The Human Sphere is a BattleTech universe set in 3100. The Jihad has come and gone, leaving in its wake dozens of small realms in a perpetual cycle of raids and small wars. Will you seek money or defend your nation? Or both? You decide.

The Human Sphere

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Current Designs
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Old Designs
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Faction Lists

The Inner Sphere

Terran Reaches
Allied Mercenary Command
Tikonov Free Republic

Draconis Rifts
Draconis Combine
Azami Caliphate
Proserpina Syndicate

Federation Expanse
Federated Suns
Robinson Republic
Syrtis Federation
Filtvelt Coalition
Ozawa-Addicks Mercantile Alliance

Capellan Rump States
Capellan Confederation
St. Ives Compact
Sarna Supremacy
Styk Commonality

Free Worlds League
Free Worlds League
Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
Oriente Protectorate
Duchy of Andurien
Principality of Regulus
Rim Commonality
Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey
Zion Protectorate

Lyran Commonwealth
Lyran Commonwealth
Tamar Pact
Federation of Skye
Solaris Cooperative

The Clans
Clan Jade Falcon
Hell, Steel & Ice
Clan Smoke Jaguar
Rasalhague Dominion
Wolf Ascendancy
Clan Sea Fox
Nova Cat Confederation
Clan Snord

Outer Sphere & Periphery

Raven Alliance
Taurian Concordat
Magistracy of Canopus
Fronc Federation
Marian Hegemony
Rim Collection
Nueva Castile
Hanseatic League

"Because vitually everyone was against us ... I knew we were on the right track." - Dr. Marshall T. Rose

Zion Protectorate


Galleon - Purchased from Free Worlds League
SRM Launcher - purchased from Sirians
LRM Launcher - purchased from Sirians
Saladin - Purchased from Andurien
Saracen - Purchased from Andurien
Scimitar - Purchased from Andurien
Harasser - Purchased from Andurien
Ontos - Purchased from Andurien


750 kg - Achileus
1,000 kg - Longinus
1,420 kg - Phalanx A
1,445 kg - Phalanx B


Falcon Hawk


Cheetah - Purchased from Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
Lightning - Purchased from Styk Commonality
Deathstalker - Purchased from Andurien

Small Craft

Aquarius - Purchased from Andurien
Lyonesse - Purchased from Andurien


Buccaneer - Purchased from Free Worlds League
Hannibal - Purchased from Free Worlds League
Kuan Ti - Purchased from Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
Condor - Purchased from Oriente
Gryphon - Purchased from Oriente


152,000 - Invader - Purchased from Tamarind
250,000 - Tramp - Purchased from Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
274,000 - Star Lord - Purchased from Marik-Stewart Commonwealth and Tamarind

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