Classic BattleTech Battle Armor Technical Readout

Type/Model: Mining Exoskeleton (Human Sphere)
Tech: Inner Sphere / 2842
Chassis Type: Humanoid
Weight Class: PA(L)/Exoskeleton (0 - 400 kg)
Rules: Level 2, Standard design / CBT Rules
Ground Speed: 10.8 km/h
Armor Type: Standard
R&D Start Date: 2815/3050
Prototype Design and Production: 2830/3052
Standard Production: 2842/3055
Manufacturer:    (Unknown)
   Location:    (Unknown)


         First produced by Clan Goliath Scorpion in 2842, the basic mining exoskeleton turned out to be the basis for the far more advanced Elemental BattleArmor created by the Wolves. In constant use by the Clans since, in both underwater and underground environments, skeletons like the current mining suit allowed the Clans to maintain a spacefaring culture on a bare minimum of very poor planets. It was the miners that found and removed what little metals and minerals existed on those worlds, keeping the Clans alive.
         Their invasion of the Inner Sphere brought both BattleArmor and exoskeletons to life in a most forceful way, and Inner Sphere manufacturers quickly found the logic of building their own mining exoskeletons. The first of them began construction in 3055, allowing them to exploit mines long-since considered exhausted by the Inner Sphere's wars.
         The basic mining exoskeleton is little more than an armored suit with heavy armor applied to it in order to secure it against extreme environments. Modular hardpoints on the arms can mount anything from basic manipulators to industrial drills. An array of multi-spectrum spotlights and an extended life support module make them ideal for going places that no other unit can go, and stay there for extended periods of time.

Type/Model: Mining Exoskeleton (Human Sphere)
Equipment:   Slots Mass, kg
Chassis Type: PA(L) Class Humanoid 0 80
Motive System: Ground Movement (1 MP) 0 0
Armor Type: 2 Points Standard 0 100
   Left Arm: Modular Equipment Adapter 2 10
Basic Manipulator 0 0
   Right Arm: Modular Equipment Adapter 2 10
Basic Manipulator 0 0

Weapons and Equipment: Loc Shots Slots Mass, kg
Searchlight Body      1 5
Extended Life Support Body      1 25
TOTALS:     6 230
Slots & Mass Left: 0 170

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 260,500 C-Bills, Including Trooper Training Costs of 150,000 C-bills
Battle Value: 6 (24 for 4)
Cost per BV: 18,417 (without Trooper Training costs)
Weapon Value: 2 (Ratio=.33)
Mechanized: Can travel on OmniMechs and OmniVehicles
Attacks: Can perform Swarm and Leg attacks
BattleForce2: Class: IB,   MP: 1,   Armor/Structure: 1 / 0
    Damage PB/M/L: -/-/-,   Overheat: 0
    Point Value: 0,   Specials: mec, car4
CBT:RPG Data: Armor Value (M/B/E/X): 4/5/6/5,   Coverage: Full
  IR: 0,   ECM: 0,   Camo: 0
  Melee AP: 1,   Target Size Modifier: 0
  Movement Modifiers: Walking: 0, Running: 0, Sprinting: 0
  Attribute Modifiers:   STR: +3,   DEX: -1,   RFL: -3
  Equipment Rating: E/C/E

Created by HeavyMetal Battle Armor