months to years. The intention was to keep local loyalties from overriding federal oaths in the future. But as Twenty First Century social experimentation led to spending cycles that drove the federal government further and further into deep debt, many politicians looked for ways to reduce military spending. They fought against “sending the troops on expensive world tours on the public dime” and called for them to “bring the boys home so they can work for a living.” They of course had far more important social engineering projects the military could “beat their swords into plowshares” to perform. And the expensive practice of rotating them between bases was simply not necessary to this new and improved mission. This would lead to unpleasant consequences during the Second Great Depression.

6 - Medron - Keep Calm - An influential President of the past once said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” as he led America into a war against a dastardly enemy who killed millions of people. The media flocked to his standard. News stories supported the war effort and exhorted Americans to be calm but wary of their dastardly foe. Hollywood actors, sports heroes, and even cartoon characters volunteered to go to war, and a common enemy united America.

The President of today now says “There is no reason to panic,” as he leads America into a war against a bug. A virus that has killed thousands and worst case projections suggest could kill millions. And the media flocked to the standard of his political enemies. Hollywood actors and sports heroes stayed in their homes, and those in popular media mocked the dastardly President for his racism and incompetence. A common enemy divides America.

It is a powerful tale of two wars and two times. The war of the past required everyone to go to work and build things to combat an enemy they saw in action on news reels every week at the movies. The war of the present requires everyone stay at home and hide from something they can’t even see. There is a lot of fear in the media right now, and I do not think that is good.

We have a strong and vibrant economy. One we have built over the last century to feed billions of people on this planet and to bring us a standard of living that kings and queens in early ages only dreamed of. We laudably do what we can to save the most vulnerable of us from this Wuhan Virus. But we must take care that what we can do is also wise to do. Is it wise to shut down the infrastructure that feeds billions? Or are there other steps we can take that will save the most vulnerable amongst us while also keeping the rest of the world alive?

I believe there are. And I believe we have let fear stampede us beyond the wise steps and into reactionary steps whose full consequences have not been mapped out before choosing. We should be careful and measured in our responses to fighting this bug. For the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And we should not give in to panic.

7 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - Fort Hood was famous as the home of armored cavalry during the decades leading up to the Second Great Depression. They were, by the Grace of God, blessed to be stationed in the Great State of Texas. Home of the American Cavalry. Where it was still recognized as the preeminent branch of the American Army. Every good soldier aspired to be a cavalryman, complete with spurs and cowboy hat. They were loud, proud, and confident in their ability to defeat any foe that faced them. Some people described them as more Texan than the Texans. They were rarely quick to dispute that charge, and aggressively recruited similar-minded individuals from all over America and beyond. Fort Hood soon became a home for disgruntled soldiers other commands were happy to get rid of permanently. With new regulations discouraging short-term transfers of personnel between bases, this allowed the military bureaucracy to write off the problematic personnel to Fort Hood and the surrounding environs where they did not need to worry about them. Nothing important happened in the Deplorable State of Texas after all.

8 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - Fort Hood’s military funding suffered greatly in the years before the Second Great Depression. They received feasibility funding for testing prototype mech deployment within the armored cavalry, but all other combat-oriented budget line items were cut to the bone. Many military historians say through the bone and into the territory of forced demobilization. Sensitivity and social awareness briefings were fully funded and staffed, but federal penny pinchers cut training and spare parts funding for the expensive tanks that would never be needed in another war that was never going to happen. The soldiers would be much more useful digging ditches or laying down pavement for the much more important expansion of social services complexes after all. Texas helped them stretch what dollars they received by donating food, housing, and other support services under the table. It wouldn’t do for the feds to realize that and cut even more funding after all. But despite everything Fort Hood soldiers and technicians did, readiness levels fell below fifty percent as they scavenged parts from many tanks to keep others operational. It was a dark time for Fort Hood.

9 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - Fort Hood’s training scenarios became increasingly virtual as the Second Great Depression approached. They had the very best fully immersive virtual simulations of course, and the federal politicians had a much better use for their money than wasting it on firing live or simulated munitions. The pandemics that continued to come out of developing China every decade or so had to be fought, and the United States Armed Forces was the perfect front line combatant for such a conflict. They were largely young and healthy, and therefore least likely to fall to the illnesses. And if they did, they were only a small sacrifice to make to save the much more enlightened people in the universities and government who must be saved for the good of humanity. No one who mattered would mourn the deaths of those who had volunteered to murder innocent people after all. So the vast majority of Fort Hood’s old training funds were funneled into building containment facilities for pandemic victims, or for training in the best ways to enter public or private spaces to separate the sick from the healthy. Or those who refused to follow appropriate medical guidance for their own safety.

10 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - American military and police forces were trained in a sliding scale of ever more intrusive missions as the Second Great Depression approached. And when yet another pandemic came out of China in the mid-Twenty First Century, many of the most populous State governments sent them house to house to separate the ill from the healthy. They closed businesses and churches, manned checkpoints on the streets, and arrested people traveling without approved papers describing them as essential workers. Texas and many other States followed a different model. Yes, they did instruct their citizens to follow normal pandemic routines like physical distancing, and they banned large physical gatherings. But where some States banned all gatherings of any kind, Texas encouraged virtual gatherings so people could compare notes on doctors or treatments that worked. They did not use the military to enforce their rules, and the national media networks attacked them relentlessly for refusing to do that. And for allowing their people to say things the media did not approve of. So when the media called on the federal government to mobilize the military to shut down all non-approved gatherings of any kind throughout America, Fort Hood was one of the many military bases that prayed to God the President would not be that stupid.

11 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The President of the United States did not, in fact, call up the military to shut down any public gathering, physical or virtual, when another Chinese pandemic hit America. He also did not send them to shut down those daring to talk about cures or treatments that the media discounted, close churches, break into homes, or perform many of the other actions that conspiracy theorists had long expected the government to do during the next great emergency. The President had tried to govern in a balanced manner during what he hoped would be his first term, and treaded the uneasy middle ground of warning people about the dangers of the pandemic while saying that the federal government had things under control. And though there was much controversy and numerous lawsuits over what many of the States did, the pandemic hit the top of the curve and fell back down as all pandemics do in time. People left their homes, went back to work, and the American economy was quickly bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels. Everything was looking up when China demanded that America turn over sufficient assets or collateral to secure the debt America owed them.

12 - Medron - Happy Easter - Happy Easter to all of you.

And may you remember the reason we celebrate.

Jesus came to redeem all of us.

He died for us.

He arose for us.

He is Risen.


13 - Medron - Make Social Distancing Great Again - This week has been an interesting one. We finally crossed into the lead when it comes to reporting deaths related to the Wuhan Virus. We are the third most populous nation in the world, so I was waiting for that. We are also far more transparent than the Chinese Communist Party, so I was waiting for that.

A promising old drug has been found to be useful against the Wuhan Virus in testing by doctors from all over the world, and the President has of course suggested that people try it. What do they have to lose? So of course the media has accused him of some nefarious reason for suggesting people use it. Maybe he will get some grand economic profit from his 99 dollars worth of stock in some company that makes something related to it. Who knows? I’ve heard crazier conspiracy theories from the media in the last three years.

Reports that Taiwan reported this strange illness to the World Health Organization back in December have finally hit the major news media. Along with reports that people in America and around the world have been hit with “some strange flu” since as early as November according to some reports, and January and February according to countless reports. I myself got hit with something in February that had my body on the edge of collapse. I kept it from fully breaking through my body’s immune system via lots of vitamin C and other immune system boosts that kept my system operating as good as possible, but there was a day or two here and there where I was worried it was going to break through and take me down hard. There were lots of people in this timeframe that got hit a lot harder than me. Did they have this? Or something else?

So who believes China has only had 3,000 deaths in the five or six months this pandemic has been raging in their territory? I personally wouldn’t trust their word it their tongue came branded with a notary public’s seal. Especially when they admit that something like twenty million cell phone plans have been cancelled in the last three months? Considering how integrated cell phones are to the art of…well…LIVING in China today, that is a lot of people deciding they no longer need to…ahem…live like normal Chinese citizens all of a sudden.

And what is the actual death rate of the Wuhan Virus? We don’t know. We know how many people come to the hospital with symptoms and get tested and are shown to have it. And we know how many of THEM end up dying. But what about all of those who never go to the hospital? Because…like me…it never got serious. We took our vitamins and got better. We know the normal flu’s general lethality because the government takes the reported cases and then adds on those they ASSUME had it as well based on known factors like how much the flu generally travels. But we don’t know enough about the Wuhan Virus yet to make that projection. So we can’t compare its death rate to the flu’s death rate. It's like apples and oranges at ten paces, with people screaming at each other over which one is better or worse.

Now what about those police forces and governors arresting or citing people for daring to social distance in public parks with their own families? Or in parking lots, in their cars, at church where they can hear their pastor over the radio but not get close to anybody else? November is coming, and unless the bigwigs find a way to postpone the election, the people will remember what was done to them when they were practicing all the recommended social distancing guidelines.

I have a feeling, even if this ends tomorrow, we will be a long time getting through all the ramifications of what was done to us this year. Social Distancing for instance? A form of that could be here to stay. And as an introvert, I’m really fine with that. :)

14 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - When China called in the American debt, the President went on live television and read their demand, word for translated word, to all of the American people who had tuned in. Then he added up the costs of the various Chinese pandemics of the last few decades that far outweighed those debts. He declared those debts annulled by that Chinese biological terrorism and announced he would not give the Chinese Communist Party “One Red Cent.” It scored as one of the greatest political speeches of the decade. Full of Rah Rah American gusto and patriotism. Political polls forecasted that he won reelection with that speech. And those polls did not dip “One Red Percent” when China declared America in default and began gobbling up every American interest they could secure in their sphere of influence. America could not allow that to stand of course, and returned by nationalizing all Chinese interests within America’s sphere of influence. Thus a full-scale economic war between the two richest nations in the world began.

15 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - International chaos erupted as the long-running Chinese-American Cool War escalated into a full-scale economic war. Most of it involved no violence all, with either the Chinese or the Americans simply walking in and declaring they now owned whatever facility they were claiming that day. Often the local operators running it remained at their posts contingent upon background investigations. But sometimes they included special action teams and weapons fire, and sometimes those resulted in shed blood. People died all around the world as the economic superpowers tore at each other. Foreign countries stopped lending to either America or China, and the global economy simply came apart. So it was that the Second Great Depression came upon us all.

16 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The American Congress had been a thorn in the President’s side since he was elected. His party had won both houses on Election Day, but the majority was slim and the other party united to resist him. They could not abide that someone like him had been elected by those too stupid and irredeemable to understand what was best for them. They ran against his “racist and bigoted administration” in the midterms, and won both houses in minor landslides filled with rumors of voter fraud that gave them slim majorities. They used those majorities to quickly start numerous investigations into him and those who dared to work for him. The economic war with China proved to be the perfect nail beneath their political hammer, and they charged him with incompetence and/or outride collusion with the enemy to weaken America. They Impeached both the President and the Vice President that took his place in a one-two political punch that raised the Speaker of the House to the Presidency of the United States of America, heralded by the new President and his media allies as a day of “Truth and Justice in America.”

17 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - After Impeaching the last elected two Presidents, the new President and Congress quickly packed the Supreme Court with friendly judges to counter the previous administration’s “bigoted and backwards” picks. They also changed election laws to make sure those as deplorable as the previous Presidents would be blocked from ever winning another national election. The new President used the federal military and law enforcement branches to crack down on all who had colluded with the previous Presidents’ “Criminal Administration,” and handed down dozens of decades-long prison sentences for White House staffers, campaign consultants, and department heads. And he parlayed media support for his “Truth and Justice in America” campaign into a dominant electoral and popular vote win stretching from sea to shining sea.

18 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - When President Samuel Mateo Lopez went home to his cattle ranch in Texas after the United States Senate confirmed his Impeachment, few people could have guessed where the future would lead us. He was an extremely popular ex-governor of Texas and they had been proud when he won the previous national election. They were also proud to vote for him in the current election, in spite of the ban against him running and the massive voter intimidation campaign that raged all over the media. He did not actually run for President, but many seeking other offices asked for him to come and stump for them. And when Samuel Lopez answered those calls from all over America, he did not wear the business suit and tie popular in Washington. He wore the finest of Texas fashion as he had during his term as governor, complete with cowboy boots, bolo tie, and cowboy hat, in a renunciation of “Corrupted Washington and its Ivory Tower Rulers.” It was an extremely popular campaign all the way to Election Day and beyond.

19 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - Vice-President, and President-for-a-Minute, John Jefferson Freemon returned home to his doctor’s practice in Virginia to a heroes’ welcome. His people actually celebrated that the other party hated him enough to Impeach him as well, and called on him to run again. He declined those requests, but did answer the call from many other candidates to speak at their rallies. It was at those rallies that he first ran into his running mate from Texas once again, and they quickly agreed to campaign for everybody else together. The other party’s media allies denounced it all as an illegal stealth campaign from two disgraced, criminal politicians, but they attracted record virtual crowds all over America. The physical crowds were still kept to small numbers due to the recent pandemic, and many of the rallies were broken up during their live broadcasts by fire marshals ordering their closure for health and safety reasons. It was an eventful and interesting campaign all the way to Election Day and beyond.

20 - Medron - Closed - TLDR: Social Distancing makes sense. It did when it was started and it still does now. We should hold off on large gatherings, wash our hands, and avoid sneezing on people. But we need to stop locking down the economy that feeds billions of people on this planet. We can do both at the same time, and need to for the good of all of us.

Full Story:

Social Distancing has become a part of life in the last month. The President called for it and people answered.

Social Distance for a couple weeks to stem the pandemic and keep it from overloading the hospitals? Yeah. Don’t go to concerts or conventions. Don’t go to parties in bars. Wash your hands. Don’t sneeze on people. It made sense. It still makes sense. And most people are perfectly willing to do that. Hold off on large gatherings for a couple weeks and spend some downtime with family. Though as it stretched to three and four weeks, it has become another matter for many people. Less a vacation and more of a jail cell.

Other than a handful of hotspots like New York City, most of the country has barely felt the pandemic. It’s a lot of bluster and not much reality. What is real to many is something far different than the pandemic.

In some States, the governors stepped in with orders far more widespread than mere Social Distancing. They shut down small businesses. Though they kept larger businesses like Walmart and Target open, donchaknow. They picked certain businesses to stay open, and ordered others closed. Some made sense. Others did not. Whatever the case, they sent millions of Americans home with orders not to work.

In many States, they told the hospitals not to perform elective procedures. Sixteen years ago, my mother went in for a standard checkup, and found out two days later that she had cancer. She was operated on a week later and had radiation and chemotherapy for months. Which of all that was elective, and would she be alive now if she was denied those elective procedures? What about everybody else who goes in for a standard checkup and finds out there is something wrong? And because of this, hospitals across the nation are virtual ghost towns. Most of the nation has not seen a massive surge of Wuhan Virus patients, or it has already passed, and so they have sent millions of workers and patients home.

In some States, they arrest or fine people taking walks alone, fishing alone, or even stepping out onto their own porches. They arrest dads for playing catch with their kids and tell married couples who live in the same house that they can’t sit beside each other in public. They ticket people maintaining Social Distancing while parking in Church parking lots on Sunday mornings. And sometimes they even tell the stores allowed to stay open what products they are allowed to sell.

To many people this feels less like Social Distancing to protect the most vulnerable amongst us and more like government deny them the right to live their lives. Federal Representatives show off their fifteen thousand dollar refrigerators stocked with premium ice cream while people ordered to stop working cannot afford to put food in theirs. Food banks are running out of food while farmers are forced to throw food away or leave it to rot in the fields.

Is it any surprise that people are beginning to protest this? Ten thousand cars drove by the Michigan governor to demand the opportunity to go back to work, and because they dared to do that, she suggested that she might have to keep them locked up for longer. Other protests are springing up every day in parts of America where the pandemic is simply not a big deal. Largely rural areas where Social Distancing is easy and the pandemic curve has already flattened and dropped, or never bumped much at all.

If there is one thing we have learned from this pandemic, it is that top-down, one-size-fits-all government mandates don’t work. For every New York City where people live on top of each other and pandemics can rage through populations, there are thousands of towns smaller than New York’s daily death toll, or rural areas where population is counted in the number of miles per person. We do not need to shut down the entire country to fight this pandemic, and many people are coming to this realization.

We need to balance Social Distancing for health, with working and being outside for our health. The vast majority of us can safely go to work right now without suffering any ill effects from this pandemic. We know this based on how many people have been diagnosed with the Wuhan Virus who never had any symptoms at all. And we don’t know how many people who had it and got over it without ever being tested at all. We need to protect the most vulnerable of course, and we need to practice simple hygiene care, but we don’t have to shut down our country to do that.

We need to keep the economy that feeds billions of people on this planet working, or we will not be able to feed billions of people when winter comes. For the health of the human race, we must get back to work. And there are many people who are usually far too busy working who have the time to go out and protest right now because they have been denied the very right to work that has built this economy. And so they are demanding that right be restored to them. For the good of us all.

21 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The deadlines for declaring candidacy had passed before Lopez and Freemon were Impeached, and no one in their party had run any credible campaign to replace them. There was therefore no one to turn to when the federal Congress declared they were ineligible to run for re-election. So their party simply declined to do as told. They kept Lopez and Freemon as the leaders of the party, campaigning for other candidates all over America. There were no debates, and the federal Congress directed that Lopez and Freemon be removed from the ballots before Election Day. Some States followed that guidance. Others did not, most saying that they did not have time to reprint the ballots. Texas’ refusal was more direct and far more colorful. The party asked the people to vote for Lopez and Freemon on every ballot that had them, and to write them in if it did not. The campaign garnered a clear popular majority in thirty States. The other State election commissions rejected any ballot with their names on it and five States actually shredded or deleted them, in accordance with the new federal election laws that authorized the destruction of vandalized ballots. Thus the incumbent President received a clear electoral and popular vote victory, and there has never been any way to go back and audit the election to find out how many people actually voted for Lopez and Freemon.

22 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - There has never been any way to go back and fully audit that last election to find out how many people actually voted for Lopez and Freemon, primarily due to the five states that destroyed their ballots. Virginia as an example registered one-third the number of votes as previous Presidential elections, and did not report how many ballots they shredded or deleted due to vandalism. Polling stations in the rural western areas of Virginia had historically low numbers, and even the cities reported a marked decrease in votes over previous years. The final tally was an amazing 95% of registered votes for the incumbent. Later studies concluded that more people actually cast votes than in the previous election, and most voted for the hometown hero Freemon. Estimates and studies of elections in the other four States show similar discrepancies, and of course we have been able to study the ballots in the other elections. Lopez and Freemon would not have won most of them by any measure. They were not bastions of their party or creed, but had the votes for them been registered in the final results most political historians believe they would have won enough States to secure victory against the man who spearheaded their Impeachments. The voters of the time certainly believed so, and there was much protesting when he announced his overwhelming win.

23 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The Lopez and Freemon campaign carried the day in over thirty States on that last Election Day. They helped bring a new class of freshman Senators and Representatives to Washington that would do their best to hold the line against the President who Impeached and replaced them. They regained control of the Senate, but opposition candidates scored great successes in more populous States, and they strengthened their control of the House of Representatives. The Lame Duck Senate spent the rest of their time in the majority rubberstamping as many Presidential initiatives as they had time to vote on, securing their vision to fundamentally transform America. Though the transformation they achieved was not the transformation they planned, since Lopez and Freemon returned to their homes as the best kind of heroes. The kind who fought a good battle, were defeated by a more ruthless enemy, but continued to fight on. Lopez found a powerful position he had not campaigned for awaiting him in Texas, and in Freemon’s Blue Ridge Mountain home of Lexington a new brand of fundamental transformation for the Commonwealth of Virginia was already growing.

24 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - President (Impeached) Samuel Mateo Lopez returned home to Texas to a greeting he had not expected to find. Texans had voted overwhelmingly to return him to the Presidency, despite the other party declaring him ineligible to run for the position again. That had been expected. What surprised him was that they had gone behind his back and run a stealth campaign for him while he was touring the rest of the nation to support other candidates. He found out on Election Day that they voted to bring him back as Governor of Texas once more. And many of his White House staffers, campaign consultants, and department heads won elections of their own throughout Texas. It was a Texas-sized non-subtle response to the decades-long prison sentences most of them faced thanks to the new federal administration’s many investigations and charges. And when federal law enforcement demanded they be extradited for trial in Washington, Texas gave them another suitably Texan response. “Come and take them. If you have the cojones.”

25 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The new President of the United States considered the Texas refusal to extradite previous President (Impeached) Lopez’s staffers to Washington for justice a direct challenge to his authority. And he did have the cojones to order the FBI to “Come and take them” as Texas had challenged. The FBI started at the top, with Lopez’s former Chief of Staff. Now the incoming Attorney General of Texas after winning the election in a landslide, the Texas Rangers guarded his every movement when the FBI agents came for him. The gunfight in downtown Dallas resulted in three wounded Rangers, five wounded FBI agents, and a mixed posse of Rangers, Sheriffs, and Policemen surrounding the FBI agents to demand their surrender.

26 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The new President of the United States could not allow Texas to flaunt his authority to arrest the former (Impeached) President’s staffers for extradition to Washington. He also could not allow their arrest of FBI agents to stand. So he ordered the American military to deal with the situation. Fortunately for everyone involved, the majority of the military bases in Texas had unfortunate communications problems and never received the President’s orders. The special teams that traveled aboard black helicopters on federal missions all over America were not so fortunate. They had angered too many local jurisdictions over the decades, and when they moved in to secure the FBI agents, the Texas Rangers ordered them to surrender. When they declined to do so, the Rangers asked their good friends in the Texas State Guard to deal with the situation. The Texas State Guard was happy to oblige.

27 - Medron - The Second Wave - TLDR Version: Mind the Second Wave? We’re IN the Second Wave right now. It started with Chinese New Year. What we have to mind is the Hunger Wave. We have to get our economy running, safely, soon, or the economy that feeds billions all over the world…won’t.

Full version: There’s an already old joke making the rounds right now. “I’m old enough to remember when the government wanted us to stay home for two weeks to lower the curve of Wuhan Virus.” To keep our hospitals from being overtaxed. Those hospitals were still pressed, primarily in the Eastern States, but the numbers are dropping. Hospitals in the Western States are all but empty, laying off workers because they have nothing to do. But now two weeks has stretched into three, four, or five weeks, and people tell us we should still stay home.

Because the Second Wave will be coming soon. Maybe the moment we open up for business again. Maybe this fall. Who knows? The Second Wave is waiting for us, and like in 1918 it will kill far more people than we have already seen. So we should stay at home unless we want more people to die.

I contend that we are IN the Second Wave right now. Mounting evidence shows advanced stages of immunity to the Wuhan Virus already in place. Ten to twenty percent of people tested already have antibodies, even though they have not tested positive for the virus since we began testing for it. And there are the reports from all over America of people who had “that odd flue with harsher cough than normal” since as early as December. Many in January and February. February is when I got the odd bug. And we were calculating a higher “flu-like death” index all winter long than the previous year. Not by much, but we were getting hit harder. And we know China had it in that timeframe. So how much of it were we getting?

I contend that the Wuhan Virus was trickling into America all winter long. That we were getting it in small amounts, mostly on the West Coast due to easy travel there, and that it was slowly percolating its way across America. A few more people were dying than normal, but we were building up significant numbers of people with immunity to the virus that would, in the end, stave off any major outbreak.

Then Chinese New Year came. Millions of Chinese from all around the world went home to celebrate. They contracted the Wuhan Virus. They returned to wherever they were working throughout the world, and brought it with them. And suddenly it wasn’t a trickle. It was a flood, and hospital systems all around the world were inundated by it all.

I contend THAT is the Second Wave. Now President Trump banned the Chinese from traveling to America, which stopped those who went home for Chinese New Year from coming to our shores. That bought us some serious time. But China threatened other nations not to follow our example, and so their people returned throughout the world to infect others. And those infected traveled as well, many of them coming to the travel destination of the world. New York City. And so the Second Wave still hit us. And the First Wave hadn’t fully percolated all across America to properly immunize New York City. New York City was hit hard, as were the areas around it.

But the Western States have still barely measured a blip. A few thousand here and there getting it. A few dozen people dying. On a normal flu season, these numbers are minor. Because I contend that there was enough baked in immunity already there that it is simply slow to spread. And we are already curving it back down. Our hospitals stand empty, waiting for something to do. Our medical workers are furloughed, wanting to help but not able to.

Is it any surprise that people are calling for us to open back up again? Not to me. But we must be careful about opening back up. All areas that open for business again must maintain sanitary conditions and be careful. To save lives in their areas, and to show other areas that it is safe to open up. Because I can guarantee that if we get a new surge in any area that opens up, the politicians and newsies who are calling for us to be locked up for months or years, will redouble their efforts. They have said themselves that this is an opportunity to spread socialism throughout America, and I do not wish that to happen. I’ve seen enough empty shelves in the supermarkets in the last month to know that I don’t want any MORE Socialism in my home.

So I pray that every area that chooses to open back up for business does so carefully and effectively. We need the production. We need the economy. We need the food. We need everything that feeds billions of people on this planet getting back up to speed, and soon, or hunger and starvation this winter could kill far more than we have lost in this Second Wave of the Wuhan Virus.

Probably not many Americans. I’m certain we will move heaven and hell to feed our people. But the Africans? The Tibetans? The disadvantaged, the war wracked, and the poor all across the globe? If the economy that feeds billions is unable to harvest enough food to feed all those billions this winter, it will be those people, mostly safe beyond our borders where we will be able to ignore them, who will die.

We are in the Second Wave right now. Thousands have died all over the world. We have to mind the Hunger Wave now. It could kill millions.

28 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The firefight between the Texas State Guard and “certain undisclosed elements of the United States Armed Forces” in Dallas, Texas is one of the reasons many people in Texas still call the Second Great Depression the Second Civil War. They came under Presidential order to free the FBI agents arrested while attempting to arrest the previous President’s Chief of Staff, who was also the incoming Attorney General of Texas. It was a monumental showdown between the authority of the Federal government and the willingness of the States to accept it. But in the eyes of Texas and many other States, the new President had lost any morale authority when he Impeached the previous President and the Vice-President so he could take the reigns of power. And then went on to conduct outright voter fraud to maintain his position. The fact that the previous President was both a past and the incoming governor of Texas was the proverbial icing on the cake. The firefight began with a single warning shot across the bow of the lead incoming black helicopter. The helicopters returned fire with all weapons. It ended ninety seconds later with thirty dead and one hundred wounded Texas State Guard soldiers, and six flaming wrecks that had been helicopters belonging to the United States of America. There were no survivors.

29 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The firefight between the Texas State Guard and “certain undisclosed elements of the United States Armed Forces” in Dallas, Texas had many consequences over the next few hours, days, and weeks. Hasty camera footage from a local news helicopter broadcast it live all over the networks, and more stable cameras from the ground followed within minutes as the newsies competed to get their spin on the news out as quickly as possible. Most of the mainstream networks supported the President, but widespread support for Texas covered the secondary networks and social media. Mainstream networks banned the full and unedited video that showed the federal forces drawing first blood for “violating community standards,” while continuing to broadcast edited versions that implied Texas shot the incoming helicopters down first. They escalated to muting or banning accounts that promoted the full video within days, and a public that had been increasingly distrustful of the mainstream media for decades found other ways to communicate. The President finally Nationalized control of the networks in order to keep the “most seditious elements of the irredeemable parts of society from broadcasting their traitorous diatribes.” Local networks all over America cut ties with the national networks at that point, and the large public media that had brought the United States together for a century shattered into dozens of smaller pieces that would never again broadcast the same news to all American citizens.

30 - Charles - The Republic of Texas - The firefight between the Texas State Guard and “certain undisclosed elements of the United States Armed Forces” in Dallas, Texas had many consequences over the next few weeks. The Lame Duck Senate joined the House and the President in condemning Texas and passed multiple bills singling out Texas politicians and military officers for removal from office or command positions. The Department of Justice sued numerous Texans for everything from kidnapping to murder of federal agents, and the outgoing Governor and many others faced charges of treason. Texas responded by charging every FBI agent they had captured with attempted kidnapping, with intent to transport across State lines, a felony offense. Counter lawsuits from all sides quickly reached the Stuffed Supreme Court filled with new Presidential picks, which ruled in favor of Federal actions and lawsuits while striking down those coming from Texas. The Supreme Court justices who had served with the previous President disagreed with those decisions, and wrote a powerful Last Dissent against the prevailing decision. It is required reading in American civics classes to this day, alongside the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Gettysburg Address.

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