AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:    Chimeisho (3057)
Tech: Inner Sphere / 3056
Vessel Type: JumpShip
Rules: Level 3, Standard design
Mass: 245,000 tons
Length: 645 meters
Sail Diameter: 1,070 meters
Power Plant: Standard
Safe Thrust: 0
Maximum Thrust: 0
Armor Type: Standard
4 Diverse Optics Type 30X ER Large Laser
4 Victory Drumbeat Large Pulse Laser
Manufacturer:    Izumi Shipyards
   Location:    Altair


         One benefit of the technological renaissance in the Inner Sphere was the reactivation of the Izumi JumpShip yards at Altair. The yards were disabled during the first days of the Succession Wars and had remained derelict for years, as the Draconis Combine concentrated its resources on its JumpShip yards at Chatham and Schuyler. After the War of 3039, the Kurita Combine Munitions Corporation made use of state grants to reconstruct the yard, and soon the yards were producing the first Chimeishos.
         The Chimeisho is more than half a kilometer long and follows the traditional needlelike shape of most JumpShips. A spherical command section is located at one end, and a blocky station-keeping drive occupies the other. The vessel's twin docking collars are situated midway along the cylindrical body, adjacent to the vessel's cavernous cargo bays.
         Unlike most Inner Sphere JumpShips, the Chimeisho carries a sizable number of offensive weapons systems, mostly extended-range and pulse lasers. These systems provide the vessel with enough firepower to badly damage anyone who dares to attack the JumpShip. However, the Chimeisho is lightly armored when compared to a DropShip and can only take a few hits before sustaining serious damage.
         The Chimeisho's 30 crew members share a number of well-equipped but cramped dual-occupancy cabins on the deck below the bridge. Each stateroom also contains a tiny washroom, although only the senior officers' cabins have their own shower and toilet facilities. A spacious recreation area equipped with the latest entertainment systems compensates somewhat for the cramped cabins, but the initial response from crew members has been less than favorable.
         A spacious hangar deck on the lowest levels of the Chimeisho's command section provides facilities for up to four small craft, usually a pair of light aerospace fighters and a pair of ST-46 shuttles. The technicians and pilots of these craft have their own staterooms on the deck directly above the hangar. The same deck contains the vessel's life-support system.
         Only two Chimeishos have been produced to date. The DCMS purchased both and has also purchased all the Chimeishos scheduled to be produced through 3062. However, KCMC is taking orders for the units scheduled to launch in 3063.

Class/Model/Name: Chimeisho (3057)
Mass: 245,000 tons
Equipment:             Mass
Power Plant: Standard 2,940.00
K-F Hyperdrive: Standard (Integrity = 5) 232,750.00
Lithium Fusion Battery:   2,450.00
Jump Sail: (Integrity = 4) 63.00
Structural Integrity: 1 1,633.50
Safe Thrust: 0  
Maximum Thrust: 0  
Heat Sinks: 122 Single 1.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:   600.00
Bridge & Controls:   613.00
Armor Factor: 33 Standard 54.50

      Armor Value
      (Capital Scale)        
  Fore: 7      
  Fore Left / Right: 5 / 5      
  Aft Left / Right: 5 / 5      
  Aft: 6      

Equipment & Options:              
   Bay 1: Small Craft (4) with 2 doors 800.00
   Bay 2: Cargo (1) with 1 door 362.50
   Bay 3: Cargo (1) with 1 door 362.50
DropShip Capacity: 2 Docking Hardpoints 2,000
Grav Decks:    
   Grav Deck #1: (95-meter diameter)  
Life Boats: 5 (7 tons each) 35
Crew and Passengers:    
   5 Officers (5 minimum)   0.00
   25 Crew (13 minimum)   0.00
   20 Bay Personnel   0.00

Weapons & Equipment: Loc SRV MRV LRV ERV Heat Mass
2 ER Large Laser Nose 2(16) 2(16) 2(16) -- 24 10.00
1 Large Pulse Laser FL/R 1(9) 1(9) -- -- 20 14.00
1 Large Pulse Laser AL/R 1(9) 1(9) -- -- 20 14.00
2 ER Large Laser Aft 2(16) 2(16) 2(16) -- 24 10.00
TOTALS:           88 245,000.00
Tons Left:             .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 1,140,339,250 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,514
Cost per BV: 753,196.33
Weapon Value: 2,050 (Ratio = 1.35)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 65; MRDmg = 56; LRDmg = 9; ERDmg = 0
Maintenance Point Value:    MPV = 25,278 (12,602 Structure, 10,708 Life Support, 1,968 Weapons)
Support Points: SP = 66,375 (263% of MPV)
BattleForce2: (Not applicable)

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