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Updated May 3rd, 2004

BattleTech: Industries

BattleTech: Industries - Browse through a thoroughly updated database of the military industrial production in the Inner Sphere and Periphery. BattleTech: Industries takes the outdated Industries portion of Objective Raids and brings it up to snuff with all of the new 'Mechs, vehicles, fighters, dropships, and jumpships detailed since in various FASA publications, including Technical Readouts, Field Manuals, and other Sourcebooks. A useful resource for building BattleTech scenarios and MechWarrior adventures.

As the old maintainer of Crouton Command no longer works on this, so I have begun to host it. I originally planned on updating it to include TRO Phoenix and TRO 3067 information, but other concerns have taken my time. I am unsure if I will ever finish updating it.

The original Crouton Command, never to be altered, can by found here. It approximates the year 3065.

Here is the partially upgraded BattleTech Industries site for 3067:

BattleTech: Industries - 3067 - currently updated to page 19 of TRO Phoenix

I hope you can find the hosting of this project useful.
Medron Pryde

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