Classic BattleTech Battle Armor Technical Readout

Type/Model: Afreet [Human Sphere]
Tech: Clan / 3067
Chassis Type: Humanoid
Weight Class: Medium Battle Armor (751 - 1,000 kg)
Rules: Level 2, Standard design / CBT Rules
Ground Speed: 10.8 km/h
Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor Type: Standard
R&D Start Date: August 3065
Prototype Design and Production: January 3067
Standard Production: August 3067
Manufacturer:    (Unknown)
   Location:    (Unknown)


         The Afreet BattleArmor design is fielded solely by Clan Ice Hellion. As part of her campaign to rebuild the Ice Hellion's morale, which had been broken by former Khan Taney's reign, Raina Montose commissioned several projects aimed at increasing both the strength of the Clan's Touman and the pride of her warriors at the same time. Few showed promise, and to save resources, lagging projects were folded into more promising endeavors. The end result of some of these endeavors was the Afreet.
         The Afreet is the combination of two suits that each showed some promise, but not enough for them to be fully developed separately. One suit was equipped with ample ground speed and VTOL jump capability meant for reconnaissance, but its lack of primary weapons and credible armor made it ineffective in combat. The other was an anti-infantry suit, designed to take on Inner Sphere combined-arms forces. However, with the Hellions remaining a home clan for the foreseeable future, the suit was too narrow in its focus to be used often. Montose combined the two projects, charging engineers to produce a design that, in her words, "embodies the beliefs and traits of our totem." The staff of the two projects deliberated and debated, and in some instances, the test pilots engaged in a Circle of Equals when an agreement could not be reached. Finally, an acceptable prototype was delivered on schedule.


         The Afreet maintains one of the highest speeds for a suit ever seen. With jump boosters obtained through Trials of Possession, Ice Hellion engineers managed to improve the Afreet's movement greatly, enabling it to keep up with most heavy and assault 'Mechs, though it still needs to hitch a ride in faster-paced battles.
         While lighter than typical Clan BattleArmor, the Afreet's weapons are respectable. A light recoilless rifle gives it the ability to fire repeatedly at a greater range than most suits. Many have complained about using such an uncommon and archaic weapon, but the combination of cost, capability, and ease of maintenance makes it a perfect match for the suit. Instead of anti-personnel weaponry, the Afreet has two retractable Vibroblades. In close quarters, the weapons not only give the Afreet an advantage in hand to hand combat, but can deal more damage to a BattleMech as the point swarms over it. Finally, to take advantage of the suit's speed, a portable radar array was attached, allowing troopers to detect possible ambushes and mount counter-assaults.


         Other Clans have managed to obtain small numbers of the Afreet over the decades since its invention, but so far the Ice Hellions are the only Clan that produces it in mass quantities and are the only one known to deploy it in their primary combat formations. It is seen in all Ice Hellion Galaxies, and in their garrison Clusters as well.

Type/Model: Afreet [Human Sphere]
Equipment:   Slots Mass, kg
Chassis Type: Medium Class Humanoid with HarJel 0 250
Motive System: Ground Movement (1 MP) 0 0
Jump Jets (3 MP) 0 150
Jump Booster (Body, +1 Jump MP) 2 125
Armor Type: 5 Points Standard 0 125
   Left Arm: Battle Vibro-Claw 0 50
   Right Arm: Battle Vibro-Claw 0 50

Weapons and Equipment: Loc Shots Slots Mass, kg
Improved Sensors Body      1 45
Light Recoilless Rifle RA 40 3 195
   (with High-Explosive Ammo) RA
TOTALS:     6 990
Slots & Mass Left: 4 10

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 757,300 C-Bills, Including Trooper Training Costs of 200,000 C-bills
Battle Value: 38 (190 for 5)
Cost per BV: 14,666 (without Trooper Training costs)
Weapon Value: 13 (Ratio=.34)
Mechanized: Can travel on OmniMechs and OmniVehicles
Attacks: Can perform Swarm and Leg attacks
BattleForce2: Class: IB,   MP: 4J,   Armor/Structure: 2 / 0
    Damage PB/M/L: 1/1/-,   Overheat: 0
    Point Value: 2,   Specials: mec, srs, car5
CBT:RPG Data: Armor Value (M/B/E/X): 7/7/6/6,   Coverage: Full
  IR: 0,   ECM: 0,   Camo: 0
  Melee AP: 2,   Target Size Modifier: -1
  Movement Modifiers: Walking: 0, Running: 0, Sprinting: 0
  Jump: 120 m/turn
  Attribute Modifiers:   STR: +4,   DEX: -1,   RFL: -1
  Equipment Rating: F/D/F

Created by HeavyMetal Battle Armor