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September 2019

1 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent -

2 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent I eARC -

3 - Medron - Forge of War -

4 - Medron - Angel Flight -

5 - Medron - Angel Strike -

6 - Medron - Angel War -

7 - Medron - Wolfenheim Rising -

8 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent -

9 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent II eARC -

10 - Medron - The Thunderbird Affair -

11 - Medron - 9-11 - I remember coming home from work to find out a plane had hit one of the World Trade towers. I remember watching live when the second plane hit the second tower. I remember a third plane hitting the Pentagon. I remember hearing about a fourth plane being highjacked and then going down after the passengers attacked the highjackers. I remember watching people jumping from the upper floors because they didn’t want to burn to death. I remember watching the first tower fall. I remember watching the second tower fall.

I remember the BattleTech fansite I was an admin for preemptively removing me as an admin because they didn’t want the only American admin posting anything about this on their website. I remember them locking down the forums because they didn’t want any of the fansite’s American members to talk about it on their website. I remember being unable to talk to my closest online friends about what was going on, on what is very possibly the worst day of my adult life.

9-11 changed our world. Every one of us alive now, has had our world changed by what happened that day. Some of us lost parents, partners, siblings, or children. Some of us lost friends. Some of us lost jobs. Some of us got new jobs. Some of us signed up to protect our country. We went to Afghanistan and Iraq, and we are still there today. The government got new rules and knew ways of investigating people.

Our world changed that day, and I will never forget.

12 - Medron - The Gemini Affair -

13 - Charles - Pacifica - Detractors often describe Pacifica as a nation by elites, for elites, and utterly out of touch with America at large. The truth is far more nuanced. Yes, the ivory towers of San Francisco are home to the elite of the elite, but the beaches of Micronesia welcome tourists from everywhere on Earth and beyond. The Star Kingdom of Hawaii is one of the most friendly places to visit anywhere on Earth, and studies show it to be one of the least stressful places to live in America. You can travel from Juneau to American Samoa without ever seeing land, and some of the worlds greatest boat races take place in their waters. There is far more to see in Pacifica than the caricatures would suggest.

14 - Charles - Pacifica - San Francisco is the self-selected capital of Pacifica. They created it, they control the greatest concentration of wealth, and the vast majority of Pacifica’s population lives inside their borders. So the other member States of Pacifica have never contested that leadership role. They build the best virtual worlds and personal assistant AIs, and their real, physical ivory towers are some of the most beautiful and exclusive places to live on Earth and beyond. San Francisco is truly a place of comfort and security for those who can afford to live there. It is also home to one of the largest wealth gaps between the haves and have nots in America. It is truly as impressive as the ivory towers that touch the very sky.

15 - Charles - Pacifica - San Francisco and their affiliated cities are true meritocracies in their own rights. Yes, they have far more strict rules than other areas of America, and their politics can be a bit extreme, but anyone can make it there. All you have to do is have an idea that people like and the ability to market it to the masses. Or the appropriately exclusive clients who can make you a success with a simple nod towards whoever writes their checks. You also need to avoid the black listings that are surprisingly easy to earn if you say or do the “wrong” thing. Though innovators are often welcome in other areas of America where “banned in Pacifica” is seen as an award no money can buy.

16 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent III eARC -

17 - Charles - Pacifica - Seattle hosts one of America’s primary high technological hubs. Some would say THE technological hub. Many talk up the virtual worlds of San Francisco, or the famous augmented reality of Los Angeles, but Seattle is home to the famous Microsoft Campus and the hundreds of technological firms surrounding it. It is Seattle cyberneers that engineer, develop, and imagine the building blocks of the greatest virtual and augmented worlds ever created. It is impossible to overestimate how much the creations of Seattle have fundamentally transformed our world in the last few centuries. They helped create Pacifica to be a shining light on a hill and show the world the promise of tomorrow. What the world could be if it merely wished to become it. And to build a base of power they could use to drag the rest of the world into the future if it didn’t.

18 - Charles - Pacifica - Seattle hosts the most integrated collection of virtual and augmented worlds on Earth and beyond. Citizens receive implants that allow them to directly access those worlds before their first day of school, and navigate them easier than most adults can walk their own city streets. Visitors wear full-immersion headgear to operate inside the city of tomorrow at all. But that is only a temporary measure. A relic of the technology of today that limits humanity to the frail human body we now inhabit. They eschew the idea of making our bodies better, or of exploring space and other physical worlds. Those are not fundamental transformations of life. Seattle looks forward to the day when they cast aside the limitations of mere physical existence at all. The day when their city of tomorrow will be Pacifica’s gateway to make the next great leap forward for humanity. To all the worlds of tomorrow.

19 - Charles - Pacifica - Portland had long been wracked with strife between those calling for tolerance and those preaching hate and violence when the Second Great Depression started. The city leaders tried to maintain a balanced response to the hatred by only punishing the worst of the intolerant aggressors, but there was always someone else willing to take their place. Then the Federal government collapsed and the most deplorable examples of humanity took up arms all over the nation to bring their bigoted, racist, secessionist ideas into the light they did not deserve to inhabit. Portland fought back by helping form Pacifica, which they see as the final redoubt of the tolerant and loving America they wish to bring out of the darkness. The rest of America abandoned their enlightened leadership, and will suffer for the bigotry and racism they fomented when they did so. But Portland will ever remain the light on a hill, helping worthwhile, repentant Americans see the true utopia that hope and change, and the tolerance and love that goes with it, can create in our modern, fallen world.

20 - Charles - Pacifica - Portland stood against the worst dregs of society that crawled out of the cracks during the Second Great Depression by declaring a zero tolerance policy against any and all hate crimes of any kind. Portland quickly identified all corporations, religions, or other social organizations they decided were archaic, oppressive, cisnormative, patriarchal, or otherwise preached hate and exclusionism. Then they used membership books, public political funding records, and social media posts to identify and locate individuals that did not deserve to live in their tolerant and loving society. Portland confiscated all of the property and possessions belonging to the identified organizations and individuals before driving them from the city with all the shame and ridicule they deserved for being so hateful and bigoted. Then the city turned the new wealth over to more socially acceptable organizations dedicated to helping bring the most marginalized of America’s citizens into the new, improved, loving, and tolerant version of America that Portland was helping to found. Pacifica.

21 - Charles - Pacifica - The Portland of today practices communal living in all things, tolerance of all lifestyles, and love of all others at all times. Citizens share everything with each other for the betterment of society at large. Collective happiness is the goal, and anything that jeopardizes it must be avoided. All property in Portland is therefore owned by the people at large, and kept in sufficient stocks to supply all of the citizens. Anyone who wishes to use something may do so at any time, though anyone who maintains possession of more than they need will be counseled. Selfish desires are incompatible with a tolerant and loving society after all. Inclusive, open relationships are therefore the goals of all right-minded citizens of Portland. Those who do not participate in such relationships will also be counseled. Tolerance and love is incompatible with selfish desires of any kind. Repeated offenses of anti-social behavior are grounds for banishing any individual from Portland and all of Pacifica.

22 - Charles - Pacifica - The Portland of today is dedicated to raising each generation to become better than the ones that came before. All children are selectively bred from the very best of Portland’s stored genetic profiles and grown to term in healthy and sterile glass wombs. No inhabitant of Portland is expected or allowed to carry a child in their own, disease ridden, prototype biological womb, as that results in profound health issues for all involved. Children are cared for by carefully selected adults in city-run crèches, and taught how to live in a tolerant and loving society throughout their school years. Any undue aggression or intolerance is grounds for immediate removal from the city. Those who best exhibit the traits of tolerance and love are chosen for leadership positions when they become adults. This is all done to ensure that Portland remains a beacon of continuing hope and change to Pacifica and the less enlightened lands of America surrounding them.

23 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent IV eARC -

24 - Charles - Pacifica - Vancouver is a unique city. First, it is part of Canada and therefore the British Commonwealth. Vancouver is also a charter, founding member of Pacifica. They were hoping to bring Pacifica into Canada and the Commonwealth, but the other cities finally balked in the end. And it was home to one of the greatest concentrations of immigrants from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the world before the Second Great Depression came upon us all. So when the Chinese hammer came down, and the new Empress of Japan set sail on the last fleet to escape fallen Asia, many ethnic Chinese joined her. Most did not stop in Los Angeles, but passed on to Vancouver. Among them were the last surviving leaders of Taiwan, making them the effective home of Free China. They quickly established a new Republic of China capitol inside Vancouver, with the city’s full support. Which means citizens of Vancouver can be any mix of Canadian, American, or Chinese in ethnicity, culture, or citizenship. They can also be subjects of King Henry of England. To the migraine-inducing agony of constitutional scholars and lawyers everywhere.

25 - Charles - Pacifica - Vancouver was one of the most densely populated cities in the world when the Second Great Depression came upon us all. It was also one of the best cities in the world to live in because of careful zoning in its city core. Well-designed high-rise apartment complexes made for comfortable living and quick commutes to work, and beautiful parks weaved in and out around them. Vancouver survived the chaos with far fewer problems than many other cities and thrived into the next century. It was a beacon of progress and security for both Canada and Pacifica as humanity returned to the moon and beyond. Its railroad brought in resources from all over Canada, and its seaport was home to trade ships traveling back and forth throughout the islands of Pacifica. Other cities may have had the moral hubris to call themselves the leaders of Pacifica, but nearly all outsiders agree that Vancouver was the heart that kept the pseudonation’s economy pumping.

26 - Charles - Pacifica - Vancouver is home to a powerful industrial complex, and it was those factories that made the city a primary contributor towards building the orbital elevator in Palmyra. It was the ultimate tourist trap, imagined by the Star Kingdom of Hawaii, and brought into being with the economic aid of Vancouver. And it was embraced by one of the largest game and film industries on Earth and beyond. Vancouver earned the title Hollywood North centuries ago, and has continued to be a leading contributor in the industry. San Francisco may be famous for its virtual worlds, and anybody with an imagination and a suitable personal assistant can tell a story anyone can enjoy today, but Vancouver specializes in real world filming locations. They have sites all over British Columbia, and numerous studios willing and able to shoot any time of the year. Those who want their entertainment more visceral than any virtual world can match have plenty of sources in Vancouver.

27 - Charles - Pacifica - Vancouver is a modern high tech city with an educated and hard working population that would easily make it capable of being its own nation. It effectively functions as one in many ways while also being a loyal member of others. It holds a leading position in the industrial and cultural circles of Canada. It built and maintains several battle squadrons for the British Commonwealth, as well as a small but competent navy for the Free Republic of China. It is also the most industrious member of Pacifica by far and provides them a rich source of all the resources they need to survive. Even if they like to act like they don’t. Vancouver can provide what the other States of Pacifica don’t want to admit they need without rubbing their noses in it. Which is probably one of the greatest services Vancouver provides for all of North America and beyond.

28 - Charles - Pacifica - Free Taiwan. Free China. Republic of China. People call it many names, but the dedicated population of what has effectively become China in Exile now officially call themselves the Free Republic of China. Based in the rich city of Vancouver, and gathering an impressive amount of support from them, they are heirs to a civilization thousands of years old, but anchored in the reality that they need others to survive. That would humble others, and many assumed they would turn into just another charity case in the decades that followed the fall of Asia. But the Free Chinese are a proud people who have rebuilt their lost homeland in a new world and shouldered a greater weight of responsibility than many others ever expected of them.

29 - Charles - Pacifica - The Free Republic of China is an interesting nation. Officially the last of the Free Chinese, and a nation in their own right, they also chose to officially swear their loyalty to both Pacifica and Canada. So as not to take any land from their generous patrons, they borrowed a practice from their fellows in their old homeland, and simply built new islands in the waters stretching out from Vancouver to act as their new homeland and capital. They built new factories all the way down to the ocean floor, and apartments high up into the sky to fit as many of their people in their new lands as possible. They built artificial beaches and grand hotels at the water level to bring tourist dollars. Free China built their new homeland in a part of Earth nobody wanted to live on, and made it grand success that others have copied in the centuries since.

30 - Medron - Wolfenheim Emergent V eARC -

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