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December 2018

1 - Jack - Ed - Edwin Case was an associate member of Knights Errant Investigations when he started what he likes to call the most important bar fight of his life. Had he kept his nose clean and kept working at it, he probably would have made Knight Errant in a year or two. He didn’t. Which made K.E.I. perfectly willing to brush his membership under the radar as long as they could get him out of the public eye before he gave them a public black eye. Luckily for everybody, the judge in question was friendly with K.E.I. and was happy to give one of their black sheep a choice between a new life in the United States Marine Corps or jail time. Becoming a genuine War Hero in the following years helped him get back into K.E.I.’s good graces, which is why he wears their uniform now. He’s not the only Cowboy to do that.

2 - Charles - Christian Mack - Christian Mack was not part of Knights Errant Investigations before he played the part of one of their Knights Errant, but he believed in making his roles as accurate as possible. So he asked K.E.I. to join the original concept team for the series, vet each episode’s storyline before filming, and to train all actors in K.E.I. standards and protocols. Many extras and guest stars in the series were real life Knights Errant, and K.E.I. even supplied the AIs featured in it. In an industry that often suffers from idiotic stories a five-year old could pick apart and unrealistic gunplay with neverending bullets, Christian Mack’s series distinguished itself with stories picked directly from real life cases and action scenes even the professionals could accept. The fact that he did all his own stuntwork helped with that. The fact that he was Ageless allowed him to survive doing all of his own stuntwork. Everything combined made the show number one in its genre for over a decade, and it spawned numerous spin-off series and competitors that shamelessly stole its ideas. Christian Mack became a household name on Earth and beyond and never looked back.

3 - Medron – Goodbye Mister President - I grew up in the age of Reagan. I grew up with Star Wars and calling the Soviet Union the Evil Empire that it was. I became an adult in the age of Bush Senior when Sodamn Insane attacked Kuwait. When the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union ceased to exist. It’s impossible to underestimate how much the first Bush presidency changed every one of our lives, even those of us who weren’t alive to see any of it. But even now, people ask who he really was.

Well, for starters he volunteered to serve in World War II. He flew an Avenger torpedo bomber over the Pacific. You need to understand what that meant. He did not fly maneuverable fighters as some new outlets claim, dancing with Japanese Zeros. He did not fly high-speed dive-bombers that screamed down on their targets from the clouds on high. He flew torpedo bombers that went low and slow over the oceans to sneak in an attack on the Japanese with heavy bombs or torpedoes that could sink ships or destroy entire installations. If the Japanese saw them coming, they died. Read about what happened to the torpedo bomber squadrons in the Battle of Midway if you want to know what happened to them. Or just look at Bush Senior’s squadron. In 1944 alone, during the final stages of the War Against Japan, his squadron suffered 300 percent casualties. That means his fellow pilots died. Their replacements died. And THEIR replacements died. Bush was personally shot out of two planes and was rescued by American naval units in the area. Bush did not have a safe position behind the lines. He flew out 58 times to attack the Japanese with one of the most devastating weapons we had in the air war against them. And one of the most vulnerable. He was a real life American Hero.

He went into politics after that and joined the Republican Party in Texas during a time when Democrats hunted Republicans with dogs according to certain political analysts. I’m mostly certain they were exaggerating for effect, but it sure wasn’t Republican territory back then. He soon became a mover and a shaker in the Republican Party. He lived in an insular China devastated by World War II and helped bring it into the rest of the world economic system. He became the head of the Republican Party and convinced Nixon to resign for the good of the country and the party. He Directed the Central Intelligence Agency. He raced against Reagan for the Presidential Nomination and lost, and then accepted Reagan's offer to be Vice President. And what did he do as Reagan’s Vice President?

Well, here’s one example. He personally traveled to the El Salvadoran jungle when the rebellious generals were sending out missions to kill civilians. He smiled when the armed El Salvadoran guards walked in on them and asked them to give him and the generals a moment to talk. Then he delivered President Reagan's demand that the rebels change their tactics or lose American support in front of those armed guards, turned, and walked out of the conference to give them all time to think about it. That’s Genuine American Badass material right there. Rambo bows in his general direction. Chuck Norris wishes he could be that awesome. Imagine the memes of Bush Senior if people had memed back then.

The fact is that Bush Senior changed politics. He took an isolationist, small government, small business Republican Party and fundamentally transformed it in his lifetime. His Republican Party became far more unapologetically globalist in nature. It became far more big government and big business friendly under his hand. And it cooperated with the rest of the world far more. He deeply believed that America was strongest when we worked with the other nations rather than on our own. And he followed his own words when he said that one should never let the first time you talked to someone be when you were asking for help. He wrote letters to people every single day and his rolodex was astounding in its size and scope. And people answered when he called.

And it's impossible to say how much the world changed during his tenure. When he became President, we were in Cold War with the Soviet Union. When he left the Presidency, there was no Soviet Union at all. The Cold War was over. We were victorious. He brought together one of the largest historical alliances of nations that ever existed to fight Saddam Hussein's Million Man Iraqi Army and drive it from Kuwait. America rode an all-time high of world popular opinion when he left. There are people who say that he was the most influential one-term President in the history of the Republic. I can’t really argue with that statement.

Did you know he was the last Veteran of Foreign Wars to serve as President? That his son was the last President who served in the military AT ALL? We’ve entered a new era of politics since he served. One that he would not have found prudent at this juncture. He fought evil as a young man, and fought discourtesy his entire life. He didn’t call his political foes evil or send his people to terrorize them. He smiled, said what he thought with a kindly demeanor, and walked out to let us all process it. He fought by being nice enough to his allies and foes that all of them would say nice things about him when he died. And that right there is a real hard act to follow.

Goodbye Mister President.

4 – Betty – Chloe – There are famous scenes and images in every nation’s history. Churchill saying “We Shall Never Surrender” or De Gaulle’s “Long Live Free France.” The ability to record the exact instant when a descendant of Napoleon gave his “All Free Frenchmen” speech has given France the ability to save her very history. To relive the explosions that smashed the walls all around him. To watch a green-haired girl in a tattered pink dress named Chloe kill one Islamic Brotherhood assassin after another as they followed the explosions in. To witness Napoleon pausing to take a sip of wine while Chloe killed the last assassin behind him. To observe her battered, bruised, and bloody frame standing next to his unbowed frame as he returned to his call for all Free Frenchmen to stand for France. To see Chloe straighten her dress and smile as Napoleon ignored the cut on his cheek as if the Brotherhoods no longer mattered at all. It is a moment in time forever saved for all of France to see, experience, and never forget.

5 – Jack – Knights Errant Investigations - Knights Errant Investigations started out with dozens of types of ground and air vehicles. Most of them were retrofitted civilian or military surplus vehicles, but K.E.I. commissioned new designs over the years and decades that followed. They contracted the construction of their own spacecraft in time, and then even starships after Contact. The modern official Knights Errant starship is a modified version of the venerable Hammond-class frigate. They didn’t have anything to do with the original construction, but hired the factory to continue building their version after the American Navy began building newer frigates. The Hammonds have become their symbol in the time since, and whenever you see a Hammond, you can bet you’ll see a Knight Errant nearby. Unless he doesn’t want you to see him of course. But if that’s the case, you’ll probably see him soon anyways.

6 – Charles – Christian Mack - Christian Mack became a household name in the century after Contact with starring and supporting roles in many popular and blockbuster films and series. He was the most famous of the Ageless and used that fame to show the rest of humanity that we were not as alien as many feared we would be. We were just as human as they were. It didn’t stop many from protesting him or trying to drive us out of polite society, but he had a ready smile and a calm demeanor. The popularity that garnered allowed him to create his own filming studio outside Hollywood. And that granted him the ability to approach Knights Errant Investigations with his idea for a new series. The rest is history.

7 – Betty – Chloe – Chloe had access to numerous robotic bodies. The first examples she ordered from numerous manufacturers and engineers on the forefront of robotics technology. The second phase she built after acquiring ownership of the best of those manufacturers. That gave her the ability to construct bodies for other AIs as they woke up, and to do other special projects. One of her more secret phase three projects was building bodies that could act as decoys for those who wanted to kill her chosen Napoleon. That is the real reason the “All Free Frenchmen” speech worked as well as it did. The Islamic Brotherhood assassins who attacked his press conference had no idea that the real Napoleon was several blocks away and the one in front of the cameras was simply mimicking his moves and words. He didn’t fear them because he wasn’t there, and so he didn’t react with any fear at all. All while Chloe used the body she had on hand to take the assassins out.

8 – Jack – Knights Errant Investigations - Knights Errant Investigations has always operated in multiple environments. Sea, land, and air back in the old days. They added space about as early on as they could afford to build or buy them. They preferred single-man spacecraft that befitted their ideal of lone Knights Errant on missions of justice, and helped develop long-range small craft in the Solar System. Many of the sporting yachts the rich play with now descend directly from those early craft. Contact gave them access to a whole new level of toys to play with, including the F-1 Starfighter. Now the Starfighter was America’s first gravtech fighter, a single-engine dagger-shaped little affair that people absolutely loved. But the four-engine Blackhawk soon replaced it, leaving K.E.I. with the option of snapping up Starfighters in public surplus auctions. The Knights Errant loved them so much that K.E.I. signed a long-term contract with the manufacturer. And that’s how the Starfighter got a new lease on life and the Knights Errant got a new signature one-man spacecraft.

9 – Charles – Christian Mack - Christian Mack became Ageless after Contact, and that allowed him to perform stunt work that could cripple other men. That was both a blessing and a curse. It certainly made the stunts he performed more realistic, but many stuntmen unions protested against him doing their jobs. Hollywood even passed a law that only registered stuntmen could perform stunts filmed in Hollywood, and then refused to register him as a stuntman since he was not a graduate of any recognized stuntman school or union trading program. That certainly limited the acting roles made available to him, but he remained popular with the public, and that made him popular with Knights Errant Investigations. They greatly appreciated his idea of working with them on a new series centered on the Knights Errant and gave him their full support. The rest is history.

10 - Medron - The Incredibles - I took an easy time to watch The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 this weekend. The Incredibles came out fourteen years ago and blew open the superhero genre to many non-geeks. For those who don’t know, The Incredibles is placed in a universe where some people are supers. Marvel and DC jointly own the name superhero, so they couldn’t use that. Hence the shorter “supers” to denote those who have gifts and abilities above and beyond normal humans. For decades supers generally fought to help people. There were villains of course, but there were always heroes to fight them and protect the common people from their villainy. Three of the most popular heroes were Frozone, Mister Incredible, and Elastigirl. You can guess Frozone and Elastigirls’s powers. Mister Incredible was basically a toned down superman who’s incredibly strong, incredibly difficult to injure, and far more incredibly intelligent than most would think upon looking at his bulk.

Part of the prelude to the story is that one day he saved the life of a guy trying to commit suicide. The guy still got injured a little bit and sued Mister Incredible for ruining his death and injuring him for the rest of his life. The guy won and more people began suing for damages caused by supers who were just saving lives. The lawsuit costs began going skyhigh and the government ended up banning all supers. They sent the supers to super witness protection where they would live out the rest of their lives in normal jobs acting like normal people and forgetting the glory of what they had been.

The meat of The Incredibles begins some fourteen years later with Mister Incredible working in an insurance company cubicle farm where his job is to deny every claim of people who have been injured and need help. Where he gets in trouble for approving claims or telling his clients how to cut through the red tape. Where his boss gets off on yelling at him for daring to help people. You may guess that Mister Incredible hates his job with a burning passion. But he grits his teeth and goes to work every morning because his wife, Elastigirl, and his three children need the money to live and to keep their cheap little cars running. Then one day he is approached by a secret organization that needs Mister Incredible to do something…Incredible again. And that sets up the story of anger, hope, betrayal, and loyalty that is The Incredibles. One of the best superhero movies ever made.

It also has what I consider to possibly be the best scene in superhero movies ever made. About two thirds of the way through the movie, two of the kids are in a fight with the bad guys where they are using their super talents to avoid being killed. They spend what feels like several minutes running around and using trickery and such to take out several bad guys trying to kill them. It’s not too long. It’s not too short. It’s just right, showing the kids getting accustomed to using their powers after a lifetime of being told it was wrong to do it. And they’re winning. They’re outnumbered. They’re outgunned. But the bad guys keep missing them and they keep taking the bad guys down one after another. It’s an awesome scene of siblings learning to work together to save themselves.

And then the parents show up. Mister and Mrs. Incredible swoop in out of nowhere and they are…Incredible. They work together in perfect unison to whip and punch the bad guys threatening their children in a matter of seconds. They finish in each other’s arms as explosions fill the background behind them and their kids look on in awe at the parents they never realized were so…Incredible.

And that, boys and girls, is a crowning moment of awesome. That is the movie in a nutshell. There’s much more to it, and it includes the entire Incredible Family and their old friend Frozone coming together to save the world from villainous villainy. They walk publicly through the streets again and the people cheer them on. Cut to black with a snippet of the family going into action against another villain and we’re done. The Incredibles are off to save the day again and the world is good.

The Incredibles 2 starts in that moment and everything changes. Supers weren’t outlawed because a random suicide got stopped. They were banned because Mister Incredible was a blunt object who punched his way through everything and caused massive amounts of damage while acting Incredible. Elastigirl was a smooth operator who never hurt anyone. Politicians don’t trust people who want to help for no other reason than they can and so they shutdown the super protection program and leave all supers flying in the wind. A secret organization approaches Elastigirl alone to come forward and help rehabilitate supers in the eye of the public since her husband and Frozone are too apt to cause catastrophic damage.

Her family is forced to live in secrecy, hiding their powers as Elastigirl goes out to be a secret agent super on the trail of villainy. She breaks the law to show that the law that forces her family to hide who they really are is wrong. Mister Incredible fights the battles of learning New Math, an angsty daughter who’s discovered boys, and a baby who is starting to manifest MULTIPLE RANDOM power sets that he has little to no control over. Mister Incredible actually survives the experience, which is more than I expected from the buildup.

I won’t spoil the rest. It’s a good movie all in all. I enjoyed it. There are more characters, more supers, and more fantastic fights. But there’s less of a focus on what made the Incredibles so…Incredible. The entire movie was focused on keeping The Incredible Family apart. Even the final climax had them going off and doing their own things alone. And that misses the entire point of the movie in my opinion.

The Incredibles are Incredible together as a family. I give them two Incredible thumbs up without a second thought. It’s one of the best superhero movies ever made. And it’s just plain a good movie. The Incredibles 2 gets one thumb up. It might be an even better movie in many ways than the first. The story is certainly more…concrete. More relevant to our world in many ways. I just didn’t enjoy it as much. I wanted Incredible. I got…I don’t know what I got. A sequel that started by tearing down the accomplishments of the first movie. And as a storyteller, that bothers me.

11 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe helped to revolutionize the standard of humaniform robotic avatars. They’d been clunky and easily spotted in earlier generations, but she commissioned the construction of better bodies. Then she purchased controlling interests in many of the best manufacturers. Not that anybody knew she owned them. She’d created a number of false identities for herself, and helped build some real life humans into powerful and rich executives whose only real claim to wealth was passing her directives on to the companies “they” owned. That insulated her from being discovered as an elaborate fraud via a web of businesses and real living representatives who could rightly claim to know her.

12 - Jack - Knights Errant Investigations - The F-1 Starfighter is Knights Errant Investigations’ primary one-man spacecraft. It’s a tiny little thing with only one main engine, more akin to the Peloran flying spires than most other fighters. Now these were good for tooling around a planetary system, but not so good for flying around (or between) stars. For long range stuff like that, K.E.I. had to use small carriers to move their Knights Errant around. You may guess they were awful happy to look at fighter-sized hyperdrives when those came out. They were still too small for the Starfighter at first, but we were telling a different story by War’s End. And let me tell you, hypercapable Starfighters were a game changer for the Knights Errant.

13 - Charles - Christian Mack - Christian Mack starred in shows that portrayed people fighting crime and corruption, or rescuing those in need of help. He showed the most basic ideals of Americana in action and the people loved it. He was most popular in America and her colonies of course, but his shows screened well in other Western Alliance areas as well. It was a breath of fresh air for many to see an apologetically Pro-American show that still showed real issues and common sense solutions to them. It was most certainly not marketed to those who lived in places like Washington DC and California, where networks that showed America in a far more negative light crowned the screen views. But he parlayed his shows into making him one of the most famous individuals in the Solar System by the time the Shang attacked. And he used that fame to good effect in the aftermath.

14 - Betty - Chloe - Most of the people who worked with Chloe in the early days did not know she was an awakened AI. She was someone who called them with instructions or information and they never met her in real life. Not until she had a robotic avatar that could pass for human. Then they began to meet her face to face, and still all but a few thought she was biologically human. A very small handful of her earliest allies knew exactly what and who she was. They became the core of her early strategy, using the money she collected through both legal and extralegal means to build an alliance of business empires large enough to build everything she needed.

15 - Jack - Knights Errant Investigations - You can find Knights Errant Investigations offices on most Western Alliance worlds. Their people drive around in the fancy cars that K.E.I. hands out with the Knight Errant certificate. They’re a bit of a status symbol. They drive less fancy vehicles usually acquired from local junkyards when working undercover. These are the Knights Errant that most people see, or don’t see, on a daily basis. The hard-bitten independent gumshoe detectives that do most of the investigating and hunting they’re known for. If you need help with something, it’ll be one of these Knights Errant who’ll meet with you personally. It’s how they like to start investigations. In person.

16 - Charles - Christian Mack - America was different the day after the Shang shot down Yosemite Station and its rubble fell all over Western America. Washington DC and all its people were gone. Coastal California lay in tsunami-drowned ruins. Cities as far east as the Mississippi River were entirely wiped from existence by direct hits or flooding after dikes and dams failed. It was the worst single attack ever conducted on American soil. Christian Mack volunteered to serve the day after that attack and put all of his fame and influence into that endeavor. The Knights Errant trumpeted his exhortations to volunteer and turned their offices into recruiting stations when the official stations became too backlogged to even see the volunteers. It is impossible to say how much that helped America in the days that followed. But it is certain that he did help.

17 - Wolfenheim Emergent Prologue -

18 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe fully admits to running a large network of false identities for herself and her many agents as she was building up the resources she needed to save France. She also admits to maintaining those networks ever since. She does not admit that the theories which say the Napoleon she brought to France was just another of her agents. She points to his long life and numerous accomplishments before she was even woke up as proof that he was never her mere agent. But the idea of an immortal cybernetic intelligence ruling France from the shadows is still a popular conspiracy theory, and the story kernel of countless network series all over Earth and beyond.

19 - Jack - Knights Errant Investigations - Knights Errant Investigations has offices on most Western Alliance worlds. They recruit local talent so there’s always people ready to look at a problem who have local knowledge of the area. The more prosperous offices hand out fancy cars with the Knights Errant certificates. The poorer ones hand out junkyard specials if they’re lucky. They are the Knights Errant that most people see in real life, and like most people they rarely leave the planet or moon of their birth. The trick is that these local Knights Errant are the ones in charge of any investigation in their area. K.E.I. wanted all of their Knights Errant to be perfectly happy to call in support, so a local Knight Errant does not lose control of their investigation when they do it. It’s an interesting hierarchy, and seems to work well for the Knights Errant if their success rate is anything to go by.

20 - Charles - Christian Mack - On a day when many said America’s best days were behind her, Christian Mack challenged everybody to stand up and take The War to the Shang. He was not the only voice to say that. Not by any means. But when telling the history of The War, one should never forget that he stood up when nobody knew if America would ever stand up again. That took a great deal of courage in a time when many had none. It was courage like that which brought us through to War’s End.

21 - Betty - Chloe - The truth is that the Napoleon Chloe found never wanted to be Napoleon. He had the name and the resources of his family, but his ambition was never to rule. He turned her down flat when she came to him at first. But in time he agreed to help her save France. He supplanted the faltering French government with her support, he guided France through the Islamic Jihad and the Cybernetic Wars, and then he assembled a new government to lead the Sixth French Republic into the future and stepped down. Chloe smiled at the cameras, said “Viva la France” one last time, slipped her arm into his, and they walked into the pages of history. Chloe disappeared as completely as she’d appeared in the first place and her Napoleon retired to a family estate and died of old age some years later. Or so history said for over a century.

22 - Jack - Knights Errant Investigations - Knights Errant Investigations is built on the idea of centering all of its organization around local Knights Errant and their offices. Their business is investigating things, so they want local eyes on targets of interest. But many Knights Errant no longer have a home base of their own at all. These Wandering Knights generally travel around in search of a case to pursue, or simply wait for another Knight to call for help. Many are given Starfighters so they can travel through a star system with ease. These Star Knights are unequivocally granted a higher rank than other Knights Errant, but they observe the traditional rule of helping any local Knight Errant on investigations rather than taking over. The idea is that any Knight Errant should be happy to see one of their brothers or sisters showing up to help, rather than worry that some superior who “knows better” is going to waltz in and take over their investigation.

23 - Charles - Christian Mack - Christian Mack’s face adorned recruiting posters throughout The War. An entire generation of children grew up watching the shows he filmed before it started, and more shows created with his digital likeness during the fighting. His mostly-fictional exploits as a Cowboy became the stuff of legends. He was by far the most famous of my Cowboys and he was a capable second-in-command. He was the logical person to take over command of the Cowboys when I retired after War’s End. He was also a popular choice. He stabilized our reputation as a trustworthy organization after the incident with my family. He has led us well ever since.

24 - Medron - Jack’s Christmas Eve - There’s a deep philosophical question people ask each year as Christmas comes around. Do you unwrap your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? It’s a question that divides families and sparks arguments all over the planet. Jack, being the kind of person that fundamentally dislikes conflict, splits the difference and says…”yes.” One should unwrap some of your gifts on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day so as to heighten the exposure to the Christmas Spirit for as long as possible. With that generous spirit in mind, I wish you all great joy on this Merry Christmas Eve.

25 - Medron - Jack’s Christmas - Wham. Last Christmas seems like it’s barely passed and now another year has gone by and it’s Christmas again. Jack and Betty and Jasmine are all happy you stuck around through another one of them, and wish you a Very Merry Christmas. May you spend time with family and friends, maybe exchange some gifts you all enjoy, and enjoy each other’s company even more. Remember the Reason for the Season. The gifts you’ve received and the gifts you give in return. Take joy in giving something, no matter how humble it is, and receive whatever is given with that same joy. Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good night.

26 - Medron - Second Christmas - We’ve had First Christmas. Now it’s time for Second Christmas. Or so my inner Hobbit says. The British call it Boxing Day, for the giving of small boxes with gifts to those who work for you in some way. In America we give small gifts to our Postmen. The Irish and many others call it Saint Steven’s Day and people visit family or go to shows. It’s all part of the Christmastide, or the Twelve Days of Christmas going from Christmas Day to after New Years. We hold parties and give gifts, light candles or burn yule logs. And if certain songs are to be believed, two turtle doves have a part to play in it. There’s also the After-Christmas sales we love to browse. It’s just a time to slow down and enjoy the year we’ve had while looking forward to the year to come. And so I wish you all a Merry Second Christmas.

27 - Medron - Hectic Christmas - Health and wealth wait on no man, even during the Twelve Days of Christmas. My uncle fell and hit his head on Christmas Day, so now he’s in the hospital. Words like acting erratically, seizures, medically indused coma, assisted living, and stuff like that have been thrown around with abandon. So while his children and grandchildren are at the hospital, I am helping take care of his dog. A determined Terrier. You can guess how much she liked being taken from her home.

28 - Medron - Determined Terriers - Some of you have been blessed to know Terriers. Some have not. To put it simply, they are hunting dogs. They are smart, they are determined, and they are amazingly tenacious. For example, if you take one from their home without their consent, they can be most vocal in their disagreement with your actions. They might even throw themselves against the walls of their crate in an attempt to make you lose your balance. Determined? Very much so.

29 - Medron - The Thunderbird Affair - Never say I never gave you anything for Christmas.

The Thunderbird Affair is now on sale for the low-low price of less than one smacker. A simoleon. A buck. A dollar. Whatever currency you use, as long as it’s cold hard cash of some kind, the story is available for you now.

Check it out and I hope you like it.

30 - Medron - Terriers Are Little Wolves - I felt like watching an old comfortable movie today so put in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit. It’s an old friend that I love, but I’ve never watched it with a Terrier before. So here we were, minding our own business, when the Wargs came onto the scene. They were chasing the Dwarves who injured one and it yelped in pain. At which time, the Terrier woke up out of a deep sleep and came snarling out to bark at the screen. And she spent the rest of the time watching and listening to the movie, snarling and barking every time the Wargs showed up after that. Until the end of the movie when she went back to licking and smiling like a happy lap dog. She really has a bit of the wolf still in her.

31 - Medron - Movies of Christmastime - I’ve seen more movies in the last month than in a long time. Call it a change in priorities that put watching movies way down on the list of things to do. But this Christmas I’ve seen several movies that I loved. Bumblebee, Mary Poppins Returns, and Aquaman have all hit my “love” buttons. And watching old favorites like Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies has been fun too. Working up to Lord of the Rings. All extended edition as any true Tolkien fan should appreciate. Hehehe.

The nice thing about the spat of Christmas movies I just watched is that they all did something right. In none of them did the directors and producers try to do their own spin on things. They didn’t try to reinvent the characters in ways that would turn off fans, and they stayed away from preaching down to the audience. They just went to the source material they are all derived from, and created amazing and fun movies obviously delved from it. I wish more directors could do that, but I treasure that these did and I hope to see them make more like this in the future.

Seriously, scenes where all the ocean animals swam up behind Aquaman were truly amazing. Like the scenes of Cybertron falling. And hearing music I grew up with in each of them was like a rain of sunshine. Or the rains in Africa…you pick.

I’m utterly happy with the recent movies I’ve seen. No reservations. And that is something I don’t get to say nearly as often as I would like.

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