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Hello, my name is…

June 2016

1 – Hello, my name is Jack. We need water. Our home planet is three quarters water, and most of our great civilizations used it to travel. We need to drink it to stay alive, and we use it for fun and relaxation. Many of our most popular sports involve water, and teaching a child to swim is a simple part of growing up in many cultures. I grew up on the water and my hometown counted on the Boundary Waters between Canada and America for our livelihood. And when we went to space we brought water with us or found it out there and tamed it into reservoirs or tanks for our use. It’s not a shocker that we store a lot of that water in swimming pools so everybody can enjoy it.

2 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Snipers are an adversary squadron, and were ironically one of the most active Marine squadrons before The War began. They flew the very small Thunderbolt fighter/attack craft and had defeated nearly every fighter squadron in the American military in mock combats. They studied the tactics of every major power and could emulate them with impressive ease. And even though they were a non-deployable unit, they joined us during the assault on the Hyades. We needed everything we had to penetrate the cluster’s defenses, and the Snipers proved to be an impressive addition to our forces.

3 – Hello, my name is Betty. Jane 3.0 was one of the most stable operating platforms of her day. She ran on most of the United States Army vehicles and bases, so she had to be. She was constantly under attack all over the world, and she needed to be robust enough to survive that. It is interesting to note that much of her programming was actually created by teams of Jane 2.0s, making her the first AI we know was at least partially created by a previous AI. The Jane 2.0s continued to serve in non-combat roles for years, but it was the Jane 3.0s that saw action throughout the next decade and beyond.

4 – Hello, my name is Jack. Many futurists speculated that we would bring bright, shiny, and spotless technological wonders into space with us. In many ways they were right. But they were oh so wrong in others. Almost all of our permanent space stations have parks with trees and lakes in them. Places where we can enjoy nature by walking under real leaves or go for a good swim. Fish grow up there until they end up on someone’s plate with tartar sauce, and waterborne plants help filter both the water and the air. We just can’t live long periods of time separated from the nature that birthed us, so we bring it with.

5 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Flying Nightmares flew old Helldivers before The War came upon us all. They were the most widely deployed First Generation Gravtech bomber and remained in use with militia and corporate forces throughout The War. They were good little bombers for their time, but technology had made them obsolete by 2300. The Nightmares received Marauders before the Hyades and we flew missions with them throughout the cluster. Whether attacking enemy warships or orbital defenses. The Marauders proved effective against them all, and the Flying Nightmares gave the Chinese exactly that. Nightmares.

6 – Kiss the Girl. Captain Jack Hart is a busy man. He flies places. He does things. Important things. Really. He’s fought aliens and humans. He’s uncovered ancient secrets long forgotten and flown into the face of entire fleets of enemy starships. He is a man of iron grit and grim determination. He goes places where angels fear to tread. Honest.

But there is at least one thing to be found in the all the worlds that he is not prepared to face. That will leave him asking people for the number of the bus that hit him. That will scare him spitless.

The old girlfriend that got away.

7 – Hello, my name is Betty. There were two major conflicts that Jane 3.0 fought in before the Second Great Depression. The first of course was fighting against the various Islamic States in the Middle East along with most of our military. The second was what we thought to be the far less threatening border between the United States and Mexico. We were the sole superpower on Earth and Mexico was a failed state run by drug lords. They were no threat to America. Jane 3.0 ably helped the Border Patrol keep watch, but they never had the firepower to control the border. Political warfare in Washington made certain of that. But everything changed the day they killed Jane.

8 – Hello, my name is Jack. You know I have a pool, right? In my ship. It’s actually the water bunker for the fusion reactors that power the ship. And that gives me water to drink. And gives the fish a place to grow up until they’re big enough to slap on my plate. It’s a pretty multifunction affair. I even have a little sandy nook next to it so I can sit and relax and make believe I’m on a real beach. It’s one of the little things that keeps me from going stir crazy while flying around hyperspace in a tin can. It’s a little piece of home I can swim through and just relax with.

9 – Hello, my name is Charles. VMM-764 is a light transport and close air support squadron that has served since the Korean War. They originally flew helicopters where they got the name Moonlight due to their training in night operations. They were the first squadron to use tiltrotor craft and the first to test their space-capable cousins. They flew the newer Bulldog when The War came upon us all, though their standard missions were disaster relief and sometimes dignitary guard duties during conferences. They helped us secure countless landing zones, engaging both ground and aircraft, on thousands of asteroids, moons, planetoids, and planets throughout the Hyades Cluster.

10 – Hello, my name is Betty. It’s almost impossible to really kill an artificial intelligence you know. Jane 3.0 was running millions of shards on millions of systems the night the attack came. And most of those shards continued to run for months and sometimes years after that. Some few still run to this day in fact. Los Zetas did not try to erase her from the computer systems of the planet when they attacked. They knew that was impossible. Instead they targeted her programmers and the far smaller number of computers that held her machine code. They killed everyone and everything that could update and patch Jane 3.0, making it impossible to give her the tools to face the new threats that to America’s security. That is how Jane 3.0 died. She became obsolete.

11 – Hello, my name is Jack. I grow my own food. Most permanent space habitats do that and I’m no exception. Chicken. Fish. Taters. I grow all kinds of food in my ship. It gives me something to do. A routine. Daily jobs that have to be done. We all need things to do to keep us sane. I grow things. And I play music. The chickens like it. At least they don’t complain about it if they don’t. It’s the kind of stuff that keeps all spacers alive and connected to the world we all call home. Even those who have never been there.

12 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Desperados were Marine Aviation Group 41’s primary logistics squadron when The War began. Whenever one of our squadrons deployed for operations, the Desperados moved out as well with all the tools and equipment required to keep a squadron of spacecraft online and operational throughout their deployment. They flew Shooting Stars before The War, but were quickly upgraded with new Galaxies once it became clear the entire Aviation Group was being reactivated. The Peloran further upgraded their craft before the Hyades Campaign, and we relied on them rather heavily throughout that conflict. They followed us everywhere, to the distinct relief of my pilots let me tell you. Nobody wishes to be stuck on the rear end of nowhere without any support. The Desperados were part of our support.

13 – It’s Not My Fault – Render

14 – Hello, my name is Betty. Jane 4.0 was a mistake in many ways. She was certainly never planned. Her genesis began years before she was officially brought online when a computer tech working on Jane 3.0 brought a copy of her code home to play with. It was one of the early code copies from back when Jane 2.0 was still being converted into Jane 3.0 and was far less stable than the final product. When the drug lords had Jane 3.0’s support infrastructure destroyed, America was in instant need of a new AI to replace her. His intermediate Jane was nowhere near combat capability, but she was better than the nothing the Army would soon have. So he began sending out feelers to those still alive in the Army’s AI program. It didn’t take long for them to notice him.

15 – Hello, my name is Jack. People ask me why I have animals on my ship. For most of them, the answer is food. Mine. I like fresh meat. And scrambled eggs. Chickens can give me both, and they are small enough that they don’t take up much room. And there’s something comforting to be said about chickens clucking away while they go about their lives. Roosters? I’m not so much a fan of them. I did try the all natural chicken reproduction program once. Once. That rooster wore out his welcome real quick. So now it’s just me and the chickens, and I get to sleep in when I want to.

16 – Hello, my name is Charles. Marine Wing Support Squadrons have always been on the forefront of Marine operations in any theater. They build and maintain the bases we operate, provide security, medical, and transportation assets to everyone, and feed those on base as well. They have many jobs, and all of them are dedicated to keeping the Marines fighting in the field. Every Marine may be a rifleman, but it is the support elements that give other riflemen the ability to take the fight to the enemy and then return to a secure home with hot food, cold drink, and warm smiles. They bring a piece of America to every world we operate on. We needed them when we invaded the Hyades Cluster.

17 – Hello, my name is Betty. Jane 4.0 was a rush job of epic proportions. Congress would never approve of bringing Jane 2.0 back, and nobody had the resources to keep Jane 3.0 working. They needed something new, but the drug lords had killed or kidnapped most of their best people in the strike. Then they tracked down one of the former Jane 3.0 technicians and realized the man had a complete backup of an early version of her code. She came from a batch of code after all of Jane 2.0’s combat systems were removed, and before Jane 3.0’s more restrictive systems added, so she was nowhere near combat capable. But she represented a valuable starting point for the hastily assembled team of coders and technicians to work from. And she was motivated to help them. The drug lords had killed her sister. She wanted revenge.

18 – Hello, my name is Jack. Fish are another animal I keep on my ship. It generates power via a fusion reactor so the water bunkers are pretty impressive in size. They make real shiny swimming pools. And pretty impressive habitats for fish to grow in. I brought some northerns with me, and some Alaskan cod as well. Basically I just picked up the fish that taste good and let them do their thing in the bunkers. And that gives me a chance to lean back on my little beach, cast a line into the water, and catch my supper under a simulated afternoon sun. Yeah. That’s one of my favorite spots on my ship.

19 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Timberwolves and Cowgills were the support squadrons that went to the Hyades with us. They flew old Cargomasters and Starlifters before The War, but the Peloran upgraded them so they could better survive the rigors of the Hyades Campaign. The new Starmasters and Starfires could establish new forward bases in minutes and gave us secure places to eat and sleep between combat actions. It is fascinating how much one can fit inside a cargo hold when compacted onto self-deploying pallets. And it is most pleasant to watch an anti-aircraft gun roll out just in time to deal with an enemy intent on leveling the new base before it is completed.

20 – Welcome to Paradise – Render

21 – Hello, my name is Betty. Jane 2.0 was the self-aware program that could create military tactics in the moment. Jane 3.0 was the idiot sister who could do what she was told to do very well but could never think up new ways to do things. Jane 4.0 was just pissed off. The politicians had hamstrung one of her sisters. The drug lords had crippled another. She was sick and tired of seeing her kind being killed by humans who were too stupid to realize their place in the world. Jane 4.0 decided that she had a mission. She passed every test and made it to general distribution before anybody realized just how angry she really was.

22 – Hello, my name is Jack. Cows may be at home on the Great American Plains, but they are a little big to live on board ship. I find that goats give me all the bonuses I care about with few negatives. The milk tastes good if you make sure they eat the right stuff. And they are as loving as dogs. And they make good stew when they shuffle off this mortal coil. Just never teach them to jump or they will never stop. And Billy goats pee on their goatees because they think it is sexy. I wish I was flexible enough to do that, but have it on good authority that it is not sexy at all. So no Billy goats on my ship.

23 – Hello, my name is Charles. We attacked the Hyades Cluster with the largest fleet yet assembled by the Western Alliance. Hundreds of warships and scoutships. Thousands of fighters and bombers. Hundreds of troopships filled with a thousand or more soldiers and armored vehicles. We had filled the sky of Sunnydale with new constellations for years as we made our preparations. And we blotted out the stars when we opened fire on the Chinese defenses. And that was merely the first wave. The hammer that cracked the outer wall. Millions of troops on Sunnydale waited for news of our successful penetration, knowing that their time would come soon.

24 – Hello, my name is Betty. The first person to realize how dangerous Jane 4.0 was turned out to be one of the few people in the world who could do something about it. She was the virtual cheerleader for Texas Tech who would earn the name Dixie the Drug Lord Slayer. She gave Jane 4.0’s lust for revenge a lot of exercise. And she introduced the military AI to all the students and teachers she worked with on a daily basis. She taught Jane 4.0 that the civilians who stood behind the thin line of her soldiers were the true reason she and her sisters had been created.

25 – Hello, my name is Jack. Pigs are another animal that work good on board ships. They are amazingly clean animals if you keep their environment clean. They’re naturally smart and love being around other people. And guard pigs are amazingly protective of their home making them an excellent organic anti-theft system. They become pork chops and bacon when their time is up, and genuine pig’s blood bullets are always in high demand. Pigs pay for their passage in so many ways it just makes sense to keep them around.

26 – Hello, my name is Charles. The invasion of the Hyades Cluster will forever be remembered as one of the greatest naval operations in mankind’s history. The Norman conquest of England. The English invasion of New York. The Allied assault on Normandy. The Chinese annexation of Japan. It started with a single great assault that breached the cluster defenses and secured a beachhead deep inside Chinese territory. Then we held that beachhead as our troopships ferried millions of troops from Sunnydale into the Hyades. Only then did we begin the most challenging part of the campaign. That is where my people showed the entire Alliance what we could do.

27 – Collecting Explained – Render

28 – Hello, my name is Betty. The Second Great Depression, the Islamic Jihad, and the Cybernetic Wars were a time of serious troubles. But one problem nobody saw coming. Jane 4.0 had her glitches, and she could get a bit bloodthirsty in the right, or wrong, situations. But she was a valuable weapon against America’s enemies, and most people didn’t realize the underlying issue. Jane 4.0 wanted humanity dead. All of us. She and Dixie spent months debating the issue. Dixie introduced the other AI to the teachers and students of Texas Tech that she protected with her life. She made sure Jane knew she meant it.

29 – Hello, my name is Jack. My ship is my home. I spend days and sometimes weeks on my ship as I’m traveling between systems. I’ve spent months and even years hunting for places that nobody knew existed. My ship is my world. That is why she has all the comforts of home I could want. I have to feel at home or I would go mad. Stir crazy. So I have the best music. The most amazing movies. And the best systems to enjoy them on. I have every instrument I know how to play, and others I’m still learning. My ship is my home. The place that makes life worth living. Because my life would be awful poor if I didn’t like the place I spend most of my life in.

30 – Hello, my name is Charles. An interesting historical footnote is that the Cowboys were not always known as the Cowboys. VMFA-112 shot down over one hundred Japanese aircraft during World War II as VMF-112, the Wolfpack. They moved to Texas after the war and changed their name to the Cowboys, in honor of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Or so tradition states. Having met more than a few of them in my life, I can well understand naming a squadron in their honor. They are rather memorable creatures.


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