DropShipCommand Poll

There were 175 votes after pulling out all of the extra votes people tried to sneak in. I can see some people hitting the vote button twice, but ten times? That is a bit much dudes.  Needless to say, all of your effort was for naught....
But this is approximately seven times the number of respondents I got on the first poll, and around what I was expecting to get via the DSC poll. Under each question, I show the possible answers, the numbers of responses for each answer, and the percentage of total responses for each answer.
      1) Do you want naval vessels (ships, submarines) in MC2?
      82 / 93
      47% / 53%
      2) Do you want VTOLs (helicoptors) in MC2?
      149 / 26
      85% / 15%
      3) Do you want Hover craft to go over water?
      169 / 6
      97% / 3%
      4) How do you want Mechs to handle water?
      a) Like in MC (no walking at all)
      b) Limited to shallow water
      c) Walk in all depths of water at reduced speed
      d) Like in BT (piloting rolls, reduced speed, all that jazz)
      5 / 54 / 29 / 85
      3% / 31% / 17% / 49%
      (If you add up the votes on question 4, you will only get 173 votes. That is because two people couldn't decide what they wanted and left the field blank.)
      5) How would you like vehicles portrayed in MC2?
      a) same as in MC (single weapon system, minimal armor)
      b) tougher then MC (single weapon system, heavier armor)
      c) closer to Battletech (multiple weapons systems, heavier armor)
      d) Just like in Battletech (multiple weapons systems, heavy armor, a threat to mechs)
      9 / 7 / 59 / 100
      5% / 4% / 34% / 57%
      6) Do you want to be able to be able to recover vehicles for use in future missions?
      158 / 17
      90% / 10%
      7) Do you play BattleTech the boardgame?
      95 / 80
      54% / 46%
      8) Do you play MechCommander?
      174 / 1
      99% / 1%
      9) Which did you play first?
      71 / 35 / 69
      41% / 20% / 39%
      10) How do you want non-omni 'Mech alteration to occur?
      a. Like MC
      b. Cost money, but no time delay
      c. Cost money and time delay
      d. Like BT, costs money, long time delay, random chance that it won't work.
      43 / 34 / 48 / 50
      25% / 19% / 27% / 29%
      11) How do you want to handle 'Mech equipment placement
      a. Like MC, computer controlled.
      b. Simplified control. Place weapons in areas, but computer controls secondary systems
      (Heatsinks for instance)
      c. Like BT, everything player controlled.
      38 / 53 / 84
      22% / 30% / 48%
      12) How much power do you want in 'Mech alteration?
      a) Like MC, switch out weaponry and equipment only.
      b) Leave engines and structure alone, but can edit all other values.
      c) Like MW3, can switch anything.
      53 / 55 / 67
      30% / 31% / 38%
      yup....99 percent total on that last one.....doncha love rounding to the nearest percent?
General Feelings on the Poll
The most prevelant responder, was the one who did not play BTech, does play MC, and first played MW.
There were also many people who first played BTech, but don't now, while they do play MC. 
In addition, there were a large number of people in the poll who first played MC and do not play BTech at all.
And an equally large number of people who first played BTech, play it now, and play MC.
Somewhere around 60 percent of the pollsters play BTech, while all but 1 of the 180 respondants play MC.
What surprises me is the relatively small number of people who played MC first, while the vast majority have played either MW or BTech before playing MC.
Those who have only played MC, were generally happier with the way MC handled stuff, while those who have played BTech or MW first, usually wanted more control.
As with most generatlizations, there were of course many people who went against these standards....
Some votes were absolute blowouts, with 90 percent and higher voting in one direction, while others were near-ties with allmost equal votes in each direction. Vehicles in general appeared to be a VERY hot topic, while 'Mechs were a bit on the cooler side.
My take on the votes
1) once again, this one barely got less then a fifty percent vote......it is a shame most people don't see the beauty of naval bombardment....
2) 85% want helicopters.....that seems to be a rather heavy request for saying we want them. Of course, considering we are using the MC/G engine, I don't know if it will make it in even the MC2 team wanted to put it in.
3) 97 % want hovercraft to go over water. Even MORE strong then the last one, and this idea shouldn't be as hard to implement as the above idea.
4) 3% liked water management it the way it was in MC/G.....but fixing it is harder to decide. 97% of the respondents wanted to walk through shallow water. 66% wanted to walk through all levels water at a slower rate of speed. And 49% wanted to add in piloting roles and possible falling to walking in or under water.
5) 5% liked vehicles the way they were in MC/G, 95% wanted vehicles with more armor, 91% wanted vehicles with more armor and weaponry, and 57% (still a clear majority) wanted the vehicles to have similar weapons and armor to their BTech counterparts.
6) 90% of respondents wanted vehicles to be recovered for future use.....Between questions 3, 5, and 6, we see that by FAR, the majority of respondents believe vehicles
were jipped as far as usability goes. Even if brought up to BTech quality, vehicles will STILL be far weaker then mechs.....but at least they will be a credible threat....right now, they aren't...and we want them to be.
7) 54% of those who responded play the BTech board game, so you can't say that all of these 90% votes are just BTech players ranting.....there are a LOT of present MC players and people who don't play BTech who want these things.
8) Pure and simple....only one person who does not play MC voted in this poll.....
9) 41% played BTech first, while a nearly equal number played MW first. That leaves the number of people who played MC first at 20%. So four out of five people who frequent this site (by extension are currently active playing MC/G) and are looking forward to buying MC2 (otherwise why they would they vote?) first saw the BTech universe via BTech and MW. So story elements that don't make sense with the BTech story will stand out badly....as will stuff like 'Mechs that are the wrong weight...et cetera.....
10) As for altering standard 'Mechs...it was a more across the board response. One quarter of the respondents liked the way it was, but that leaves 75% that think it should cost money at the very least to change the payload of a standard 'Mech. 56% want there to also be a time delay, and 29% want there to also be a change that it don't work.  It seems that the one that would get the least number of ticked off people would be option b...costs money with no time delay. That is the wat MW2 mercs handled it, and people seemed to like it.
11) Another of the more across the board responses. 22% liked it computer controlled (but I'm sure fixing the righ arm bug would make us MUCH happier). But 78% want to be able to place the weapons and other combat equipment in their locations to keep from HAVING the right arm bug or other similar things. In the final category, 48%, just short of a majority, want to be able to design with the full BTech critical placement and everything. Once again, option b seems as though it would make the largest number of people happy....let us place the weapons and combat eq....but leave the rest computer controlled.
12) This was the MOST across the board response on the poll. Nearly equal numbers wanted each category.... 30% want it the way it is in MC, but 70% want to be able to adjust JJs, armor and other non-engine and non-structure attributes of the mech. 38% want to be able to work on ANYTHING like in MW3 or BTech.  Once again, option b seems to be the one most popular. Allowing us to tweak anything short of engines and structure seems like the most wanted option.
What does this all say?
People want the Vehicles much more powerful, and want a little more control in 'Mech editing. Is this a "we want" list? Yes. Can it be ignored because of that? I don't think so.
Yes, the first poll with 24 or so respondents would be easy to ignore. You can make the same arguament with this poll....175 people responded....but where do you make the distinction between a poll that means something and one that doesn't?  Do we have to poll EVERYONE who owns MC/G? DSC is one of the last of the fully online and attended websites where people who still play MC/G post on and read.  People still playing MC are most likely to buy MC2, so those who respond to this poll will be most likely to buy MC2.
This poll says a lot......but it can't force you to do anything.....