BattleTech Vehicle Technical Readout

Type/Model: Air Car (Human Sphere)
Tech: Inner Sphere / 2020
Config: Hovercraft
Rules: Level 1, Standard design
Mass: 40 tons
Power Plant: 265 I.C.E.
Cruise Speed: 118.8 km/h
Maximum Speed: 183.6 km/h
Armor Type: Standard
Manufacturer:    (Unknown)
   Location:    (Unknown)
Communications System:    (Unknown)
Targeting & Tracking System: (Unknown)


         For thousands of years, the rich among us have found the most comfortable way to travel. For a time, that meant sitting on a sedan chair carried by slaves, or having a personal carriage with their own driver. The industrial revolution brought around luxury cars with suspension systems that almost made one feel as if they were floating on thin air, but the final word in luxury vehicles did not arrive until the space age began in the 21st century.
         After decades of experimenting with hovercraft, the American military had perfected their use during the Second Soviet Civil War, and not long after the first civilian, road legal luxury air cars entered the market place. Heavily armored to protect their rich owners, the air cars never hit a bump because they never touched ground, making their ride the smoothest that any upper class businessman had experienced in the history of mankind. They have remained in constant use by the upper class since, making them a status symbol across the Human Sphere.
         Most luxury air cars are long affairs, with a privacy screen splitting the passenger cabin from the driver's area. The passenger cabins are usually large, allowing their owners to entertain the passengers with wines and snacks. Many people look forward to renting one for weddings, graduations, and other special occations, but the true fortunate among us are those who own one of these amazingly comfortable vehicles.

Type/Model: Air Car (Human Sphere)
Mass: 40 tons
Equipment:   Items Mass
Internal Structure: 16 pts Standard 0 4.00
Engine: 265 I.C.E. 0 28.00
   Cruise MP: 11    
   Flank MP: 17    
Heat Sinks: 0 Single 0 .00
Cockpit & Controls: 0 2.00
Crew: 3 Members 0 .00
Lift Equipment:   0 4.00
Armor Factor: 32 pts Standard 0 2.00

    Internal Armor
    Structure Value
  Front: 4 8
  Left / Right Sides: 4 8/8
  Rear: 4 8

Weapons & Equipment: Loc Heat Ammo Items Mass
TOTALS:   0   0 40.00
Items & Tons Left:       13 .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 606,000 C-Bills
Battle Value: 34
Cost per BV: 17,823.53
Weapon Value: 0 / 0 (Ratio = .00 / .00)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 0; MRDmg = 0; LRDmg = 0
BattleForce2: MP: 11H,   Armor/Structure: 0 / 2
    Damage PB/M/L: -/-/-,   Overheat: 0
    Class: GM,   Point Value: 0

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