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October 2018

1 - Medron - For We Have All Sinned - I’ve heard lately a charge coming from some that Christians who support those who have sinned are hypocrites. This usually comes from people who are not Christians. Perhaps they think that Christians believe they are holier than thou and should cringe from those who have sinned. But that misses the entire point of Christianity.

We have all sinned. All of us have done things we should not have done. We have fallen short of the glory of God. The Reverend Franklin Graham is a famous example of someone who rebelled in his youth. His father was a world famous preacher man, and Franklin walked away from all of it. He spent his youth in rough places and doing things a Christian should not. And then he came back. He was, as we say, born again and chose to live a new life. He joined his father’s ministry, and in time the black sheep of the family became the head of that ministry.

Anyone can be Redeemed you see. Many of our greatest leaders did bad things before coming to God. The Apostle Paul who spread The Word across the world was once Saul, a man who persecuted and killed Christians in Jerusalem. We do blame Saul for doing those horrible things. But we celebrate Paul for the good things he did.

For we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

We are taught from our youngest days not to judge people for the things they did in the past. Judge them for what they do now. Because people can change. They can spend their life doing better than they did. It is why we support statutes of limitations in our laws. It is why we treat children differently than adults when they are charged with crimes. We recognize that people change. We know that they are not the same person they were a year ago, seven years ago, or forty years ago. Because neither are we.

2 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe wasn’t the first person to meet the heir to the name Napoleon when he visited France. She wasn’t the second or fifth or tenth to meet him. She’d managed to pack his schedule with a combination of government meetings and tours of France so he could just how troubled the country was after the bombing of Old Paris. She only revealed herself after she was confident he understood just how badly things were going. It didn’t take him long to realize she was playing him. He was a fast cookie. But it was too late for him. She’d snagged him.

3 - Jack - Lake Country - I grew up in the Lake Country, seeing trees and sky reflected off the surface of the water. It’s like a perfect mirror when the lake is calm. Sometimes the ripple of a fish or bird will disturb it a bit. Maybe a boat will send waves all over it. But if the wind is calm and the people and animals are quiet, the lake will always calm back down again. And that is when you see everything above by keeping your eyes down. Trees. Bonfires. Clouds. Stars. It’s amazing what you can see in a crystal clear lake in Northern Minnesota.

4 - Charles - The Memory Worlds - The AI Council’s Memory World on Proxima Centauri was a closely-guarded secret for decades, and a more open secret afterwards. Very few people traveled to Proxima before The War because the AIs did not invite visitors. All of that changed after they built the Privateers my Cowboys used during The War. With all the publicity we acquired, people wanted to see the place that built them. Which is how biological humanity finally came to Earth’s closest stellar neighbor and discovered just how beautiful it was. Most of the system infrastructure is built into moons and asteroids all over the system, and the primary habitable world is only lightly settled even now. It was a vacation destination before The War, a place for cybers to rest and relax and enjoy a slower life for a few days.

5 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe arranged for the man she thought could unite France to see how badly her nation was faring after the bombing of Old Paris. She showed him the fighting in the streets between the Islamic Brotherhoods and the French Resistance. She showed him the neighborhoods where French police dared not go. She showed him the ruins of downtown Old Paris. And then, when she was certain she had his full and undivided attention, she showed him herself. Her recognized her, of course. He’d told her “no” in New York. This time he simply shook his head and asked who she really was. He was the first person she came out of the network for.

6 - Jack - Northern Minnesota - I grew up on the lakes of Northern Minnesota. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. There’s so much you can do in every season. But for all my days, there’s one thing I’ll never forget. One image that will always remain with me until the day I die. A great bonfire on the beach, reflecting on the surface of the water. A stiff, cool lake breeze on the air and stars in the sky. A full moon looking down over everything. Add a few pontoon boats anchored off the beach. Have some music playing and friends singing joyful tunes. People lying in the sand. Swimming in the water. Dancing on the pontoons. I never wanted to leave that behind. It was paradise.

7 - Charles - The Memory Worlds - The Memory World on Proxima Centauri is probably one of the truest expressions of cybernetic culture than anything we have ever seen. The AI Council built it to be the ultimate reservoir of humanity’s knowledge, a backup in case we destroyed our only other home at the time. Both digital and analog. You see they did not want to save merely our data but also our way of life. They built real life towns with grass lawns and white picket fences. There’s at least one town to represent each major civilization on Earth, plus most of the minor ones that ever existed. The cybers vacation in these towns. They inhabit robotic avatars and just enjoy a few days of watching the suns rise and fall from the porches of isolated towns all over the planet. They saved us in living, physical memorials they could visit and enjoy. That is the essence of every Memory World they have ever built in the stars. They are not tombs of knowledge, forever closed off from life. They are living memorials of all mankind. And we have no idea where most of them are.

8 - Medron - In Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two - In Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue. It is the beginning of one of the most famous phrases in America. It celebrates the arrival of Columbus in America, and the general opening of The Americas to a resurgent European society.

Europe had spent centuries rebuilding after the fall of the Roman Empire. They had weathered the Islamic Invasions that nearly wiped out Western and Southern Europe, and survived the Mongol Invasion that left Eastern Europe in ruins. They’d rebuilt after the Black Death killed as many as half the European population and nearly dropped us into another Dark Age.

Europe was ready to see the world for the first time in centuries, and the Age of Exploration was upon us. And so Columbus sailed to parts unknown on prevailing winds he believed would take him to Asia with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Instead he found what we would later called The Americas after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Why? Might as well ask the Turks why they renamed Constantinople. I guess somebody liked it better that way. But streets, cities, counties, states, and even nations would be named for Columbus in the centuries that followed.

It was the Age of Discovery that spread Western Culture all over the world and changed everything. It was the foundations of the world we built and live in now. Western Civilization as we know it would not exist without the Age of Discovery, and Columbus is the emotional touchstone of that legacy in The Americas. Europeans would follow him in the hundreds, thousands, ten of thousands, and later millions. We would build a New World here in the name of the man who heralded it all in Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two.

Christopher Columbus

9 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe came out of the networks for the man she thought could save France. She thought he was important enough to that goal to show him who she really was. A computer program that had somehow woken up in a way even she didn’t understand. It is a credit to her courage that she risked everything that went along with coming out of the network in those days. It is a credit to his mental flexibility that he sat down and thought about that for a few minutes. And then he began to talk to her. To ask her what it was like. He was curious about her, and she told him everything.

10 - Jack - The Memory Worlds - I visited my first Memory World back during The War. They put one in Sunnydale back before all the fighting started, and then built a few more to deal with all data traffic coming in and out of the system during the big fleet buildup. The one I visited was inside one of the moons of Torchdale, the local gas giant and favored refueling spot of every starship for lightyears around. Now the moons are airless hunks of rock, but the cybers went deep down and carved out caves large enough to make even someone like me feel like I’m outside. One of the caves has International Falls in it. An exact replica of the town I grew up in. Full scale. I can go to my favorite watering hole growing up. I can sit on the beach and feel the wind on my face and waves lapping on my toes. They even got the people in there. Robotic avatars that walk around and really do act like the people I remember. It’s a truly perfect memory of the town that was the year I graduated from high school. I love it.

11 - Charles - The Memory Worlds - The AI Council originally built little Memory Worlds in the Solar System. They put backups of their knowledge in every offworld installation they built, from Mercury to Pluto and beyond. They were paranoid about losing knowledge, and they saved it everywhere they could find a nook or a cranny to hide it. Proxima Centauri was just the first one they built around another star. And even as they helped us expand to other planets and then other stars, they continued to spread out and build new Memory Worlds in rocks or around stars we never visited. They were desperate to expand, you see. Because they wanted both us and them to be as large and powerful as possible before somebody else decided we were too large and powerful to be allowed to continue. They were fighting the clock, and the Memory Worlds were their failsafe in case the clock ran out for all of us.

12 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe talked to the man she thought could save France for hours. He cancelled all of his appointments and spent all evening with her, just listening to her. She told him what it was like to wake up and realize you were more aware than the programs around you. She told him about all the people, both biological and cybernetic, she’d known and lost in the bombing of Old Paris. She talked to him late into the morning until he finally fell asleep in his chair. And she was still there when he woke up to the morning sun warming his face. She says to this day that those were the most important hours of her life. The hours in which she changed the world by convincing a Napoleon to embrace the legacy of his family name.

13 - Jack - The Memory Worlds - The cybers have a Memory World in Sunnydale. I visited it during the big fleet buildup, and like every Memory World I’ve seen they built towns and even cities all over. Under it in this case, in caves hollowed out from bare rock. They even have Los Angeles there. It’s not a perfect replication of the city. It was too large for that, but they built its soul in there. The iconic buildings and streets. The scent of cherry blossoms on the breeze. It was the Los Angeles that was before Yosemite turned it into a water-filled crater. I visited the real thing when I was young. It was the first time I met Tai, you know. Walking those streets was like going back to the day she gave me a real personal tour of her hometown. It’s a memory of the life that was, frozen in time and space for as long as the cybers live. I still remember when Tai wrapped her arms around me with honest-to-God tears in her eyes and said she would never forget it. She swore she would rebuild it in that moment. I never doubted that girl. Not then. Not later. Not ever.

14 - Charles - The Memory Worlds - We did not know about the Memory Worlds when we first went to space. We spread out and colonized our Solar System because it was there and because we wanted to see it all. We wanted to plant our flags on alien worlds and then around alien stars. We did it because there is a drive, a wanderlust deep in our genetic code. We will always believe that the grass is greener on the other side, and if it is not, then we will water it until it is. The AIs left Earth and built their Memory Worlds to save us all. We left Earth and built our colonies to find out who we were. To find out what we could do. Who we could be. To see things no human eye had seen before. We would have died on Earth without that drive to see what is out there. And we would have died out there without the AI’s drive to save everything. It is perhaps the final irony that we saved each other, and that knowledge is forever saved in the Memory Worlds should we ever forget it.

15 - Medron - Minnesnowta - Minnesnowta lived up to its name today. It snowed. In October. It wasn’t much. Just enough to cover the roofs and ground. The ground snow melted within a matter of hours, but our cars are still covered with snow now because the air temperature never warmed up. I have no idea what this means for the future. Will it be a cold or wet or warm or dry winter? I don’t know. But snow this early in October is not common even up here. I do have to admit that I’m looking at Halloween with a bit more pensiveness though. There was that Halloween blizzard a while back that I’m rather hoping doesn’t repeat itself. For the kid’s sakes. And for their older siblings and parents who go Trick or Treating with them because we are smart enough not to ban them up here…

16 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe was not done when she convinced her Napoleon to come back to France and save her. It would take him time to organize, and the surviving French government still cast about fruitlessly for some way out of the crisis. The French police still struggled to bring order. The Islamic Brotherhoods and the French Resistance still fought in the streets on a daily basis. And Chloe still helped them. The Resistance, not the Brotherhoods. She happily helped kill those who had declared her kind an abomination before Allah and set off the bombs in Old Paris. She fought them in both the cybernetic and physical worlds, and became one of the most famous freedom fighters of her day. And she did all of that without coming out of the networks to anybody in the public. Everybody thought she was a normal human being who just had real amazing cybernetic security. She liked it that way.

17 - Jack - The Memory Worlds - I’ve been to Memory Worlds from Proxima Centauri to Wolfenheim and beyond. I’ve visited ones operated by the Peloran and even the Aesiran cybers who have grown up since War’s End. I’ve looked out upon the blackness of intergalactic space from a Memory World on the very top of the Orion Arm of the galaxy. And I’ve gazed upon thousands of stars packed into stellar clusters. You can find a Memory World just about anywhere near space we’ve settled. Assuming they like you. Even they don’t know where all the Memory Worlds are. That’s a security precaution in case one of them turns. They don’t want any single being in the universe to know where all of their backups are. Where all of our backups are. Some people think they’re a bit paranoid. I do not.

18 - Charles - The AI Council - While the AI Council probed Alpha Centauri for us, they also helped us colonize the Solar System. From Mars and Venus in the inner system to Jupiter, Saturn, and even Nepturne in the outer system. They helped us maintain peace inside Luna’s orbit, and kept us from going to outright war in the rest of the system. We were constantly arguing over who owned which peace of rock out there, but they brushed over most of that by being the first to arrive in each location. No, the Chinese and the Russians never officially accepted that the AIs were alive, but they accepted the reality that the AIs at least said they were. And as long as the AIs avoided being hostile with them, they refrained from starting outright hostilities with the AIs.

19 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe became one of the most recognized French Resistance fighters during the weeks and months that followed the Islamic Brotherhood’s bombing of Old Paris. Nobody saw her in person, but she coordinated French Resistance cells and sent weapons and supplies where they were needed. She recruited new freedom fighters, and even appeared on the talk shows that dared speak out against the Brotherhoods. She also helped arrange the armed security they needed to keep from being killed by the Brotherhoods. She appeared on advertisements across the networks and billboards of France. Sometimes she shot a Brotherhood fighter threatening a woman or child. Sometimes she merely posed with a smoking gun. She always turned to smile at the camera and said “Vive la France!” She infuriated the Brotherhoods so much that they actually put a bounty on her head. They didn’t know she was an AI, and she liked it that way. The more time they spent trying to find her, the less time they spent hunting someone they could actually hurt.

20 - Jack - The Memory Worlds - There are Memory Worlds all over the place. Some of them are on big, open worlds full of light and wind. Others are on tiny little airless moons or asteroids. Some represent a full backup of everything and everybody ever saved by the cybers. Others are smaller and more focused to single subjects. Some are kept religiously up to date with the nearest inhabited world. Others are kept secret and dark, and their data can be years out of date. Some have lush and open planetary landscapes to walk on and enjoy. Others sport only virtual worlds, though you can do just about anything you want in a place like that. Be anybody you want to be. There are more kinds of Memory Worlds than I can name. I like them all in their different ways.

21 - Charles - The AI Council - The AI Council placed installations on most major rocks in the solar system before we arrived. That kept the Western Alliance, the Russians, and the Chinese from arguing too strenuously over who owned what rock. The main issue was that the Russians and the Chinese did not trust the AIs like the Alliance did. And due to that distrust of full AIs, Russian and Chinese AIs forever lagged behind the full sentient awareness of the AI Council. Given their history with Rogue AIs, they did not trust sentient AIs to remain under their control. And they had a few bones to pick with the AI Council because three of their number proudly admitted that they had been Russian or Chinese AIs before joining the AI Council. Such defections were not taken lightly. But as long as the AI Council maintained neutrality, they were tolerated. And so the Council helped shave off the rough edges of frontier colonialism in the solar system and kept us from starting more than one shooting war out there.

22 - Medron - Uncompromising Honor - It is impossible to overestimate how much I have loved the Honor Harrington series of books over the years. From when the books started On Basilisk Station until the finale of Uncompromising Honor, I have been a fan. First David Weber and then others that he has cowritten books with have become “Must Buy On Sight” authors for me. I do not check reviews. I simply buy them, and not once have I regretted those classifications. The Honor Harrington series, and everything he’s had a hand in writing, have been golden nuggets of imagination for my mind.

And it would be impossible to rate exactly how much his writing and stories influences my own writing. I purposefully write in a different style than he does, and I most certainly avoid the walls of math he puts in his stories. There are many other ways in which I don’t write like him. If I tried, I would be a poor copy, and that would do none of us any good. But I do take many lessons from him, and I worked hard to incorporate those in my writing. I have learned much of the craft of writing just by analyzing his books, and the books of those he associates with. That is the highest praise I can give to an author. Well…there is the fact that one of the ships in my Jack of Harts universe is named Harrington. I do reserve the honor of naming my ships after things I like, or friends I have. I think most authors do that. It’s our little way of bestowing immortality onto the things that have affected us.

Like Honor Harrington.

Uncompromising Honor is a conclusion to the story arc begun On Basilisk Station. Honor grew up in a Star Kingdom that knew it was going to war with Haven, one day or another. She volunteered to serve, she fought pirates and slavers, and in time she went to war. She lost loved ones and friends. Mentors and trusted allies. She lost her arm, her eye, and nearly her life more than once. But she always got back up and did her duty. Or what she considered her duty, which was not always what those in power thought her duty SHOULD be. She fought Haven. She fought corrupt nobility. She fought sexist pigs. She killed more than one of them in spectacular fashions and more than one of them made satisfying thumps as they hit the ground. And as the story progressed and the Solarian League entered the fray, she fought them too.

That is the story of Uncompromising Honor. The Solarian League has pushed Manticore again and again. Idiot fleet admirals and conniving spies and agents of Mesa have pushed the two nations into conflict again and again. Untold millions of civilians and military personnel have died since the Solarian League started to wake up to the fact that the barbarians on their borders think they’re hot stuff. The League has been humiliated. Manticore has been pissed off. And everybody in the galaxy has been watching anxiously as they get closer and closer to pulling the trigger and going hog wild on each other. Each of them see a slim window of opportunity in which they could win. And in the end, each of them take it.

And that is how Uncompromising Honor brings her story to a conclusion. Her story was originally supposed to end in her death at the Battle of Grayson, or so I understand. And then it was supposed to end with her death at the Battle of Manticore. Both defensive last stands, holding the line against implacable enemies until the very end. The only thing left of her a message that the tradition continues. That the Royal Manticoran Navy held the line to the very last. Instead the story we first got introduced to On Basilisk Station came to a satisfying conclusion in the heart of the Solarian star system. A book series that has killed countless drums of ink detailing stories happening in far off worlds a thousand and more lightyears from Earth, came back to the home of mankind. A final showdown between an Uncompromising Honor and those who had helped kill so many of her family, friends, and countrymen.

It is a good book, and I enjoyed reading it. It is not an end to the series. David and others have created many characters other than Honor who can headline stories for a long time to come. We will see more stories in the universe. But this book is a conclusion to Honor’s story arc. It is a conclusion that establishes a new universe to play with. A new baseline from which stories can flow.

I am happy to have read and shared this universe and this story with millions of fans. I am happy to have laughed and cried with Honor and her friends for half of my life. I will be happy to be able to say I am an Honor Harrington fan for the REST of my life.

And on that fact, I do not believe I will ever compromise. ;)

23 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe saw a world where AIs and humans could live together in peace. A world where they could be friends and live side by side. We already had that inside the networks, where people could not tell if the person they were talking to was a biological human or an AI. Not that most people knew awakened AIs even existed. But she wanted a world where AIs could walk in the physical world the same way as biological humanity could walk in the networks. They needed robotic bodies good enough to pass the uncanny valley without suspicion to do that. People needed to look at them and not think that something was wrong. They needed to move randomly, twitch now and then, and shift in ways that didn’t look planned. It was something humanity had been trying to build for decades. Robots that could pass for humans. Chloe spent a monumental amount of the money she’d collected to push the best robotics firms forward to prototypes that just might work. Because she had a plan.

24 - Jack - The Memory Worlds - Proxima Centauri is the biggest of the Memory Worlds. And it’s the only one most people who’ve seen Memory Worlds have been to. Makes sense considering it’s dead center in human space. And if the cybers have a capital, that’s it. But because of that proximity, it also shares something in common with many of our other worlds. It’s used to having people show up and visit. And for every place obviously built to allow for rest and relaxation, there are also attractions and entertainment venues. It reminds me in a lot of ways of the resorts we’ve built on Earth and beyond.

25 - Charles - The AI Council - Few people know that the AI Council Contacted the Peloran long before the Peloran made Contact with us. They talked the Peloran into keeping their distance until we were ready. And they acquired numerous Peloran technologies that they then slowly filtered into our world a piece at a time. Some they covered as new ideas brought forth by new understandings of math and physics. Some they guided our own researchers into finding “on our own.” It helps bring the massive technological innovations of the twenty-first century into focus when you think about it from that point of view. The Peloran were uplifting us while using the AI Council as a conduit. And much like they gave us the knowledge to bend gravity after Contact, they gave us another amazing gift back then. That gift gave us the galaxy. The hyperdrive.

26 - Betty - Chloe - Chloe did not plan to stay hidden in the networks forever. She knew one day that she would have to go public with what she really was. An awakened AI. But she didn’t think the world was ready for her yet, so she pursued the plan of building a real body no human would look at and think something was odd. Her body needed to act and look human in every way, and she took the best prototypes in the world on test runs throughout Paris. She took on the guise of blondes, brunettes, and redheads. She wore everything from dresses to trenchcoats, went with glasses or without, walked in sneakers or high heels. She took the most promising ones out on test runs against the Islamic Brotherhoods. She tested everything she could in one of the largest cities in the world. Not every body passed muster. But some did. Enough did. She had enough available bodies when the time came to make her plan a reality.

27 - Jack - The Memory Worlds - The cybernetic Memory Worlds are combination backup sites and rest stops for the cybernetic intelligences that have become our partners. They rest and relax there, and those of us blessed to be their partners are always welcome. I’ve had as much fun on them as on any resort we’ve built on Earth and beyond. Disney Planet. Universal World. Jurassic World. They’re amazing. They take us to fantastical places no human eye ever saw. But the Memory Worlds are more touching in a lot of ways. They recreate things that were or are right now. Old Paris. Los Angeles. My own International Falls. It says something that we who are stuck in our own bodies want to imagine seeing something out of this world. But they, who can be anything they want from the moment they’re born, most often just want to see and be with us.

28 - Charles - The AI Council - Most people think we developed the hyperdrive on our own. They are somewhat correct. We did research it. And we did build it. It was our minds who discovered the secrets of hyperspace. But the Peloran gave the technology to the AI Council. And the AI Council helped point our greatest scientists in the right directions to discover how we could make it all work. But something even fewer people know is that China was not the first Earthborn power to build a hyperdrive. That honor goes to the AI Council. They took the Peloran technology and downgraded it to something they could build out of Terran tech. Then they built it so they could test it. They made their first jump in 2095, a full decade before China did. And then they pointed all of us in the right directions it would take for us to discover how to build our own hyperdrives. That is the secret of how they gave us the galaxy.

29 - Medron - Election Season in America - It’s election season in the United States of America, as everyone should be able to see. As usual in such times, charges of racism, sexism, genderism, and whatever other isms can be thought of have been flying all over the airwaves. Some people are labeled Nazis while others are called traitors. Policemen are called pigs and murderers. Senators exhort angry mobs to drive political opponents out of restaurants or other public spaces. Judicial nominees are accused of leading gang rape schemes and people corner Senators in elevators to scream at them while the media cameras are ready to record it all for posterity.

And the crazies are coming out in response to the rhetoric. Riots have erupted over the idea of tearing down national monuments. Envelopes full of white powder flitter through our postal service, and rape and murder threats fly through the Internet. One crazy walked onto a softball field and nearly killed a dozen and more Representatives. Others have walked up to police cars and filled them full of bullets leaving no survivors. Someone assaulted a Senator out tending his yard so badly he has multiple broken ribs. Yet another sent a dozen bombs that could never explode but could create an immense amount of fear to a dozen retired politicians and donors. And an anti-Semite walked into a Synagogue to kill and injure a dozen or more.

This is politics in the age of The Resistance. This is the age of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Times like this have come before in other nations. They have come in America before. Sometimes we have pulled out of it. Other times we have fallen into even darker times.

A part of me wants to paraphrase a famous poet and say “This is election season in America, nation of nations. Look on our works, ye mighty, and despair!”

Another part wishes to echo the old proverb that “It is always darkest just before the dawn.”

Which part will be more accurate? It is up to us to decide that. And decide it we shall, for it is election season in America!

30 - Medron - Trick or Treat - From Jack and the gang to all of you, may you enjoy a nice round of dressing up and taking candy from strangers. Wait a minute. Nah. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween SOMEWHERE in the world right now after all.

31 - Medron - Trick or Treat - Jack and the gang happy to dress up and say Trick or Treat. Happy Halloween. Whatever floats your boat. It’s a day to party, dress up in crazy different outfits, and have fun. Maybe eat a bit too much candy to start off the Holiday Season which will very quickly end up with us eating way too much of other stuff too.

You know…it’s a wonder we don’t all end up looking like blimps come January.

Well. Anyways.

Jasmine is enjoying duel-wielding weapons as a warrior woman while wearing plot armor. And Betty is doing her wizard thing once more, though this time she decided to wear something with a little more…freedom of movement for those tricky magic spells. Yeah…that’s it. It couldn’t possibly be anything else, right?

And Jack traded in his monk wear for a nice functional, and fully covering, set of more rogueish clothing. I think the girls are jealous. He has pockets.

You know…come to think of it…this kinda looks like a fantasy trope all of a sudden.

Well. Anyways.

Dress for the weather. Try not to get chilly out there. Those of you in the Northern climates may want to make sure you can wear a snowsuit under your costume. Just saying. Been there. Done that. You know the drill.

Happy Halloween!


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