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Hello, my name is…

February 2016

1 – Shadow Panther Tank Destroyer

2 – Hello, my name is Betty. The Muslim faith has been divided since Mohammed died. Some say the divisions began even before, but it was his death that made those divisions crystal clear. There was disagreement over who should lead Islam after that, and it lead to bloodshed. As the years passed into decades and then centuries the Sunni and the Shia never forgot the treachery that divided them. The Islamic State of Detroit was supposed to be a new beginning for Islam, a place where anyone who followed Mohammed could live in peace. The news media trumpeted that unity until the very end, after the real life Twilight began leaking the real news onto the networks.

3 – Hello, my name is Jack. The Weather Service doesn’t actually make weather you know. If it did, the Americas would be a lot warmer now. They can do little things with local weather, but full-scale climate adjustments on a continental scale are beyond what we can do. Well, I’ve seen the results of doing that and it does work. It can also go horribly wrong, and I’ve seen that too. Planetary climates don’t always enjoy being tinkered with. That’s why the United States Weather Service is more concerned with cleaning up bad air, starting rain showers where they are needed, and suppressing major storm fronts where possible.

4 – Hello, my name is Charles. China’s four-child policy made the Hyades into one of the most densely populated regions of space when The War came upon us all. It gave them a population and industrial base that was terrifyingly capable, and made it a target that had to be neutralized if we were to have any chance of winning. The interesting part is that it was the very population derived from that four-child policy that made it possible for us to govern the worlds we captured. Most of them were lower castes, sent out of China so the home nation could be ethnically pure. They were conditioned from birth to do what the Han businessmen who ruled the cluster told them to do. We just had to adjust our tactics to their needs.

5 – Hello, my name is Betty. The Salafi Muslims in charge of the Islamic State of Detroit saw America as the Great Satan, as opposed to the Little Satan of Israel. It was their holy mission from Allah to destroy and conquer America. Taking over Detroit and driving out the non-Muslims was merely their first step towards that goal, though they masterfully played the news networks into reporting that those who left did so because of their religious intolerance towards the peaceful Muslims of Detroit. Step two was their contribution to the devastation of the American power and communications networks during the Second Great Depression. They did not act alone of course. Attacks against the networks came from many directions. But the real life Twilight found proof of their involvement and published it for all to see, to the profound regret of the news networks in bed with Detroit.

6 – Hello, my name is Jack. I remember when the border region between the American and Mexican States was a desert you know. It wasn’t that long ago. Long dead Presidents sent so many Indians there because the land was so poor no one in their right mind would want it. But the secret about deserts is that they are full of life just waiting for rain to bloom for anyone with eyes to see. I’ve been to the Indian Nations down there and they are rather nice little places to live now that the rains are a more common occurrence. They are certainly nothing like the old Westerns of my youth, when the Great American Desert was brown and drab most of the year.

7 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Tibetans, Mongolians, Japanese, and all the other lesser castes shipped out to the Hyades Cluster and then ordered to have at least four children per family so as to increase the productive population outnumbered their Han masters when we came. The government kept them in line via ruthless punishments to those who did not mind their betters. Made them fear punishment more than a life of slavery. We broke those rules when we won, but truly changing the worlds did not happen in a day. I am a student of history. I know what happened after our own Civil War. I decided when I looked upon those worlds that I would not allow history to repeat itself in the Hyades.

8 – Forge of War. What would do if your world ended? What would you do if everyone and everything you knew and loved was lost? Would you seek revenge or would you forgive? Would you lash out in blind anger or would you go in search of inner peace? Jack chose revenge. Jack chose to kill as many of the Shang as he could bring under his guns. But what he found wanted more than that. What he found would forge him into something he had never planned on being. You see Jack did not want to grow up, but boys merely play at war. It takes a man to wage one.

9 – Hello, my name is Betty. Not all Muslims were extremists. Most Muslims of the time were just like most Christians of the time. They wanted to live their life in peace and not be bothered by others about it. The actions of the Salafi Islamic State of Detroit angered them. The religious fighting in the streets between Sunni and Shia extremists motivated them. And like their fellows in Constantinople, Tehran, and Cairo, they finally acted on their years of discontent. They smuggled Twilight and her crew into downtown Detroit where they gained direct access to the systems that controlled Detroit’s robotic defenses. Then came the hard part.

10 – Hello, my name is Jack. There are a lot of Indian Nations in Northern Minnesota so I grew up seeing them all the time. Fishing on the lakes, hunting in the forests, gambling in the casinos. I even attended some of their rain dances and such. The first time it was for school credit. The rest were all me. I’ll be honest. It was the pretty dancing girls that brought me back. I played it off as enjoying the cultural exchange, but the parents weren’t fools. Neither were the girls for that matter, but they were always up for a willing dancing partner, and most boys just don’t do that well. They’re afraid of making missteps and embarrassing themselves. I stepped on a lot of toes back then, but we laughed and carried on, and I am happy for that.

11 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Alliance governments wanted us to reform the Hyades Cluster once we liberated it from the Chinese. We would have military governors of course, but we were expected to work towards self-rule as soon as possible. Fair and free elections. They failed to understand what makes our form of government work. When it works of course. It is our value of life and the voice of individual citizens that makes our governments accountable to the people. Where the opinions of the people are not respected, our governments fall to tyranny. We have seen it too many times in the past to ignore that. The Chinese subjects of the Hyades were taught to keep their heads lowered, remain silent unless spoken to, and do as they were told. There was no respect for them. Not amongst their Chinese masters, and not amongst our Western leaders either.

12 – Hello, my name is Betty. Once Twilight and her crew held command of Detroit’s robotic defenses, the leader of Detroit’s moderates called for an end to the fighting in the streets and demanded that Detroit’s government resign in its entirety so that free and fair elections could be held. The news networks went into full crisis mode when those demands came out. They had reported on the “peaceful Islamic State of Detroit” for so many years that some of them no longer recognized their own bias. So most of the centralized networks circled the wagons and called them radical revolutionaries. And in that void of reporting the Salafis, Sunnis, and Shias turned to deal with the moderates who dared to demand an end to the enforcement of the Sharia Laws the Salafis had so long abused.

13 – Hello, my name is Jack. I traveled to most of the Indian Nations in Minnesota when I was young. They are fairly small in most cases, the size of towns or cities. A few are county-sized, but that’s it. They didn’t prepare me for when I went to California and visited the Indian Nations out there. They were vast deserts the size of States back then. Real States, not postage stamps like Rhode Island. I had never seen that much hot or that much brown. Now they are grasslands that can support countless herds of buffalo and they make good eating if I say so myself. Some of the best. And that right there makes Earth sometimes seem more alien than any world I’ve ever visited. It is hard to see the world that is and not remember the world that was. Or those who I wish still walked atop her.

14 – Hello, my name is Charles. My plan for the Hyades was to use their culture to drag them out of a dark age rather than try to replace it my own. And so I wore a business suit they would recognize. I walked amongst them alone, without any guards. There was far more negotiation in that than most people realize. They could have mugged me in the street, but I showed respect for them. And they offered me respect in return. No matter how downtrodden they are, every people has leaders and I met them on that day. I recognized them in the crowd and then noticed the disagreement begin in front of me. It was a test of course. They had come to measure the man who dared to declare himself their master. It was a greater gamble for all of us than even I recognized at the time.

15 – Angel Flight. First Fleet defended Earth. Second Fleet defended Alpha Centauri. Third Fleet was our chance to strike back, to take The War to the Chinese, the Russians, and their alien allies. It was the largest and most powerful fleet we had ever assembled. We would use it to end all of the fighting in one swift campaign that would tear a line of destruction across the stars and prove that the Western Alliance still stood strong. Nothing could defeat it. That is what we told ourselves. That is what we believed. The alien Shang were not convinced…

16 – Hello, my name is Betty. The last season of Twilight showed us a Muslim faith that was divided by competing loyalties. There was the old Sunni and Shia split of course. And there were those who supported hard-line Sharia Laws and those who wanted the freedoms of Western culture. And some like the Salafis enforced Islamic rule on other peoples. The most fanatical Islamic States burned people of every faith out of their homes, and millions of refugees fled in hopes of finding freedom in the West. And in all of the chaos they did find hope. We saw it in Detroit.

17 – Hello, my name is Jack. There are hundreds of small Indian Nations scattered all over America, but most of them aren’t full-fledged States. Statehood requires a big population and a unified government to declare it. And most Indian Nations have never been that big. One village, town, or city just doesn’t have a lot of pull when you are talking to a nation that crosses an entire continent. That is why they formed the Federation of First Nations during the chaos of the Second Great Depression. It gave them a single voice and helped to pool their resources towards reinvigorating all of the Indian Nations following the fall of the federal government.

18 – Hello, my name is Charles. We saw the effects of my plan in the Hyades. All of my Cowboys soon began to wear business suits as their new uniform, and everywhere we went we sought to bring stability. It did not always work of course. Not every local population were interested in listening to foreign devils. And once the Chinese realized what we were doing we became high profile targets. But that helped us in other ways. Few things impress a crowd like taking a shot that would kill a normal person and then standing back up. The Chinese may have legends about Immortals, but few things get their attention so well as showing that you are one in the present.

19 – Hello, my name is Betty. Twilight’s last season showed Americans snippets of the outside world along with the fighting in Detroit. They showed us glimpses of a peaceful Tehran after the Persian Revolution, and Israeli flags over Syria. We saw the newly renamed Constantinople looking out over the remnants of Greece and Turkey. And we saw the war still going on in North Africa. The Islamic State of Detroit stood nearly alone in a world where the other Islamic States had already been brought low by internal rebellion or foreign armies. The Jihad would continue to go on for decades, but Twilight showed us how the last of the Islamic States died.

20 – Hello, my name is Jack. I’ve visited all of the major Indian Nations and many of the smaller ones. The largest ones are west of the Mississippi of course. Though the Chippewa Nations are all east of it, in the Great Lakes region. They’re the largest Indian nation that doesn’t own a large big block of territory you know. They have small pockets of land throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Some of the best casinos in America are on their lands if I say so myself. I may have visited them as a kid. A lot. Those tribes have some serious money, enough that they’ve actually funded a very respectable little star fleet of their own. I’d fight at their side again any day of the week.

21 – Hello, my name is Charles. I will never forget Tianjin. That is where I took the sniper bullet in the shoulder. It is a painful memory. The crowd thought I was dead. So did the sniper and that is why I lived. He packed up and began to leave his position. That gave me time to stand back up, draw my weapon with my other hand, and shoot him dead. It was a bad shot. I had hoped to capture him alive, but was operating at a distinct handicap. Still, good did come from that confrontation. It was the first day the populations of the Hyades Cluster used the term Immortal and Cowboy together. I did not correct them. The Chinese government did not appreciate that at all.

22 – Angel Strike. Third Fleet’s job was to end The War in one swift campaign that would have showed the enemy we could destroy them with ease. It failed. The heavy cruiser Los Angeles and her squadron now return to the nearest Western Alliance port of call with valuable information that could change The War. Serenity is a major Alliance colony world with everything that goes with that designation. Serenity is a center of industry with major fleet repair yards in low orbit. Serenity is protected by dozens of orbital forts and permanent fleet defenses that can stop any attack. Serenity is the perfect place for dispirited American sailors to drink the memories of Epsilon Reticuli away. Serenity is safe. They hope.

23 – Hello, my name is Betty. To those who grew up in the 1950s, there were three networks that every American watched or listened to for news and entertainment. The government operated a fourth public station. And four decades later a fifth network joined the team. Newspapers from New York, Washington, and other cities big and small told their readers all the news that was fit to print. Corporations and governments told the people what the news was and how to think about it, and entire wars were won or lost on the field of public opinion driven by the networks. But that monolithic structure didn’t last very long.

24 – Hello, my name is Jack. The Cherokee Nation was the largest of the Indian Nations in the late Twentieth Century. They’ve spent most of their history trying to remove all White Man influence though, which has caused no end of controversy. They started as the most racially diverse of the Indian Nations but have gone through successive revocations of citizenship to those with “too much non Cherokee blood” over the centuries. They are now proud to say that they are the most racially pure Indian Nation on the American continent, and recognize none of the other Cherokee Nations as real Indians. But they are still happy to take foreign money in their casinos. I do not understand them at all.

25 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Hyades Campaign was difficult until the end. The Chinese could reinforce worlds before our ground forces could defeat the defenders. That cost us many ships and forced us to retreat far too many times. Within a few years though we had a rhythm in effect. Attack, wait for reinforcements, then attack another system, wait for reinforcements, and by the fifth or sixth attack we would assault the main fleet base of the area. They never knew which attack would be the real one, but they couldn’t leave their systems without support, so we spread them out and hit them with local superiority. We killed as many of their ships as possible in each engagement, and made them pay for every world they held or retook. We wore them down.

26 – Hello, my name is Betty. The major five networks had been built on expensive transmission towers that only major corporations or the government could afford to build. But in the waning years of the Twentieth Century, city cable companies and national satellite companies began collecting network transmissions and sending them directly to homes with the right equipment. And soon much smaller companies began forming small networks of their own and broadcast their news and entertainment via these two much cheaper options. First dozens and then hundreds of these smaller networks appeared and many people turned off the major networks to listen to these new voices that sometimes spoke very differently. That changed the world.

27 – Hello, my name is Jack. The Cherokee Free Nation of Sequoyah is the largest of the various Indian Nations now. They named themselves after the Indian who invented writing in the Cherokee language, a concept he got from the White Man back in the day. The original founders were Freedmen, descendents of Cherokee slaves that the Cherokee Nation said weren’t Cherokee enough to keep their citizenships. They soon became a home for any Cherokee who felt unwelcome in their home nation, and then they welcomed any Indians, and finally anybody at all. Study their history, pass their citizenship test, and you are a citizen of Sequoyah. I may have picked up an honorary citizenship over the years. I like dancing with them.

28 – Hello, my name is Charles. The Chinese never stopped fighting in the Hyades. They attacked our fleets and bases until they ran out of starships. They defended their systems until they ran out of spaceships. Then they fought with every gun they had to defend their planets. They never stopped answering the call to fight us. They never ran out of courage. For all the distaste I have for the social policies of their governments, I respected their soldiers. Even in the end, when they knew they were losing, they still stood up and fought. It was amazing to watch. It was terrible to watch. I hope I never have to do anything like that again.

29 – Wolfenheim Rising. The Shang thought they could come into our skies and tell us we could not fly. They thought they could demand we follow them and we would submit. They thought they could destroy us if we did not cooperate with them. We proved them wrong. First we fought back. And then we sent Wolfenheim. The plan was as simple as it was grandiose. To show the Shang that we are coming. That we will always be coming. That no matter they do to us, we will always be coming. That they could not bottle us up in our little corner of the galaxy forever. That was Wolfenheim.


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