BattleTech Vehicle Technical Readout

Type/Model: LRM Carrier TFR (Human Sphere)
Tech: Inner Sphere / 3073
Config: Tracked Vehicle
Rules: Level 2, Standard design
Mass: 60 tons
Power Plant: 120 InterComBust I.C.E.
Cruise Speed: 21.6 km/h
Maximum Speed: 32.4 km/h
Armor Type: Quickcell Quicklock Standard
3 Sirian Long-Shot LRM 20s w/ Artemis IV
1 Kallon Sure-Shot C3-SU C Slave Unit
Manufacturer:    Quickcell Company
   Location:    Oliver
Communications System:    Communicator w. C3 Link
Targeting & Tracking System: FireScan w. IndirecTrack and Artemis IV FCS


                 In the period immediately following the Truce of Tukayyid, the AFFC once again began to improve their conventional units and regimental combat teams, this time concentrating on better equipping their troops. The commission of new and improved versions of the standard missile carriers was an important part of this effort. The first new SRM carriers rolled off the production line in late 3054, with the first new LRM carriers appearing approximately a year later.
                 The Federated Commonwealth had relied on Quickcell, based on the planet Oliver, for regular supplies of missile carriers for many years. It is ironic, then, that having invested billions of C-bills in the development of these new vehicles, the Federated Commonwealth lost both Oliver and Quickcell to the Free Worlds League in the Marik-Liao invasion of the Sarna March. For a decade, the missile carriers boosted the defensive capabilities of the Free Worlds League and the Capellan Confederation, but as with the Federated Commonwealth, the Free Worlds League would not hold the world forever. During the Jihad, Oliver fell to the separatist Sirians and has been under their control ever since. They performed small modifications to the design, and added a set of MML launchers to it, but even now the missile carrierr they build are very similar to the mobile launchers built for hundreds of years.


                 The modern Quickcell missile carrier has three main weapons payloads, with Artemis guidance a standard on all three should the unit using them have access to advanced missiles. In addition, a Kallon Sure-Shot C3 Slave Unit allows the carrier to link up with an existing C3 unit, thereby making the missile fire even more accurate. The onboard ammunition bays can carry up to 600 missiles, allowing it to fire an amazing amount of ordance down-range. Interestingly, the C3 unit is built into a standard ammunition bay, and all carriers come with directions on how to remove the advanced electronics to make room for more ammunition should the purchasing party have no need for them. Some parties wish the same could be done for the Artemis systems, but efforts to do so have not yet born fruit.
                 In the LRM configuration, the missile carrier can fire an impressive 60 missiles per salvo, matching almost any BattleMech in use by any nation. The SRM configuration drops down to 42 tubes, and loses some ammunition, but its short-range damage potential is devastating. A larger engine also gives it better agility in a fight. The MML configuration carries 36 tubes and sports the "supercharged" engine of the SRM configuration. While unable to match the volumn of fire of the other configurations, two MMLs can easily match the ability of the old standard paired SRM-LRM unit.
                 Quickcell Quicklock armor surrounds the missile carrier, but the carriers are far too fragile to be risked in open battle except in the most dire situations.


                 Quickcell sells the missile carriers to all interested parties, as quickly as they can be produced. The Tikonov Free Republic does require that a large percentage of the production goes to them, making them one of the largest users of this version of the carrier, but these units can be seen throughout the Human Sphere in militia and mercenary units.

Type/Model: LRM Carrier TFR (Human Sphere)
Mass: 60 tons
Equipment:   Items Mass
Internal Structure: 24 pts Standard 0 6.00
Engine: 120 I.C.E. 0 8.00
   Cruise MP: 2    
   Flank MP: 3    
Heat Sinks: 0 Single 0 .00
Cockpit & Controls: 0 3.00
Crew: 4 Members 0 .00
Armor Factor: 54 pts Standard 0 3.50

    Internal Armor
    Structure Value
  Front: 6 14
  Left / Right Sides: 6 14/14
  Rear: 6 12

Weapons & Equipment: Loc Heat Ammo Items Mass
3 LRM 20s w/ Artemis IV Front 0 30 4 38.00
1 C Slave Unit Body 0   1 1.00
CASE Equipment: Body     1 .50
TOTALS:   0   6 60.00
Items & Tons Left:       11 .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 3,032,000 C-Bills
Battle Value: 783 (+228 for C)
Cost per BV: 3,872.29
Weapon Value: 236 / 196 (Ratio = .30 / .25)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 26; MRDmg = 33; LRDmg = 19
BattleForce2: MP: 2T,   Armor/Structure: 0 / 3
    Damage PB/M/L: 2/5/5,   Overheat: 0
    Class: GH,   Point Value: 8
    Specials: if, c3s

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