Classic BattleTech Battle Armor Technical Readout

Type/Model: Rottweiler [Human Sphere]
Tech: Inner Sphere / 3065
Chassis Type: Quad
Weight Class: Medium Battle Armor (751 - 1,000 kg)
Rules: Level 2, Standard design / CBT Rules
Ground Speed: 54.0 km/h
Armor Type: Basic Stealth
R&D Start Date: April 3061
Prototype Design and Production: December 3063
Standard Production: March 3065
Manufacturer:    (Unknown)
   Location:    (Unknown)


         Though they greeted the Fenrir battlesuit with skepticism, the LAAF found the new quad armor useful when a good punch and only decent movement were required, but they still sought a unit capable of faster recon work. While most Houses saw the quad BattleArmor as second class at best, Lyran engineers saw promise in the superior motive power possible in such designs and redirected their efforts to create a suit faster than any other, and so low to the ground that it would be almost impossible to hit. Deciding to push the limits, Lyran engineers returned to the drawing boards to create the Rottweiler quad battlesuit.


         Capable of speeds up to 54 kph, the Rottweiler can close in fast and yet has a thicker hide of more advanced, sensor-baffling armor than the Fenrir, despite weighing only half as much. Eschewing the vulnerable turret assembly of the Fenrir, the Rottweiler uses a simple spine-mount for its main laser and "Firedrake" anti-personnel weapon. This change enables the pilot to lie inside the machine much more comfortably than possible in the Fenrir, so Rottweiler troopers can endure longer missions with less fatigue. Enhancing the Rottweiler's capabilities as a scout, the suit also features an enhanced sensor suite.

Battle History:

         A few squads were issued to the Loyalist Eleventh Lyran Regulars shortly before their deployment to Skye in 3065. When Free Skye forces turned on him, Colonel Donner of the Eleventh deployed his Rottweilers as part of a delaying tactic, keeping the separatists at bay as he gathered his surviving DropShips for a retreat. The Rottweiler troops that survived several counter-infantry actions after the disaster were integrated into Donner's "irregular operations troops", which were left behind to harass the Free Skye forces over the next year and a half.


         The vast majority of Rottweilers are used by the Merchant Princes of the Lyran Commonwealth, by their friends in the Hanseatic League, or by other realms once under the sway of Tharkad. While some of have made it into other hands, nobody else builds and fields them in standard formations.

Type/Model: Rottweiler [Human Sphere]
Equipment:   Slots Mass, kg
Chassis Type: Medium Class Quad 0 175
Motive System: Ground Movement (5 MP) 0 120
Armor Type: 7 Points Basic Stealth 3 385
   Left Arm: None 0 0
   Right Arm: None 0 0

Weapons and Equipment: Loc Shots Slots Mass, kg
Small Laser Body 30 1 200
Improved Sensors Body      1 65
Mission Equipment (5kg Capy) Body 1 0
Firedrake Support Needler Body 30 1 50
TOTALS:     7 995
Slots & Mass Left: 0 5

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 456,850 C-Bills, Including Trooper Training Costs of 150,000 C-bills
Battle Value: 34 (136 for 4)
Cost per BV: 9,025 (without Trooper Training costs)
Weapon Value: 11 (Ratio=.32)
Mechanized: Cannot travel on any 'Mechs or Vehicles
Attacks: Can not perform Swarm or Leg attacks
BattleForce2: Class: IB,   MP: 5,   Armor/Structure: 2 / 0
    Damage PB/M/L: 1/-/-,   Overheat: 0
    Point Value: 1,   Specials: srs, car4
CBT:RPG Data: Armor Value (M/B/E/X): 8/7/6/6,   Coverage: Full
  IR: +6,   ECM: +6,   Camo: 0
  Melee AP: 1,   Target Size Modifier: 0
  Movement Speed: 60 m/turn
  Movement Speed: 60 m/turn
  Attribute Modifiers:   STR: +2,   DEX: -4,   RFL: 0
  Equipment Rating: E/E/F

Created by HeavyMetal Battle Armor